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Help! My Son Is Allergic to Eggs and Dairy!!

I just found out my 10 month old is allergic to eggs and dairy. He can't even be touched by someone that has had contact with either of theses things. He is eating table food just fine, however, I have to completely change his diet now and I'm at a loss!! I'm hoping there are other moms out there with this same condition that can help me with meal ideas and what brands are okay. Even if the food doesn't contain egg or dairy, it can't even be made in line that does egg and dairy. He also can't have peanuts!! Please help!!

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Thank you to all who responded to my request! I got a lot of good information and a starting point. Our family is slowly adjusting and we will all soon be dairy and egg free!

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One place you might want to look is in the gluton/casien free diet recipes. All of these are dairy free to start with and you can find the recipe's without egg at that point.

Good luck!

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Check out your local health food store for many ingredients and items you could use. Also, a Nutritionist is great for this type of situation as it is not all that uncommon. (My mom is also allergic to eggs/dairy.)

If you contact a nutritionist as well as the advice of other moms going through this, you should have a ton of 'well-rounded' ideas for meals.

good luck!

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My nephew and my daughter have issues with dairy and wheat...my nephew with a lot more...your local health food store has a lot of different brands...it takes a lot of reading the labels..the labels are much better now with the new law they passed where they have to put the allergen info on there...if you want name brands and stuff...email me back...good luck...

I know it's hard! My daughter can't have dairy or wheat. I make most of our food from scratch. The health food store has an egg replacer by Now brand I use for baking. I did a quick search and found this site for you. Good luck, A.

One place you might want to look is in the gluton/casien free diet recipes. All of these are dairy free to start with and you can find the recipe's without egg at that point.

Good luck!

How frustrating that must be for you! It's amazing how many allergies that we have these days.

I have an awesome multivitamin for kids that they drink if you are interested. It includes probiotics too! You are going to need dietary support. Let me know.


Wow that's too bad. I am an eggs/bacon X2/week person.

But while I can't think of any egg substitutes, you can subsitute dairy products with soy products perhaps? At Kroger, look in the organic section. Almond Milk or Soy milk or rice milk. And there are soy based cheese subsitutes.

Hi B., I know how you feel, my son too is intolerant to dairy and allergic to eggs. what in the world is going on nowadays! anyhow, i emailed this guy i saw on some website and he was kind enough to email me back this email. it is long but the website for the Pratt family has some recipes you could try. i cried when i found it, literally...
here is the email verbatim.

"I want you to visit Steve Carper's website. http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/stevecarper/ He has some excellent resources relating specifically to lactose intolerance and egg problems. He keeps a list of no-lactose dairy free ingredients such as creamers and margarines that are both whey-free and lactose-free. He has also authored a couple of books that I think will help you a lot. - Further, I can add that Steve is one of two others besides myself that has been providing this sort of information for a very long time. The Pratt Family's website is another one you should visit. http://www.fastq.com/~jbpratt/recipes/dairyfree/main.html . Steve Carper, The Pratts, and I have all been on the net since the mid-90s or so and I've found both the Pratts and Steve's information to always be helpful and more up-to-date than most others.

The other thing I want to suggest to you is that you have your pediatrician refer you to a nutritionist. I describe why here: http://www.livingwithoutmilk.com/stepstotake.html . If you follow that advice and sit down with a nutritionist a couple of times, you will gain enough insight on how to change the way you feed your family that you'll be both improving their diet and taking care of your son without having to serve your family things they don't like. "

You've gotten some great responses, so I'll just add my suggestion of finding a Trader Joe's near you. They've got good quality foods without extra chemicals, etc. much cheaper than you'll find at Kroger, etc. Not sure if they carry the egg replacer, but there was a boy in my daughter's class that couldn't be anywhere near peanuts this year, he also has outgrown a milk allergy, his mom shops at Trader Joe's all the time. Good luck.

