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Help! My 10 Month Old Son Will Not Stay Still When It's Time to Change a Diaper

I have tried to give him a toy or something to occupy him but his interest is gone before I have even gotten his diaper off, any suggestions?

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thank you all for your help, I will just try to get the diapers on the best way I can :) You have all given me some pretty inventice suggestions. Thanks again!

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Give him something that occupies him while you change him. I would give my grandson liked a silver rattle. He only got when he was being changed. It worked for me. D. Sanchez

My son loves chimes, so when he would start fussing I would chime the chimes. I hung then over his changing table, it has worked like a charm he is now 19 months old and he still loves to hear them when he gets his diaper changed.


I have almost 20-month old twins...and I still struggle with this from time-to-time. However, one thing that works well with both of them (when they begin to squirm or get upset that it's diaper-changing time) is to playfully grab their ankles and rock their legs back and forth and say, "Oh, no...he's/she's running!" Or bend the knees and say, "Oh, look, he's/she's riding a bike!" And their all-time favorite is when I swing their arms over their head and say, "It's the backstroke! Where did that come from?!" (Often, I did all three of these to result in calmness). = ) After a few seconds of this...they are entertained enough that the diaper change is something that they are willing to sit through. However, a little book or a toy after the 'silliness' is also a welcome distraction.

Best of luck!

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Hi L.,
You're going to think I'm a nutty mom, but I loved diaper change time when my son was a baby and toddler. He was a real wiggle worm, too, but my husband and I got crafty to help that situation. We kept a stash of "special playthings" at the changing table and in a small diaper bag (for changes made elsewhere). We let our son wiggle himself silly during all the non-essential parts of diapering (undressing his lower half -'cept for the diaper coming off, redressing his lower half) and just had fun w/ it (singing, tickling, blowing raspberries, 'peek-a-boo'ing, whatever -but making it fun). When it was time to take off the dirty diaper and clean up for the fresh one, we switched gears and brought out the 'special stash' to amuse him (wigglelessly) while we wiped him up and put on the fresh diaper. The 'stash' were all non-toys, household items and extremely alluring non-baby gadgets that he could never play with otherwise (and had to be directly supervised with when he did).. nothing sharp or dangerous, though -of course. We kept a regular toy handy to switch off with either while we were redressing him or afterward, if we needed it. And, we'd have fun with redressing to distract him from the 'nontoy' (and put it back in the bag or bin w/o fuss --or let him explore it a bit before making a switch with a real toy or a song or game). I'd suggest not giving your son something to distract him UNTIL you're taking the diaper off --and make it something unique that will really grab his attention. We never gave our son the same thing within about 12 changes... switched it up for a few days before recycling the gadgets ---and you don't have to use household items like we did, but I do think items your son does not ever play with are a great idea, as long as they aren't sharp or pinching. Before you give it to him, try to have fun with the wiggles as your undressing him (and after). It leaves him a shorter period of time where he has to be still and content, which is also easier for you (to figure out what would grab his attention --for a shorter time). I think that's a key part, leaving the distraction/still time for just the nitty gritty part, and having fun with the wiggles as 'bookends' to it.

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Hello I am a 61 year old grandma living in England but my daughter sent me a connection with this site. She is a 34 year old mum with 2 little boys living in san francisco.. I also have 2 grand daughters and the eldest one I took care of while her mother worked for 2 and a half years. My tip for your problem is to sing a song while you change the nappy - it has worked for all my grandchildren. The song we sing is "change your nappy, change your nappy, make you dry, make you dry, put it in the bin, put it in the bin, nice and clean, nice and clean" We sing this to the tune of "frere jacques" Hope you know this tune! its originates from france and in english the title is brother jack.
Good luck L. G

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hi, maybe it wasn't the best idea, but i got reallllly good at changing the diaper of my two boys while they stood up. works for us! one less battle. they eventually will lay down for me, or often anyway, but otherwise, i stand them on the counter and let him look in the bathroom mirror, etc. :)

My 10 mo son is the same way. I give him my cell phone, which usually he doesn't get to touch, and do the worlds fastest diaper change! Most of the time it works, but not always. Lots of times I've had to put his diaper on while he was standing or walking away. Kind of hard and I'm hoping it will pass, too. But this is definitely a time for creativity!! Good luck!

Hi there!

Maybe try singing to him...that works with my almost 3 year still at times ;)Otherwise, you may just have to tough it out for a while. Our little ones don't have very long attention spans and they would rather be moving around than sitting still for jst about anything!

Have a great day!

Give him something that occupies him while you change him. I would give my grandson liked a silver rattle. He only got when he was being changed. It worked for me. D. Sanchez

Like the first responder, I used to give my boys something to hold...like the baby wipes or the Balmex (Diaper Rash cream) and talk them through it...ok now give mommy the cream, now we are going to put the diaper on, etc. etc. Even getting them involved with the process at a young age can distract them long enough for you to "take care of business" :>

Hi L.,
I agree with many of the responses below, but we did attach a mobile to his changing table for him to look at while we changed him. That helped for a while. Good luck!

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