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Help! My 7 Year Old Has Pubic Hair!

OK, I am trying not to freak out about this, but is it normal for my 7 year old daughter to have pubic hair already? She does have little boobies but she is a little overweight. But really, isn't this way too early? Did any of your kids get pubes this soon?

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There have been severals questions about precocious puberty and I believe that if it's confirmed there IS a way to stop it and it's important that you do. Try doing a search as there were other moms who have been thru the same thing and gotten really good treatment for their kids.

This sounds just like me about six months ago. My daughter is now eight but when she was around 7 1/2 she asked me what was going on because she had some hair growing there. I told her it was normal and ran out of the bathroom not trying to freak out in front of her. I have heard that girls are getting puberty sooner mainly from the foods they are eating. This is a study they believe to be true. Which makes since all the fast food and processed food we eat. Kinda scary! Maybe try changing her diet to more healthy foods. I don't know if this is the issue or if her eating is not healthy. I know that it made since for me since I know my daughters eating has not always been the healthiest. Although I think it's pretty balanced.

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OMG I promise you I had this same experience with my 8 year old on Saturday morning. Yes, it freaked me out too. She was getting out of the shower and I was getting my 3 year old ready for a bath so I was stooped down, you know...eye level! Anyway, I said honey, I think you need to scrub a little harder, you look dirty. Duh! In my mind it must be dirt! Not pubic hair! Oh, I'm so feeling your shocking discovery right now! But I must say, I'm glad it's not just me.

I tried to talk to hubby about this. As soon as I said, something new is happening to our daughter's body, he was like, "I'm not having this conversation with you."

Thanks for your post! Sooooo glad it's not just me and my kid! ;-)

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Relax...if she is a bit overweight..that has alot to do with it..a childs body..or should I say a girl childs body starts to kick in hormones due to body weight..if she is around 120 get ready for her period to start too...its a pituitary thing

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Here is a link that will help

Is she a big milk drinker? It is filled with synthetic hormones :(
Change your dairy to hormone free. (can buy at whole foods, trader joes, etc..)

Please also see a pediatrician for a checkup.

Hope this helps :)

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Your daughter needs to see an endocrinologist. How long has your daughter had her L. boobs? My daughter is two and has had L. breast buds since she was born. Typically, the breast buds go away by age two, but I guess they can remain longer. My pediatrician recommended that she see an endocrinologist just to rule anything out. The endocrinologist wasn't concerned about precocious puberty since her breast buds haven't changed, she doesn't have any pubic hair, body odor or vaginal discharge. I do have to take her back in 3 months for another check up. Obviously, I am not a doctor I am only sharing my experience. I would definitly talk with your pediatrician.

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It is called "precocious puberty."
Puberty which arrives before the normal age.
There are different kinds of precocious puberty.
Some get hair, some get breasts, some get their period already, some get body odor etc.

Main thing is, go to the Doctor. They may send you to a Pediatric Endocrinologist... to confirm or test for it. (they do what is called a "bone age" x-ray of the child's hand).... but ultimately, there is not much you can do about it to "stop" it... unless you give the child hormone treatment...but this is controversial and it can also cause other side effects and it has contraindications.

The "bone age" x-ray.... is what tells you how matured or how old your child's body is or rather how your child's skeleton is maturing.... only a Specialist can interpret and analyze the x-ray for it.

This is what I learned from a Pediatric Endocrinologist.... for my daughter but regarding something else.

All the best,

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I developed early, everything has turned out fine. Take her to your regular doctor and give her "the talk". Some girls just begin things early, especially if they are fuller. The amount of body fat is very key to female reproduction and puberty.

As some of the other mothers have said, it might be linked to the idea there is an increase of hormones in the foods we eat now.

Take her to a doctor, get her hormone levels checked. Be open and honest with your girl, how you treat this can affect how she sees herself as she grows up.

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Avoid soy products and eat organic. Avoid all the artificial hormones so prevalent in our "food." Look into real food:

I know this is almost a year old but anyone reading this it is not that uncommon. I got all of my pubic hair by the time i was in 3rd grade. And I mean all of it. I was actually really thin, I ate very very healthy (lots of fresh veggies from my grandmas garden) I hated milk so I never drunk it. So what was the blame??? I honestly have no idea. The only thing I can think of is I have Cherokee in my blood maybe that had something to do with it because I have very thick dark hair. But either way I grew up healthy and I'm not hairy. The only thing you will need to be worried about is explaining it to your daughter and pray other kids dont find out and make fun of her. I had one girl that spent the night with me when I was little who saw me take a bath and told other girls at school.

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