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Help! Jury Summons for Day We Leave for Hawaii (Collin Co)

Help! I've just recieved a jury summons for the day we leave for Hawaii. I've got a couple thousand invested in just our plane tix! I live in Collin Co. I understand my obligation to serve on juries but I can't see flushing several thou down the toilet for it. How can I get postponed for a later jury summons? The summons is for 8:30 and we need to head to the airport by 9.

What can I do next?

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Just give them a call to reschedule. They are very kind about. I've had to reschedule in Collin Co and it was no problem at all.

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Contact the office right away and they should let you pick another day. That's what they did for me but they will only let you post pone it 1 time.

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Simply call them immediately and tell them. You will be given an exemption. Just hold on to your paperwork. Theymay ask you for documentation but probably not. It is not a big deal - you will still go on your trip.

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Hi There...Did you tell the court your dilemma? I know I didn't have to serve because I didn't have daycare. They most likely will postpone you serving..(unless of course you were already picked for the jury??). There is a number on the summons - just call and let them know. Good Luck!!

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On the summons it tells you how to file an exemption. I believe you get a one time pass on serving and can reschedule for this type of situation. However, if you've requested an exemption in the past, you may be out of luck.

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There are usually instructions on the jury summons on how to postpone your date. I'm new to Collin County so it may be different, but in Denton county you have the option to postpone your date--but just once. Call the county clerk's office if your summons doesn't give you that option.

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We live in Mckinney, and my husband ended up having to leave for a last minute business trip the day before his summons. I called them, and they just said to mail back the form and write on the form he wasn't in town. I asked if I needed to get something in writing from his work that he will be gone, and they said no. I told them I was worried because they won't get it in the mail until after the jury date, but the lady acted like it was no big deal as long as I mailed the form back. They didn't even reschedule anything.. but I am sure they will! :)

Have a wonderful trip!

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Don't know about Collin County, but in Dallas County you can get an exemption if you have children under the age of 10. Also, you should be able to reschedule by calling or filling out the form and mailing it back.

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When did you get the summons? Yes you can reschedule as long as you have not put off doing so.
Most of the time, the summons comes with a week or so notice for you...that said....call the courts and reschedule.

They do this and you should not have a problem. My hubby travels a LOT and we have rescheduled jury duty for him per his job and meetings which cannot be postponed.

I ended up on a jury which was quite interesting for 4 LONG days.

Enjoy your trip to Hawaii. I am sure you can work it out. What islands are you going to? We LOVE Maui and visiting Lahania and Kaanapoli.

Don't stress and enjoy yourself.

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