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Help! I Need Some Ideas to Engage/entertain My 15 Month Old.

Hi. I think both me and my 15 month old daughter are bored. We have lots of toys and we play outside, go to little gym, and attend our playgroup as often as possible but day to day we seemed to have hit a slump. I would love to learn about some new and different ways for me to play with her and/or keep her busy. I am sure there is stuff I haven't thought of and am eager to hear what other people are doing that works :-)

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Now that the weather is getting warmer, lots of options open up...picnics at the park, walks around the block, scavenger hunts (look for leaves, acorns, etc. and then take back home and make craft), Sidewalk Chalk; head to "Spray Parks", or run through sprinklers outside. Also, check out your local library for Story Time.

When at home you could stick to schedule (but of course be flexible): Arts and Crafts time (love Family Fun website and The Busy Book by Trish Kuffner); Music Time---sing songs, dance, play instruments (this is my kiddos favorite!!!); Learning Time--focus on ABC's, familiar animals, #'s, etc by using story books, puzzles, flash cards; and Free Play.

Hope this helps!

It is really important that kids play with old fashioned toys- like blocks, and balls. Fingerpaints is another option and you can even use some shaving cream. You could get a big bowel with some water and play with boats or ducks, etc...

I do lots of singing with my kids. I have lots of CD's and we sing and dance. I read lots of books. You could take her to the library- Fort Worth Main Library downtown Fort Worth. They have a neat kids area- puzzles, train, lots of kids activities.

What about a stroller ride in different parks? You could try out different parks.

If you have a swing in your backyard, you could swing or go to a park to swing.

We love the Trinity Park Train by the Zoo. That's inexpensive and a fun ride to show her the ducks, water, trees,etc...

The library has some great books on fun things to do with kids that you can make and do with them at home. They give some great ideas on things to do with preschoolers/toddlers. You might want to check into that. I've read some of them and they have very creative ideas.

Benbrook Park is neat, there is a pond with the ducks and Trinity park is neat with ducks. You could feed the ducks.

Hi S.,
I'm a young mother & a stay at home mom of a 15 month old girl. I never had a mother figure in my life so you could imagine how nervous I was to being a young mother i worried if I can make her smile, calm her crys, feed her mind make her feel welcome and safe but ready or not my princess was coming as soon as I pushed my baby out &held her small baby self I felt the great mother I will be & am. Yeah at times she gets fussy doesn't want to eat & yes we get a lil bored but taking a step back just for a second and stare at my mookie all my worries leave & peak beautiful feelings come & my imagination flows and me &my baby flow. I really follow and listen to my daughter her mind needs growing and we must stimulate and keep repeating. My daughter can say over 25 words she might not be able to read but we can talk to each other verbally & knowing her own signs makes it easier. To entertain your daughter point out everything you see show her what it does if it has a smell tell her to smell it let her help you cook remember its going to get messy at times but hey it happens clean up together but make it fun thats when you can show her everything and where all the tools go shell catch on and shell later show you where things go where the spoons are, be positive she can sense it & be a great role model shes watching. Make sure your fit for her you have a journey to come im not saying you have to be skinny to be an active great mother all sizes can be amazing but as long as you can move with her, you must be happy first to make anyone else happy truely you give more when your fully there and awake.You should get some pet we have a German Shepard there growing together & my amazing husband trained deutsche so he's a house dog he's big but we love him especially my Genesis she loves to hug and tackle him, help find the ball make him do tricks like telling him to hop and giving a treat, just play with him. Genesis is very bright she makes it easy for me just because she loves new things &i love showing her new ways of doing things. AT this age she should be able to point out everything on her body and naming her clothing if not teach her to squeeze your nose be silly shell love it. Remember shes not to young to learn something that seems hard dnt judge just do naturally.I hope this helps someone
Love K2G

The other ladies had great ideas. When my kids were young we took a lot of trips to the mall, especially when the weather was bad (hot, rainy, etc). We just walk around, play in the play area, ride the train or carasaul (sp?), and get lunch or a treat at the food area. The Disney Store is always fun. My boys always loved (and still do) the mall and there are always lots of other moms and kids there for us all to socialize with!!

Hi S.,

One thing that may surprise you is that you really do not have to do so much to entertain a 15 month old. If you watch your child closely, she will often give you hints about what interests her, and you could stay on that as long as she will allow that. Not only will you be teaching her that her "topic of conversation" is of interest to you (laying a wonderful foundation for later), but you will also help her develop her attention span. When children are allowed to spend the time they want watching an ant on the driveway, blowing a feather across the floor, or reading the same book over and over and over and over and (... well, you get the picture) - they have the opportunity to gather information at their own rate, share their enjoyment with you, and are more likely to learn something new.

A good rule of thumb is that it is usually better to do more with less (activities), than to drag a child to more activities - from which they will probably be exhausted and gain less.

If you would like to be contacted the next time I offer a free class called "Learning to Play, Playing to Learn," let me know (____@____.com).

Have Fun!

Hi S.,

Do like to go on outing with your daughter? How about taking her to the zoo or the aboretum or the Dallas World Aquarium. My girls liked to go and do things like that when they were that young.

Have Fun!

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