Hi B.,

My son (2 1/2) is allergic to eggs, peanuts & tree nuts (since age 9 mo.) He WAS allergic to dairy as well (from birth but- didn't find out til 16 months). You can go to Whole Foods grocery store or there is another one Good Foods. Also, check out your local health food stores. I found that Kroger is a great grocery store for having items that do not contain these products. Enjoy Life is a great product that has foods that don't contain any dairy, eggs or peanuts. Hiller's grocery store also has a section that carries "allergen free" products. To replace eggs in some recipes, I use Ener-G it's a powdered "egg" (no eggs in it) product you mix w/ water. You can also look up eggless, dairy free nut free recipes in a search engine on the internet! I found the internet to be a wonderful help when making my son's first birthday cake & other treats & meals. My son is no longer allergic to dairy (YAY!) just found out last month. We'll have him re-tested for the others at 3 years of age (recommended from his allergist).
Remember to be careful of who picks up your son & kisses him. Don't be afraid to ask if they've had any of the products he's allergic to before handling your son. I carry that antibacterial hand wash so if someone has I give it to them before they pick him up/touch him. We also do not keep any peanut butter/peanut products in our house (I'm a chocolate/peanut butter lover) - if I were to have it and he fell down, I could make the situation worse by having it on my hands & breath. Our allergist said we wouldn't have time to respond to an injury of his if we had to wash our hands & brush our teeth, etc.
Hope I helped a little & didn't bore you or sound too preachy. I totally understand your situation. Good luck! I know exactly how frustrating it is for you & your son!

Hi B.,

One of the best things you could do to ensure optimum nutrition is to use quality supplements. I have used Shaklee supplements on both of my kids and they are now 2 and 4, and have never been to a doctor or have been sick. If you would like some suggestions, please email me at ____@____.com.


I know you can do a search on the internet under eggless, milkless, butterless cakes. My husbands cousin has a son with similiar allergies and found a chocolate and a spice cake recipe that he can eat. Hope this helps.

I don't have recipes but I *had* a daughter with many allergies when she was born. By the age of two she had no more allergies thanks to Homeopathy. I've also seen many have success with Homeopathy and milk allergies. This might be something you want to try. Good luck. I know how difficult food allergies can be, especially with children.

Hello B. - My daughter is 3 years old & was diagnosed at 9 months w/milk allergy then eggs at 2 years old we have to carry benadryl & her epi pen...here's a list for you
Bread - Dutch Country Whole Grain White Bread (Meijer)
Nabisco Barnum's Animals Crackers
Mini Teddy Grahams
Nabisco Grahams Crackers
Wheat Thins
Margarine (Fleischmann's Unsalted Margarine) they are 2 different ones make sure it's the one w/the yellow & green box) (Meijer)
Aunt Millie's plan bagels or Thomas
Chef Boyardee Rice w/Chicken & Vegetables (micowave bowl)(Walmart)
Zen Soy Chocolate Puddling (Whole Foods or Health food store)...I don't know where you live
Cherrybrook Kitchen sold at Kroger, Whole Foods or www.cherrybrookkitchen.com) for you baked goods such as pancakes, brownies, cakes, cookies all free of dairy & eggs also Gluten free
Tyson Chicken nuggets
Ore Ida fries
McCain's fries or smilie face potatoes
Tofutti Cuties Ice cream sandwiches (Whole Foods or Kroger) (tofutti.com)
Ian's French toast sticks (VG's or Whole Foods)
Ian's Fish Sticks (VG's or Whole Foods)
Van's Gourmet Waffles (Original or Blueberry) (Whole Foods, Meijer, Kroger or VG's)
Sloppy Joes
Motts apple juice
aunt millie's hotdog & hamburger buns
Costco hotdog & hamburger buns
Turkey burgers (Costco or Jennie O - there are 2 different
ones it's the one w/the green writing)
hebrew national hotdogs
pillsbury original cresecent rolls
Turkey bacon
of course fruits & veggies my daugher loves the mini/snack size carrots (smaller than the bag carrots)
as far as eating out...we have yet to order anything at a restaurant for her to eat; as I'm not comfortable doing so since I'm not in the kitchen & I worry about cross contamination; this is where the chef boyardee chicken & rice bowl comes in handy; I've also made fries & chicken nuggets ahead of time. Sorry I know this is a long post; so feel free to email me ____@____.com this helps.

