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Help! My Son Is Allergic to Eggs and Dairy!!

I just found out my 10 month old is allergic to eggs and dairy. He can't even be touched by someone that has had contact with either of theses things. He is eating table food just fine, however, I have to completely change his diet now and I'm at a loss!! I'm hoping there are other moms out there with this same condition that can help me with meal ideas and what brands are okay. Even if the food doesn't contain egg or dairy, it can't even be made in line that does egg and dairy. He also can't have peanuts!! Please help!!

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Thank you to all who responded to my request! I got a lot of good information and a starting point. Our family is slowly adjusting and we will all soon be dairy and egg free!

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One place you might want to look is in the gluton/casien free diet recipes. All of these are dairy free to start with and you can find the recipe's without egg at that point.

Good luck!

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Check out your local health food store for many ingredients and items you could use. Also, a Nutritionist is great for this type of situation as it is not all that uncommon. (My mom is also allergic to eggs/dairy.)

If you contact a nutritionist as well as the advice of other moms going through this, you should have a ton of 'well-rounded' ideas for meals.

good luck!

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My nephew and my daughter have issues with dairy and wheat...my nephew with a lot more...your local health food store has a lot of different brands...it takes a lot of reading the labels..the labels are much better now with the new law they passed where they have to put the allergen info on there...if you want name brands and stuff...email me back...good luck...

I know it's hard! My daughter can't have dairy or wheat. I make most of our food from scratch. The health food store has an egg replacer by Now brand I use for baking. I did a quick search and found this site for you. Good luck, A.

One place you might want to look is in the gluton/casien free diet recipes. All of these are dairy free to start with and you can find the recipe's without egg at that point.

Good luck!

How frustrating that must be for you! It's amazing how many allergies that we have these days.

I have an awesome multivitamin for kids that they drink if you are interested. It includes probiotics too! You are going to need dietary support. Let me know.


Wow that's too bad. I am an eggs/bacon X2/week person.

But while I can't think of any egg substitutes, you can subsitute dairy products with soy products perhaps? At Kroger, look in the organic section. Almond Milk or Soy milk or rice milk. And there are soy based cheese subsitutes.

Hi B., I know how you feel, my son too is intolerant to dairy and allergic to eggs. what in the world is going on nowadays! anyhow, i emailed this guy i saw on some website and he was kind enough to email me back this email. it is long but the website for the Pratt family has some recipes you could try. i cried when i found it, literally...
here is the email verbatim.

"I want you to visit Steve Carper's website. http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/stevecarper/ He has some excellent resources relating specifically to lactose intolerance and egg problems. He keeps a list of no-lactose dairy free ingredients such as creamers and margarines that are both whey-free and lactose-free. He has also authored a couple of books that I think will help you a lot. - Further, I can add that Steve is one of two others besides myself that has been providing this sort of information for a very long time. The Pratt Family's website is another one you should visit. http://www.fastq.com/~jbpratt/recipes/dairyfree/main.html . Steve Carper, The Pratts, and I have all been on the net since the mid-90s or so and I've found both the Pratts and Steve's information to always be helpful and more up-to-date than most others.

The other thing I want to suggest to you is that you have your pediatrician refer you to a nutritionist. I describe why here: http://www.livingwithoutmilk.com/stepstotake.html . If you follow that advice and sit down with a nutritionist a couple of times, you will gain enough insight on how to change the way you feed your family that you'll be both improving their diet and taking care of your son without having to serve your family things they don't like. "

You've gotten some great responses, so I'll just add my suggestion of finding a Trader Joe's near you. They've got good quality foods without extra chemicals, etc. much cheaper than you'll find at Kroger, etc. Not sure if they carry the egg replacer, but there was a boy in my daughter's class that couldn't be anywhere near peanuts this year, he also has outgrown a milk allergy, his mom shops at Trader Joe's all the time. Good luck.

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