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HELP!!! My Iron Is Oozing Nasty Brown Stuff!!!!

Okay mama's! PLEASE HELP ME!!! I am losing my mind!!! My MIL was here last week and she used my iron to starch some clothes - now all of a sudden my iron is oozing brown goo! It is nasty and I have washed the same clothes 3 times now! I have a Rowenta iron that is about 1 1/2 years old, but it has NEVER done this before...is it a coincidence that this happened after she used spray starch or is my iron bad???? My last Rowenta iron lasted me almost 10 years before I bought this one. I iron absolutely everything - but I don't use spray starch (that stuff goes to the cleaners). I have never had this problem before and it is sending my OCD spinning out of control! How can I clean this gunk out once and for all or should I just trash my iron and buy a new one? If I need a new one - what brand should I buy to prevent this from happening again???? Thank you in advance for your help!

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Okay Mama's...so this is what happened! I tried everything that was recommended without success I am afraid! I spent two - yes I said TWO - long hours trying to rid my iron of that nasty brown goo and just when I thought I was running clear again - I went to iron a white pillow case and yep it happened again! My husband was so sick of my complaining that today he went to Williams-Sonoma and bought me a killer iron with a book of instructions that I might finish by next week! I am praying that this iron doesn't do the same thing as my Rowenta because I have a sneaking suspicion that he probably paid more for it than I would have liked! Anyhow - thank you for all of the advice, but I think my iron just had enough of me! Thank you all again!

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I have had this problem in the past also. I own a Rowenta and they recommend that you use distilled water. You might try touch of vinegar in the water and see if this will clean out the goo. I think if you use tap water it clogs the steam holes. Hope this helps

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After you clean it only put distilled or bottled water in it from now on, don't put tap in it. I have heard that brown goo can be caused from the minerals and stuff in the tap water.

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You can run white vinegar thru the Rowenta iron using the steam option. As it steams the vinegar out have a cloth you don't mind throwing away to iron on. You don't have to iron the whole time but off and on. You may also need some pipe cleaner maybe qtips to clear out the steam holes on the plate. After the vinegar you will need to run several steams of water, distilled is best. Good luck.

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need c lleaning with vinegar and water...then just use distill water when it finally runs clean

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I've had that happen also. You can buy iron cleaner, I would try JoAnn's or where they sell Irons. It is a cream and it comes in a small bottle. You could also call your Manufacturer and find out what to do. That is a typical problem, you may look in your manual also, it might tell what to do. Don't panic, you don't need to trash your iron unless the cleaner doesn't help. Good Luck

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