I also forgot to mention Kraft Shake n' Bake Original Extra Crispy this is great for making your own chicken nuggets as well as breading for chicken & pork chops, also Ritz Crackers, Ragu spaghetti sauce (Sauteed Onion & Garlic or Chopped Tomato, Olive Oil & Garlic) Gerber Graduates Juice Treats (Fruit Medley) these are like gummis, Gerber Graduates Fruit Strips, Cereal - Kellogg's Honey Smacks, Lucky Charms, Froot Loops, Cap N Crunch, Kellogg's Strawberry Frosted pop tarts, Nabisco Chicken in a Biskit Original Crackers & I also buy musselman's apple sauce in the little snack cups & del monte fruit cups....I don't know if you buy the silk soymilk but kroger & walmart both carry little juice box size (3 to a pack) of the silk soy vanilla & chocolate both can be found in their speciality isle (non refigerated) these are great for when you out & about because they don't have to be refigerated (i wouldn't leave them in a hot car or anything - avoid extreme temp changes) also be very careful of "soy cheese" tofutti brand has one that I know is safe but others have milk protein also be careful of medications that may contain "dairy" lactose...if you need a multi vitamin the gummies vitamins by nature smart is safe I found the chewables contain milk. Let me know if you have any questions ;0) If you want to give me your email I can send you a couple of recipes (simple everyday stuff on hand) oh yeah , Kraft Italian dressing (just the regular dressing - i know there's house & some others) Kraft original BBQ sauce. Again, let me know if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to help! M.

Also I know that if you have pans w/the coating & if they are scratched (even after being washed) a little bit of food (sauces, juices etc.) can be in the scratches causing cross containmination.

I purchased a couple extra pans just for the purpose of cooking "safe" foods for her. Again, sorry for the extremely loooong post.

My son is going through an elimination diet, to see if he has allergies to milk, eggs and wheat. I shopped at Horrocks for all my fresh stuff and the Better Health Food Store for most everything else. Places like Krogers and Meijer are getting better with stuff like this. Most of it can be found in their organic sections.

My 3 yr old is in the exact same situation, but we knew from 4 months old. We basically make the same stuff we normally would, but use substitutes like soy for milk and Ener-G egg substitute. There is a butter/margarine made w/ soy that works okay, it's available at Kroger. There's also sunflower butter instead of peanut butter and a soy-nut butter for the same purpose. You can substitute Soy or Rice milk for most things. Silk is a good brand soy milk, the chocolate flavor actually tastes FANTASTIC, just just real milk.
If you're looking for quick meals, Kroger has a Franks and Beans microwavable meal that's egg/milk/nut free anyways. Frozen Tyson Chicken nuggets are good. THere's actually quite a bit out there, you just have to look.
One more thing, there's a newer store on Hall Road called Life Smart Foods. They have a ton of stuff. Soy cheeses, shredded, sliced etc. I'm encouraged by that store. THere's a cake/brownie/cookie/pancake mix company called Cherry Brook Kitchen that has a lot too. YOu can find at Whole Foods (usually) and LIfe Smart, or order online. Hope that helps. You'll learn your way around, just stay positive!


I know how hard this can be. My son has seven food intolerances, which include dairy and eggs. You are very lucky that he can have soy, but I would limit the amount you give him to once or twice every 4 days. This is because soy and peanuts are in the same family, they are both legumes. I would also keep him away from peas and beans for 4 days after you give him legumes. Talk to your allergist and see what they think. I would err on the safe side, but your son may not be allergic to what is in all legumes, instead what is special about peanuts.

Check out the company Rice Dream. They make a vitamin D drink as well as ice cream. My son loves the orange swirl. Watch the labels though, Meijer brand rice milk has soy lethican in it to keep the milk together and prevent it from separating.

There are a few allergy recipe websites, here are two good ones: http://www.foodallergy.org/recipes.html


I hope these sites help. Our diet has been changed for two years and we have seen marked improvement in our son. We really miss going out to eat at a restaurant, but very few can cater to our son's needs so I have learned how to make almost everything at home.

