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Help! I'm Having Horrible Mood Swings During My Period.

I'm having trouble functioning for 10 days. I'm angry or crying or frustrated and have a migrane the whole time. My period lasts for about 7 days and by the end of it, I'm so tense and mad that it takes me 2 days to calm down. Every little thing sets me off, to my baby crying just to be fed to my husband not helping out. I NEVER take it out on my son because it's not his fault. If I get angry I put him in his playpen or crib for a few minutes while I take a deep breath and then go back to him.

I'm not eating the best of foods and I don't get out much. I'm taking The Pill, Errin. Before I got pregnant I was on Loestrin. I was just wondering if there was anything I could do to lessen these mood swings? Please help, I will be totally grateful.


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That is exactly how I feel, but my mood swings come a week before my period. I'm also on the pill and wonder sometimes if that's the reason. I also didn't feel this way until my periods came back after pregnancy. I don't really know what to tell you, just that I'm in the same situation.

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You should try to relax a week before your period starts. Go out by yourself for a walk in the park or go out to the gym to work out. Sometimes when you work out before your period starts, then your period is not that heavy. I used to be cranky too and having symptoms but my periods got lighter with no symptoms when I starting using the IUD birth control. Hope everything goes well for you and just stick to natural methods and not so much medicine.

Hey, S.. You aren't alone. Before I had my second child, I had "regular" pms. Ever since, though, from about 3 days before my period until about 3 days in I have horrible mood swings. I feel tired and overwhelmed and SO angry. It's like I'm watching myself be this horrible person that I know I'm not but I can't stop it! I also have migraines around my menstrual cycle.
I don't know for sure what works, but I'm looking into and talking to my doctor about PMDD. You might look it up and see if your symptoms are anything like what their site talks about.
Good luck and if you find anything that works, let me know.

Hi S.,

Sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time. I remember feeling the same way after I had my son. I would talk to your doctor about switching you to a different type of pill or altogether birth control method. I tried the depo shot (with little info from my doctor) it turned out that I had a really bad reaction and almost went psycho on my husband (crying and mad at him all the time). I had to go on anti depressants for a few months until the hormones were out of my system. I am positive it was the meds because I've had two kids since then and felt just fine with them. You may want to try to get out a bit more without the baby. It's difficult to do but very necessary! If you are looking for something part time that will allow you to get out with adults, email me directly and I will tell you about a wonderful company called Articulate Walls. ____@____.com

That is exactly how I feel, but my mood swings come a week before my period. I'm also on the pill and wonder sometimes if that's the reason. I also didn't feel this way until my periods came back after pregnancy. I don't really know what to tell you, just that I'm in the same situation.

Hi S.,
Sounds like some of your mood swings might be caused by PPD, Post Partum Depression. PPD can last about a year or more. Is ERRIN a birth control pill? If so, I believe it could be a factor with your whole body going thru a change from being pregnant, and now being a Mom. I'm tired of people advising for a quick fix like taking a PILL to help correct any problem that arises mentally,or physically. Instead of automatically reaching for a pill, or asking your doctor for a pill to help these mood swings, try getting some SUN, some exercise like walking for 30 min, and stretches. Take your baby for a walk around the block/neighborhood. Try eating a better balanced diet with more green veggies. You'll be surprised on how some foods are so low in nutrition and that this can play a very vital role in your mood swings. So if you're not getting enough SUN, exercise, and or proper nutrition, you will definitely have mood swings. So with you saying you don't get out much, nor eating the best of foods, please try and change this habit before asking for a pill (like another mom suggested). SUN, walking for 30min, and eating more nutritious foods will definitely help you in this matter!!! Try stopping the birth control pills and consider using condoms instead and see if that helps as well. :-) Best wishes to you and your family, G.

Hi I am 36 and have four children. I have horrible mood swings during my period. When I first went to a doc about it she prescibed me a low dose prozac because mine was so bad, I took it for a while and it helped me with the mood swings, eventually, not right away. If you don't like to take meds, I would suggest something to take your mind off of your bad mood. For instance if I listen to music it perks me up and I don't dwell on why I am upset. I thought I would let you know what helps me sometimes, I hope you find a solution Good Luck.

I used to have terrible PMS symptoms myself - moodiness, exhaustion, cramps, backaches, break outs, swollen, tender breasts, etc. Over the past two years I've become educated on a serious condition called Candidiasis, which is basically an overgrowth of yeast (candida) in your system. (It's not the same as having a yeast infection, though if you have candidiasis there's a good chance you will have or have had yeast infections, too.) Women that take hormonal birth control (ie. the pill) are very susceptible to it! I completely changed my diet and started taking a combined flax seed and primrose oil pill. (You can easily get them at places like Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Trader Joe's, etc.) The flax seed and primrose oil helps even out the hormonal fluctations that cause your terrible mood swings and any of the other typical PMS symptoms you may experience. Diet is another major factor but it's very hard for a lot of people to stay with it. If you're really suffering, though, it's a major lifesaver. I don't suffer from any PMS symptoms anymore at all, so I know it works. (And trust me, I was a bit skeptical at first.) Also, you might want to consider a non-hormonal form of birth control, if possible. At this point, I am very much against introducing external hormones into my body, though I did decide to get the Mirena IUD, which releases localized hormones in the uterus. I felt it was the best compromise between limiting hormones in the body and using a reliable method of birth control. Feel free to contact me for more info and good luck!

