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HELP - My 19 Year Old Son Is Rapidly Losing His Hair

My son just turned 19 on July 20th. He has had unbelievably thick, wavy hair almost his whole life (he was basically bald till around 3...then again, so was I.) Early in the summer I noticed that the hair through and on either side of his part appeared to be thinning so I suggested he move his part slightly. He did and asked me about "the shampoo that helps hair grow". I told him that he would not need that for many years to come! Yesterday I noticed he had moved his part again much more to the side, not quite comb-over level though. Last night he was sitting on the floor and I noticed his hair. On top it was so thin that I could see his scalp very easily. Looking at his senior pics compared to now the difference is huge. His hair, which he keeps long, a little past his shoulders has been "who he is" for about 6 years. It is his identity in his eyes. When he first told me in jr. hi. that he wanted to have long hair I told him that he could but the first time it looked dirty or unmaintained we were going to Great Clips. I've never had to take him (not counting reg. trims)as he has kept up his end of the deal. When I suggested he cut it because it would be easier to find a part time job he was almost in tears. He has always been more of a loner and through his hair - believe it or not he had an identity. I can tell that this is really troubling to him. He was sitting alone at the kitchen table in the middle of the day this week with tears streaming down his cheeks. He never did tell me why, but now I think I know. Please, if anyone has ideas, any thoughts on this whatsoever, write to me. Thank you!

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Have him see his doctor and/ or a dermatologist.
It could be a vitamin deficiency or a thyroid issue.

If it's still a problem, he can try Rogain or even get a hair transplant,
although that is rather expensive.

But, have him hang in there and take him to the doctor!

Also, stress can cause hair to fall out. Has anything stressful or overly emotional
happened in the last 3 months? It that's it, then the hair will come back by itself,
but it may take up to a year before it's back to where it originally was.

Good Luck!
S : )

I'd speak to the doctor - aside from illness, it could be some sort of vitamin deficiency - a friend of mine's mother was losing her hair & the doctor found she was deficient in some vitamins (can't remember specifically which ones) but her hair grew back.

My husband started going bald at 19. It was awful for him, but maybe now the doctors will have some suggestions, but by my husband's early 20's he was bald up top. he's now almost 40 and just shaves it all off.

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Hi J.,
I really feel for you and your son.
My sister used to be the same about her hair...she said it gave her "power." Hers started falling out in her mid-thirties. She found this unbelievable doctor that specializes in hair loss. She is expensive, doesn't take insurance (I think) and has quite a wait to get in but after going to several other docs and getting no answers, this one finally had a diagnosis and "cure." She has been taking Rogaine believe it or not and her hair is absolutely 100% back to the way it used to be. I can get the doc's name and # if you're interested.
You'll get this figured out and your guy will have his hair back!

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So many people are coming down with this affliction and many times it is alopecia. This is strictly due to environmental toxins and parasites attacking the hair follicle and so is balding. It is often associated with food intolerance as well. No prescription works and their is no magic shampoo (some of these things run over $200!!)it comes from the inside. Some colleagues and mine were just discussing this 2 days ago. I can send you the complete emails back and forth if you would like to email me at ____@____.com. There is wonderful insight here!!

I so much dislike when our children suffer especially like this!!

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I would schedule an appt with his doctor. A friend's daughter had thinning hair problems at 16 or 17 and it turned out to be a deficiency in her blood. After a year or taking vitamins and other supplements, her hair was thicker again. If you don't have thinning hair in the family, definitely get this checked out.

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Check with your doctor first, he could be missing a vitamin and that is why he is suddenly thinning. Then if this is just natural, try Rogaine, my FIL has been using it for years and he has really maintained what he has. My husband started thinning really bad in high school, I love his bald head. It is one of the things that turns me most on about him. I know that sounds weird about your son, but he can definitely embrace a bald head too...there are plenty of women that love the baldies, like me!!!!

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I too have a son who has lost hair early. It is fustrating for them. Those with the crew cuts seem to go through the transistion easier...but like your son, my guy had thick curly shoulder length (well only when dry, otherwise it was to the middle of his back) "SAMSON" hair.

I would first look at a couple of things....1) do you have a family history of baldness? (look at both sides of the family) 2) If not, take your son in for a physical at the doctor (some vitamin deficiancies can cause hairloss) 3) DO"NT rule out the Rogaine treatments. As he get older,more of his friends will deal with thinning hair and he will fit in more comfortably...but right now, his social life is still the MOST important issue and if he looks like he's 30ish, people expect more from him and girls are not attracted to him like they should be. My son went in to the military where they sheared his long locks and his new "skin head" cut was not drawing attention to his "missing" curls.....his younger brother became friends with a young man who was TOTALLY bald before he was 17. The friend also had trouble adjusting to the loss, but since it was common within his family, he saw it more of a coming of age thing. Good luck. I know how difficult it is to relate to our teens (especially the boys)...you are a terrific mom to take the time to see his need.(even though he won't speak out as to what is bothering him)

I suggest you take him to the Dr. There are medical conditions that could cause hair loss such as alopecia, hypothyrodism (which I have and my hair has thinned just like your sons)

Also did your father or grandfather have thinning hair? It could be genetics also.

I hope that you can find an answer to make your son feel better!

Wow, I am sure it's bothering your son. However, my fiancee started going gray around age 19 and was balding all through his 20s. Now at 30, he is totally bald on top with just some hair on the sides, mostly gray. In highschool he had a thick full head of brown hair, so I know it was upsetting to him.
But... I mean, you can try all kinds of hair implants, plugs,etc. but I would just reassure him that there are so many things much WORSE in the world. At least he is healthy and not sick. It may help if he actually starts to crop his hair very short into a buzz cut- this is what my finacee does. Lots of women actually do find bald men attractive- don't encourage your son to believe all the marketing hype that tries to sell men's hair products! Let him know that he is attractive and loved and any girls worth having are not going to care about his hair- but his personality, sense of humor, smarts and kindness!! I know that may sound lame, but it is TRUE.

Hi J.,

So sorry to hear about this. How hard this must be for your son and you. But there is hope! Definitely take him to the doctor as this happened to two friends of mine. One had a vitamin D deficiency and needed more sun and supplements, another a thyroid issue that was also fixed easily with medication. Good luck!

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