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Help, My Son Is Having Stomach Pains and I Dont Know What to Do?

I was up from 11pm till 3am w/ my 3yr old son wretching in pain in our bed. At first I thought it was gas becouse it was coming in waves and he was just screaming and whining in pure pain. He doesnt eat Anything. I offer him 3 meals aday, try and give him snacks. He has no interest in anything! Even his old favorites like PB &J and Mac and cheese he wants nothing to do with. My husband think his pains have something to do w/ him not eating? I just dont know and feel helpless. I problably will end up going to the doctor but w/ three kids I feel like I could be there every day if I called for every ailement. Any one have any ideas or hunches on what it could be?? Thanks...

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Thanks for all your advise everyone! Gavin is seeming like nothing is wrong this morning? He is running around like normal now and even ate something. I called my doctor and he said to keep fluids in him and if he shows any more signs of pain, to bring him in. Im thinking it was a combonation of gas and nitemares? Anyhow...thanks

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It sounds like appendicitis, you had better take him to the doctors in case it is. That can be seriously life threatening if not caught in time.

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I agree with one of the other responses about getting him tested for food allergies. My daughter spent a week having terrible stomach pains off and on. They were so bad that she laid in the best squirming from side to side. Finally the doctor tested her for food allergies...she is allergic to peanuts.

I would put a call into the doctor and leave a message w/a nurse to call you back. Tell them what's going on and see if they think you should bring him in or not. When my son gets stomach pain, I always feel right underneath his belly button and if it feels really hard then usually it's because he's constipated.
I've read several times that when children do not eat it could be linked to acid reflux. I do not know much about it or have experienced it with my three but it might be something you want to look into.
Have you tried taking him to the store and have him help pick things out he would like to eat? Or maybe have him help prepare the PB&J or mac & cheese. My oldest is always more willing to eat when he helps prepare.
Good luck,

Hi K.,
I hope by now the little one is feeling better. I think you should go to the Dr. for something like this. It could be a stomach flu..tis the season..and the time of year for contagious things to surface. Talk to your Dr. about pedialite to get some fluids into little ones tummy. Any vomiting or other issues with this? Has anyone else had any stomach problems that he could of gotten from them? Any new foods, or eat something at a fast food place that could of been undercooked?..I'm brainstorming here for things to consider..Severe pain to me is a red flag to consult a Dr.
Maybe try to offer broth, jello, toast, chicken soup..or jst listen to your little one when you ask him "what do you feel like eating" I know for my daughter, kids have a tendency to reject what they feel may make the sickness worse.
Please at least call the Dr. on call and see what they say, I would avoid medicines until the Dr. says its okay.
I hope little one ges better soon

I would really go to the doctors. He is not eating and having stomach pain. Has it gone or is he still having stomach pain?
Don't worry about being at the doctors all the time! I remember one year I was at the doctors all the time with one or the other of my girls. I figure that it is better to be safe than sorry.

I'd look into not giving him milk based products.
Sounds crazy but it was killing my child with his BM's and gas. Not only that we had him tested for a wheat allergy....a lot of people can't digest it and it causes awful gas and cramps.

Just my 2 cents


Hi K.,

I wouldn't take the chance, take him to the doc's....if they can't see you today, take him to the ER. Better safe than sorry! Children can deteriorate fairly quickly, get him seen by someone today.

I hope it's nothing and I'm wishing you the best!!


I would say that you should definitely see the doc - if he won't eat at least try apple juice or something like that - I believe I heard where that will help if it's something like constipation or bowel pain. Either way, better safe than sorry when it's not easy to figure out what's wrong! Good luck!

not sure if this is it but I would sugguest getting him tested for food allergy. Both my kids are deathly allergic to eggs and our son peanuts. As my son got bigger he started avoiding foods not eating stuff he loved as a baby,until one day we actually had a bad reaction, I had him tested a low and behold no wonder why he wasn't eating. There is a big miss conception with food allergies. everyone thinks it happens instantly, sometimes it's repeated exposure. Our daughter would have wrenching pain in her stomach and would cry and scream all nite long. I had her tested at 3 months because of our son and same dealIt's extremely common. I'm for sure I would also sugguest a GI doctor chop has the best but after we got all the food straight they have been good. She still has some bouts with constipation but apple juice usually does the trick for that. and if he has excema that is usually an allergy give away.

The same exact thing happened with my 2-yr old. It turns out, he probably has Celiac Disease. I am surprised, because there are no other food allergies (that i know of) in my entire extended family. My advice: go gluten-free for one week. If that helps, talk to your dr. about testing for Celiac. Gluten is found in wheat, rye and barley. You can buy gluten-free breads, cereals, pastas, crackers and cookies. For more info, see http://www.celiac.com/st_prod.html?p_prodid=1424&p_ca...

I also recommend you make an appointment at CHOP GI. It's going to be about a one-month wait. If you find a solution before then, you can always cancel. If not, you will be glad to get in there.

My heart goes out to that hurting tummy. I feel the pain. I hope you find a solution quickly.

If he isn't eating I would be worried.. I would rather be safe than sorry.. Please let me know what happens.. MY son had this but his was due to constipation.. He has a problem with that though..

Good Luck,

Are his bowel movements okay? My daughter went through that when she was little and it was because she was constipated really bad!!We had to give her an enema{very tough!!} and then gave her Benefiber to loosen it up. Worked great and haven't had any problems for a long time!! Thank God! I hope everything works out for you!!

My first thought was appendicitis- how long has this been going on??

I agree with everyone else-seek medical attention today!!

I say call your dr.But i know there's a new virus out there that's a stomach one...
have you tired gas relief??May be he just needs to poop and hasn't gone enough.I know my youngest will change his eating habits when he needs to go and once he has he does 100% better...
Good luck and keep us posted!!

I think this is one of those times when you need to see a doctor. I felt the same way about the doctor until I let a 'cold' go until my son was screaming in pain. He ended up with his one and only ear infection and I felt horrible. It might be gas or hunger pains but it's better to know. I spent three hours in an emergency room with my nephew to find out that he had gas pains but it's worth it if you don't have to worry anymore.

Ok stupid question but has he had a good poop in the last couple days? He could be consitpated that causes severe pain like that in children. Is he playful and active like normal? Drinking like normal? How long has it been since he's really eaten? Any fever? Don't give him anything for pain etc as they tend to block people up. Stay away from cheese too that can block him up. If it's been more than 2 days of the vomiting and no eating I would call the doctor asap and tell them how sick he's been and get him checked right away.

It sounds like appendicitis, you had better take him to the doctors in case it is. That can be seriously life threatening if not caught in time.

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