I know it seems overwhelming now, but soon you will have a number of brands that you can trust and everything will seem easy. The best suggestion I can give you is to go the store by yourself and spend a few hours looking at products and making a list of brands that are safe and brands that are not. This is what my husband and I did and it really made a difference in the long run.

Good luck and I hope your little boy is better soon.

Hello B., I can't help with the milk or peanut allergy that much except to recommend soy milk(just remember that soy is a legume bean just like peanuts). But my middle child was allergic to eggs. It is in everything it seems. You will have to learn to cook alot from scratch. Breads, cakes, cookies, ice-cream. Read lables. Chicken noodle soup has egg noodles. In recipies you can replace 1TBS of oil and 1TBS of water for each large egg. It works well in most recipies. Having others watch your child can become an issue also. Once a mother gave my daughter a meal with NO-Yolk noodles, but it is still made with the whites of eggs. I got an emergency call. Prepare the meals in advance and freeze them for those busy days. Also, to help with the sibling rivalry, the entire familly should go on the same diet plan. This will also help the baby by not having the cross contamination from the mouths of others. Try to find a support group by checking with the allergists in your area. Good luck.

My niece was the same way with eggs & peanuts. My best advice is if you want to dine out ASK about the cooking oil they use. She's been able to eat at McDonald's and a few other fast food places her favorite is Taco Bell. Also my brother loves Buffalo Wild Wings- but they still ask each time they go out. Also make sure to always read the labels! I can also recommend sun nut butter, it's made from sunflower seeds, that's for later on for now read the labels, that's the safer way to go! They've moved out of state I may still be able to have her send you some info. I will try

My daughter is allergic to peanuts, dairy, beef and pork so I know exactly what you are going through. Here is a list of foods that she (my daughter) can eat, you will need to check them for eggs as she is not allergic to those. All of the items below are peanut free.

Sun Butter is also something that your child might be able to eat, it taste just like peanut butter but is made with sunflower seeds. My husband and I cannot tell the differece if we make a sandwich with jelly, it tastes like a real p&j sandwich. Might be an idea for your 2 year old instead of real peanut butter.

Bologna - Oscar Meyer
Turkey Hotdogs
Tyson Chicken Nuggets
Van de Kamp’s Fish Sticks
Rotisserie Chicken/Grilled Chicken
French Fries/Tater Tots - Ore Ida

Soy Milk & Yogurt

Condiments - Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo
Sun Butter, Jelly, Syrup, Honey

Chicken Noodle - regular, Dora, Cars, Shrek, Double Noodle, Alphabet
Vegetarian Vegetable

Pop Tarts - Strawberry/Blueberry/Cherry/Raspberry/Cinnamon Roll/Brown Sugar Cinnamon (no smores or chocolate chip)
Teddy Grahams - Honey, Cinnamon, Chocolate Chip
Graham Crackers - squares/sticks/Bees/Bugs/Scooby Do
Club Snack Crackers - original/wheat
Wheetables - original
Wheat Thins
Chicken in Bisket
Town House Classic Crackers
Toasteds - Wheat, Sesame
Saltine/Oyster Crackers - Nabisco
Pretzels - Meijer, Target, Rold Gold
Potato Chips - Pringles, Ruffles, Lays (all original)
Tortilla Chips
Sun Chips - Original

Kix Fruit Loops Dora Cereal
Crispix Cookie Crisp Trix
Corn Pops Honey Combs Apple Jacks
Life Lucky Charms
Crispy Rice/Rice Chex
Cheerios - Berry Burst/Multigrain/Fruity/Apple Cinnamon
(no Frosted/Yogurt Burst or Honey Nut Cheerios)

Fruit Snacks & Fruit Roll-Ups
Flavor Ice Popsicles (other plain popsicles)
Jello - Strawberry/Orange/Raspberry/Etc)
Applesauce - Regular/Cinnamon

Smarties, Skittles, Starbursts, Licorice, Dum Dum Suckers, Gummy Bears, Sweetarts, Swedish Fish

Hope this helps, good luck!

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