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Help! My Anti Persperent/deoderant Is Not Working

Hello- I am writing about something new_ I've never experienced before. I have worn the same deoderant for years and years. It's Dove unscented. As of lately, by mid day ( even if I am not sweating or working out) my deoderant doesnt' seem to work. It;s not that I am wet with sweat, but I seem to have a body odor. I have NEVER had body odor before and it's gross. Also, after I excercise, even if I wear this deoderant, I am really smelly. I feel the need to shower IMMEDIATELY. I would shower anyway, but It;s kind of gross. A little more info: As of the last 4 months, I have finally started working out-after having 3 babies in 4 years. I am running a few days a week. So I don't know if my sweat glands have changed? Does that happen? Anyone experience this or know of a good deoderant that is strong enough to last all day and even through a work out? SHould I talk to my dr. about this>

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I use Secret and have for years and have never had a problem with it, it works great! I too got more sweaty after having children and haven't had a problem with it.

I SWEAR BY DRY IDEA !!!! The regular roll on is the best (Comes in scented or unscented - either is fine), not the gel or any other variation. I have been using it for close to 25 years, and it is awesome - good luck!

Never tried it,, but I've seen ads for clinical strength Secret (I think). Give it a try. Good luck! I'm pregnant and sweat so much at night I feel the same way!!! I'm not a sweater either and it's GROSS!!!

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My husband uses a prescription anti-perspirant called Drysol. He only has to apply it about once a week and he does not sweat at all. He used to soak through his shirts and it was very embarrasing for him. He loves the Drysol and has been using it for years. It is not very expensive at all - he spends less on deodorant now than when he was buying the regular stuff because a small bottle of Drysol lasts a really long time. If you do choose to talk to your doctor about it, Drysol would be an option. Good luck!

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I recently have noticed the same thing. I was beginning to gross myself out and could not figure out the problem. I was even applying my deodorant/antiperspirant 2 times a day but it still did not help. Finally one day after swimming at the pool I took a shower at my mothers and "borrowed" hers. The next morning I still smelled fresh and felt clean! I have been using for the last 3 months now the Mitchum for Women in the fresh scent. It really has worked well for me and the price is not going to break the bank! lol

Good luck to you in finding something that works for you! Blessings to you and yours!

Maybe your hormones have changed? Has your diet changed? I have used Arrid Extra Dry clear gel for a few years now and have never had any issues with wetness or ordors. It isn't very expensive and it's worth a try.

S., I havent read through all of the responses, but the same thing happened to me-out of no where after my last dd I was stinky ALL the time. My sil told me to switch deoderants b/c sometimes your body just gets used to using the same one. I am not sure where she heard it from or what, but she has a doctrate-I took her advice and now I am stink free! LOL :) I do still alternate between suave and another deoderant(cant remember the name for anything right now). Also, I kind of remember this happening to my mom and she had to get special stuff from the doctor(this was before I knew about switching). Good luck!!!

Hi S., I would recommend Secret Clinical Strength deodorant.
first time I tried it was when I was a bridesmaid and it worked great. Even the bride tried it and loved it.
good luck.


I went through the same thing after using Secret all my life. At first I tried switching brands, but that did not help. I did some research and found Apple Cider Vinegar. I tried it and it works! It does not smell bad on. I simply applied it with a cosmetic pad.

My thoughts as to why the deoderant stopped was maybe my pores were just clogged with whatever the chemicals were in the deoderant and my body just needed to de-tox. After about a year I went back to deoderant again and it is working for me.

Good luck - I know how awful and embarassing it is.

C. T.

Never tried it,, but I've seen ads for clinical strength Secret (I think). Give it a try. Good luck! I'm pregnant and sweat so much at night I feel the same way!!! I'm not a sweater either and it's GROSS!!!

I work out 6-7 days a week at a very high intensity and have found that the new "clinical" strength products work like a dream!! You apply at night before bed and it lasts all day the next day. I was skeptical, but absolutely love it. It does cost a little more, but well worth it. I am using the Sure brand right now because it was less expesnive and I also had a $2.50 off coupon. It is around $5.50 at Walmart. I have not smelled any body odor at all since I started using this!!

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