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Help! My Daughter Wont Stop Peeing Thru at Night!

My daughter just turned 1 and we have been having problems since about 9 months with her peeing through her diapers at night. I buy pampers cruisers and I love them except for the fact that when she sleeps for long periods of time at night (sometimes she is out for 12 hrs. ie. 9pm-9am) she wakes up soaking wet...then I have to giver her a bath, change her sheets and blankets...yadda yadda yadda....I looked into night time diapers but all that i found were for older children that weigh 37lbs and up and my daughter is barley 20lbs(wearing a size 3 right now)....just wondering if anyone has had the same problem and found a solution...I love pampers other wise and would be willing to buy a specific diaper just to go on at night....anything to lessen my laundry load and bath times :o) Thank you in advance for any advice!

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Thank you everyone! I just needed to know if anyone had any ideas of what to do differnt than what I had came up with....I have gone up a size and so far so good...and plan to buy the Huggies Overnights when I get to the store...THANKS TO ALL

Didnt end up getting the Overnights and she started to wet thru again so I got the diaper doubles bc the employees at Babies R Us told me how popular they are....and they are GREAT! No wetting thru in 2 wks!!!!!!

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Try Huggies OVERNIGHT size 4. Going up a size with a nightime diaper should help. I have been thru this with 2 kids as well.

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My kids are older and we are out of diapers (YEAH). However, both my kids had the same issue. We used to buy diaper liners - they were pads that we put inside the diapers at night. They helped soak up the extra wetness so we did not have a problem with wet everything most nights! I don't know if they still sell them, but I believe we used to get them at Toys R Us or Target.

We had a similar issue with my son, and just bought a bigger size (he was in 4's and we switched to 5's) just for nighttime and it worked like a charm.

I've got the same situation with our one year old boy. We use Huggies overnights when I can find them (Usually only at Walmart)...size 4 fits 22 lbs. I have also gone up a size with and without a diaper doubler...I could only find those at Babies R us...if they are not on the shelf ask the staff to look in back...no, insist...few know what they are. When desperate, or if you just can't get to Babies R Us or Walmart tomorrow, I have used a Maxipad in thier diaper. It is basically the same thing as a diaper doubler with an adhesive strip...I don't know if is cheaper (I didn't do the math) but definitely easier to find! Good Luck!

I've been using Diaper Doublers,blue pkg $2.99 for 30 from Babies R Us. They are like a big sanitary pad that goes in the diaper,it works great with no leaks. I learned about them on this board, thanks, moms.

Hi. I had the SAME problem with my son. It was so frustrating. I also searched for a problem solving diaper and found nothing. Now I take plastic training pants (the ones with plastic on the outside and cloth on the inside) and put those over his diapers at night. We never leak through now. It was a solution to a very frustrating problem. They're not cheap. I think two pair are almost $5 but once you make the initial investment, it's worth it for the time savings and laundry of washing all those jammies and sheets all the time. I hope this helps!!!

Glad to hear your daughter is doing very well after having to go through surgery at such an early age!

As far as filling her diapers up, I would try to use the regular Pampers (Baby Dry) We have used them and prefer them. My almost three year old is finally potty trained and so now only have my 4 1/2 month old in diapers. You say she is in a size 3 diaper, try a size 4, even if only at night. When we had trouble with that, we tried the next size and that seemed to work. My 4 1/2 month old is in a size 4 diaper already and he is not near the weight size on the box. I found I had to not look at the suggested weight on the boxes of diapers and go with what fit my kids. Both went through sizes of diapers quickly early on. As long as the diaper is snug around legs and belly, should be fine. Pampers is adjustable and although they might be a bit big in between the legs, there are no gaps.
Good luck on doing less laundry and less baths!!

Put your regular diaper on her at night and over top of it put a pull up diaper.

Have you tried using another brand of diapers, like Luvs? I would cut down on the amount of fluids she drinks at least 2 hours before bedtime. You could also try putting vinyl pants on her over the diaper--you can get vinyl pants at Walmart.

Best Wishes,


Try Huggies OVERNIGHT size 4. Going up a size with a nightime diaper should help. I have been thru this with 2 kids as well.

I get my Huggies Overnights a size bigger and have had no problems with my lo soaking through, but the diaper is very full in the am. I found mine at Meijer and I know that some Targets and Rite-Aid carries them.

I had the same problem with the pampers cruisers when my daughter got into the size 3, I switched to huggies and they still leak every now and then, but not nearly as often as the pampers. I've also recently switched to the Kirkland (Costco's brand) and haven't had any trouble so far.

Having four boys, 5,6,7 & 8 I had plenty of peeing through in the night (still have bedwetters as well.... ; - ) But when they had diapers Toy r Us sold Diaper "fillers" which were sold in the diaper aisle (you have to really look for them or ask someone to help you) and they are extra pads you slip into the diaper....sometimes I'd even put two and it REALLY helped with the problem in the night. If you can't find them they looked alot like Kotex pads women use as they had the peel off sheet on the back and you stick them on. You also might try putting a Pull Up on over her diaper. Good Luck. This time passes as well.

My almost 1 year old is not 20 pounds yet and has been wearing a size 5 diaper at night for several months because it holds more. Put a bigger size diaper on her (even though they say that they should be used for kids who weigh more). The other thing you can do is put a "fuzzibunz" or other "all in one" cloth diaper (you can look on line for other cloth diapers that may work-I use a fuzzibunz) around the disposable diaper for "insurance". Either of those tricks should make everyone happier.

Huggies makes Night Time diapers for size 4,5, and 6 (possibly 3 as well). I usually find them at Target or BRU. I have used them for both my kids at night.

I switched diapers. Luvs was much better for my child who would pee through his diapers at night. If she is a heavy sleeper, you might want to try to check and change her diaper before you go to sleep (if she will sleep through it). My children always slept through it. Good luck.
S. R.

My daughter went through the same thing too. With all three of my children I put the next size up diaper on at night (to what they wear in the day) because they all sleep a good 12 hours too. However, when she was still wetting through that I used a womens pad (for periods). I would get ones that were for heavy periods and put it inside her diaper. Worked like a dream!!!!

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