This sounds like classic PMS. My mother suffered from it and my sister does now. There are prescriptions that you can get to lessen the mood swings and cramps.

I would reccomend going to talk to your doctor about what might be available to help you out.

Good Luck.

Shortly after I was put on the pill, my husband and I experienced alot of what you are experiencing right now. My moods were borderline bipolar, when we discussed this with my doctor he guessed that I may be sensitive to estrogen, which turned out to be correct! When he placed me on another pill the effects were immediate. I was on Yasmin and as a side note, nearly two years and three months after I stopped we conceived my second child. I add that just to assure you that it was easy to get pregnant once I stopped the pill.

Good luck!

Hi, about eight weeks after I gave birth, I went on the "mini-pill" because I was breast feeding. It is a progesterone only pill. I was pretty moody all the time. After weaning, I had an extremely difficult time hormone wise. I thought I was losing my mind. I went to my OB/GYN for an annual and she said I should have gotten off of the "mini-pill" as soon as my son weaned, that that was why my moods were so severe. I don't know if this will help. Everyone is different hormone wise to what they are sensitive to, so you should definitely try to talk with your doctor and see if there is something you can do to help. Good luck and remember to breathe.

Hi S.,

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Hi S.,

First, you are not alone :0) I was never an emotional person before my children were born, and used birth control pills with no issues. After my son I had some very serious issues with adjusting to staying at home and probably even suffered from depression. Thanks to friends and a lot of prayer, I made it through that tough first year. My daughter came along 20 months later and this really threw my body into turmoil. Although I was functioning, I was always angry, unhappy, or just plain depressed. I couldn't focus, was always forgetful, and highly irritable...all the time, but especially for two weeks before my period. I couldn't explain it, I had everything I wanted, but just always felt sad and alone. I visited my OB/GYN when my daughter was about 14 months and found that having children can throw your hormone balance into a tailspin, indefinitely! She suggested exercise, eating right, suggested some vitamins, but also asked if I wanted to try Prozac for 2 weeks before my period was supposed to start. I had severe reservations about taking an "anti-depressant", but she said it actually was found to be quite helpful with balancing hormones as well. I tried it and it was miraculous! My husband said he couldn't believe the difference and was glad to "have me back". I don't know if medication is right for everyone, and my hope is that soon I can control it with diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices, but it helped me see beyond the difficulties of being a stay-at-home mom and helped me be a better mom to my kids. I recommend you talk to your doctor about what they suggest and talk to friends. You are not alone, and what you feel is so normal. Make sure you take care of yourself and give yourself a break, especially with other adults. Being a mom is the toughest job in the world and the pay stinks, but the rewards are unmatched! If you are looking for a break, go to www.mops.org and find a MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group near you and start going. First meeting is free, and is so much fun! Definitely kept me sane those first few years!

Hope things get better soon!

Hi S.. I just had to respond to your post, because I know how you feel! It also took us 3 years to get pregnant with my frist child, and now he is nearly 3 years old. I wanted my baby so badly, but I suffered from Post-partum depression after I had him. It was very scary, and I understand what you're saying about your mood swings.
I represent a European Health and Wellness company called Arbonne International. We actually carry a natural Progesterone Cream. This product has absolutely dramatically changed my periods. I have never, ever had normal periods until now. And, my husband (lovingly, I'm sure) used to call me Mood-Swing M. during that time of month! Anyway, I just wanted to share with you what has helped me.

Here's some information about this product for you:

Arbonne's Prolief Natural Balancing Cream
A botanically-based cream for men and women who want the benefits of a balancing cream without the added herbs, and one that’s packaged in a precisely-metered pump.

Key Ingredients: Sweet almond and sunflower oils, aloe, USP progesterone

Skin Types: All

If you're interested, please let me know. Or, you can check it out online at www.mandyolsen.myarbonne.com or www.arbonne.com. Good luck!

Take care,
M. O. - Executive Area Manager and Independent Consultant, Arbonne International

I have always had horrible periods, mine last 2 weeks without birth control. After a while of being on one kind my system would become immune to them and my doctor would have to switch. It has been several years now but some of the ones he would switch me to would make my moods worse than ever. I would call him and he would switch them again. I am so sorry that I can't remember which kinds worked the best for it but your doctor should know which ones to try. My system got so immune that I ended up pregnant with my daughter and my son was 15. We thought we were done having kids and then our miracle came! Good luck and talk with your doctor, I would say you need a different pill!

YES I DO!!!!!
Go to arbonne.com and look at theirPhyto Prolief Balancing Cream. It is a light, greasless botanically-based cream to help balance the body naturally and conventionally with an easy pre-metered pump.. I know someone who uses it and swears by it. If you decide to order it I willbe more then happy to give you my discount on it right now. Let me know.
E-mail me back at ____@____.com
I hope you feel better soon!

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