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Help! Infant Is constipated....diluted Apple Juice Ok?

my little girl has been straining for about 25 minutes now. has anyone given apple juice (diluted or not) to an infant, and did it work?

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well my dad went ahead and gave some diluted apple juice and well lets just say it didnt cause constipation. Quite the oppisite. She might have had an upset tummy and I being a new mom just thought that she was straining. Well I guess we learn something new everyday. Thanks to ya'll that responded so quickly.

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According to my pediatrician, anything with apples in it worsens constipation. Prune juice and pear juice are best. You can buy a can of pears and strain the juice... or buy baby food (prunes and/or pears). My boys are 3.5 and 4.5, and I still give them gerber prunes and pears. They continue to think it's a "treat" similar to eating pudding. :)

The best thing to give her is prune juice or if constipation is severe (and this sounds like it may be) buy a stool softener for babies at any pharmacy.

My doctor said to use White Grape Juice instead of apple and yes dilute it about 1/2 and 1/2. I don't know when you can start using Miralax but we use it every day on my 18 mo old and it has really helped if the problem is cronic.

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hi there i have a 2mth old baby girl that suffered from constipation while been changed from formula to formula to tell you the truth as a hispanic we are used to using old home remedies my mom gave her (manzanilla) chamomile you just boil it like tea with her baby water if you buy the tea bags make sure you get the 100% natural or buy it fresh you can either find it at walmart or like a fiesta store but 1ounce in her bottle and just add the rest of her baby water as usual so if you baby drinks 2ounces its 1ounce chamomile and 1ounce water so forth and it works it also helps with she has colic and gas and you can do it at every feeding also my peditrician told me to give her white grape juice 1ounce in her formula but i saw quick results with the chamomile and you can also try (miel karo)the clear one which is corn syrup add 1/2 a teaspoon to her bottle it works wonders good luck

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My doctor recommended a little prune juice in his formula when my son had the same problem.

I had problems with this with one of my twins when they were this age.....my pediatrician told me to give her a little Milk of Magnesia. Apple juice did not work for her.

We put a drop of Karo (clear) syrup on a bottle nipple (or when breastfeeding - directly on my nipple) and within 3-5 hours - boom - a big BM.

Good luck.

Ahhh, this happened with all 3 of mine a time or two (maybe more). I tried to "help" it along with a Q tip lubed with vasoline, just a little in the rear, in and out (my pedi called it teasing) and it will help her get it out. Sometimes it took me a few minutes and once the initial hard part came out they would finish a regular BM in the diaper. Pull her legs up to, bend the knees and move them, it will help her bowels move on the inside. Good luck!

You can add a little pear juice to her bottle and it will help. Just a splash will make a difference. From what I understand apple juice can cause constipation. I used pear juice with both of my girls and it has always worked like a charm. Good luck

I would not give any kind of juice to such a little baby -- too much straight sugar.

girl...I did prune juice! (for a 6 week old) It worked great.

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