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Help! I'm Getting Sick and No Insurance!

My husband has just started a new job and we are currently in the 90 day period before the insurance there takes effect. I am getting sick with what feels like Strep and have no where to go. I am running a low fever, feel "groggy" headed, my throat is VERY sore, some drainage in my throat, and the gland on the right side of my throat feels like a golf ball and hurts so bad! This all hit me like a ton of bricks Friday night. I am currently in school in a demanding Anatomy and Physiology class and can't afford to miss class. Not to mention that I know if it is Strep it could become dangerous if left untreated. My question is, is there ANYWHERE I can go for little to nothing (free clinic or sliding scale) around North Richland Hills?? At this point, I'm not sure I can even afford CareNow because hubby is only in his first few weeks at this job and waiting on his check (they held a week so that he'd fall into regular pay period). I would apply for JPS Clinic but I don't know how long it would take for them to determine if I were eligible and I don't want to wait longer than a few days to get to a dr about this. Do they see patients even if they haven't been approved yet?

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Wow. Thank you all so much for your responses. So many ideas and all of them great! It's nice to know I can come here and get the answers I need. :) Anyways, I didn't get a chance to read all of the responses before I headed out the door this morning, so after class, I decided to go to the Minute Clinic at the N. Tarrant and Rufe Snow CVS. I'm glad I did.

My strep test came back neg and the FNP there said that either it was too early to show on the test or it wasn't strep and I have a viral Pharyngitis. She did say my throat had the signs of strep but since the test came back neg, she had to go with viral for now. She also said if it's not better in 3-4 days, I can come back for a no-charge retest. (I was impressed!) Total cost=$69 not including meds. I know for a fact that they charge much more than that JUST for strep tests in dr's offices.

She prescribed me a lidocaine oral solution to rinse and swallow to help ease the pain in my throat, but as someone else mentioned, viral has to run it's course. If I have to go back to retest and it's pos, she will prescribe antibiotics at the time.

Let me just say, this place was great! I was in and out of there in 20 mins tops, but never felt like she was rushing despite her having someone waiting for a flu shot. She took her time and was thorough.

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The CVS in Keller on Rufe Snow and North Tarrant Parkway has a Minute Clinic, where you can go to get treated and a prescription for an antibiotic. It would probably cost around $70--cheaper than CareNow. You do need to get treated. If it is strep (which I was just diagnosed with today), left untreated, can cause MUCH bigger problems. You have to take care of you--whatever the cost.

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not that it will make you feel any better whatsoever, but I was feeling EXACTLY the same as you... and I went to the doctor last week.. he said it was viral and to let it run its course... My fever was 102.5, chills, sore throat, swollen glands ALL around my throat and neck insomuch as it felt like I had whiplash and hurt to even turn my head... if you can, let it run its course, lots of fluids, gargle with warm salt water and get lots of rest... worst case scenario, DO go to Care Now... get yourself medical treatment... your health is nothing to play Russian roulette with...

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The CVS in Keller on Rufe Snow and North Tarrant Parkway has a Minute Clinic, where you can go to get treated and a prescription for an antibiotic. It would probably cost around $70--cheaper than CareNow. You do need to get treated. If it is strep (which I was just diagnosed with today), left untreated, can cause MUCH bigger problems. You have to take care of you--whatever the cost.

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Where do you go to school? Most universities/colleges have some kind of medical place on campus that should be free or very cheap. In you tuition and fees you most likely pay a small amount to healthcare (even if you are part time). I went to UTA and TCC and both had nurses/PAs on site at a clinic. I didn't pay for the visits and just a nominal fee for any meds if I needed them. I once had a sinus infection and I didn't have insurance. I ended up paying $15.00 for the meds and nothing for the visit. It might be worth checking out. If you are paying for it as part of your tuition and fees, it is there for you to use.

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There are "minute clinic"'s in certain CVS drug stores. They treat just this sort of thing. Check out the website to see which one is near you. After you select your location it will give you pricing. From what I saw, minor things can be treated for about $50-$60. I hope you are able to be seen soon!

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Any ER would take you and by law they cannot turn you away if you can not afford to pay. You could later get on a payment plan or apply for charity at the hopsital once the bill comes.

If you can make it to Arlington (Abrams and Cooper), Mission Arlington has a free clinic. They do not require proof of income or anything. Just get there early and be prepared to wait. They even have free meds. Check online to find what days they do it. Good luck!

Do you have a family practitioner that will diagnose over the phone? Strep is going around like crazy right now and that probably is what you have. I would just call my dr and see if they would call in antibiotics for me...
Good luck!!

North Tarrant Family Practice on Basswood is good. When I first moved here, I didn't have insurance either, and they gave me a cheaper price and sample meds.

You can go to any emergency room in Tarrant County. If you could go during the day would be best & you can ask for a Social Worker or when you go to pay ask for a Social Worker. You do not have to show them financial proof, but fill out paperwork and they will discount your bill drastically if not as much as 100%. They will also pay for you 2 prescriptions but pain medication is excluded. JPS takes awhile to get certified and into the system. Anyone can go to their Main St Clinic or Emergency Room. If you are not in their system, it is way cheaper to go to another hospital and ask for help with their social services. In the mean time, gargle with warm salt water every 3 or 4 hrs, it will cure even strep throat. Turn on your hot shower and hot water in bathroom sink and sit in steamy bathroom until steam is gone. But don't get cold, when you come out of bathroom, make sure you have a big warm robe. It will give you some relief until you can get to an emergency room. I personally prefer Harris - any of their hospitals are great about working with your finances.
Hope you feel better soon. I just re-read your request and noticed you said N. Richland Hills. I live here also. North Hills Hospital off of Grapevine Hwy. is fast and very nice about finances.
R. M

I have a great doctor on N Beach. Healthfirst Medical Grouip ###-###-#### I liked it because they are open on Sat. I tbink until 7pm every night. I am not sure what they would charge for a first visit but they are great. G. W

Are you paying for medical at your college? You might check.
Also, Go to my website and check on Original Limu. It is a great tasting drink made from Seaweed and works with your immune system to help your body work of itself. There are great testimonials about what people have experienced.
Let me know if you have questions.
T&J Health Solutions

gargle with peroxide (1 TBL to 2 TBL warm water ) every hour. Take Vit C (Ester C or buffered) or even EmergenC if you aren't diabetic. YOur body can heal itself. if you are putting the right stuff into it. No sugar - no white flour no artificial sweetener. Lots cheaper than going to DR. Drink lots of water and hot chicken soup and eat raw apples and raw carrots and dark colored grapes.

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