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Help! I Just Found Out I'm Pregnant Again and I Have No Insurance

I need advice right now in the worst way!! I currently have no health insurance because my family and I simply can't afford it. My son is on my fiance's but I had to go without until we were able to refinace in November 07. I'm pretty sure ACCHCS won't qualify me because "we make too much", are morgage is extremely high and we are living paycheck to paycheck to keep this house. What do I do?? I'm sooo scared.

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Thanks to everyone for their helpful responses! I really feel better knowing that I'm not alone and that their are some options out there. I'm going down to ACCHCS tomorrow and I'm going to wait forever I'm sure:), until I can get an appt. If I don't qualify I'll just keep going down the list of reponses that I have recieved here until I find one that fits. I would really like to go to the doctor sooner than later so I hope this doesn't take to long:( I'll keep you all updated on what happens and what I decide to do. Hopefully all these great responses help someone in the same situation. Thanks again to everyone!!!! I'll keep you all posted.

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I believe you cannot be denied ACCHCS if you are pregnant. Call them and they will let you know. Best of luck.

You never know until you go down to the DES office and apply. If you do make to much money, you may be able to join their premium share program (I think they call it something else now). It's AHCCCS coverage only you pay a monthly fee, like $10 or $20. If you're not married and you're already pregnant, you'll probably get AHCCCS anyway. Good luck and congratulations.

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From: Amanda B Date: Thu. Jun. 28, 2007
Like everyone said, try to apply anyways. The worst DES can do is tell you that you don't qualify (which you thought anyways). Maybe they can qualify you with a copay, and still that's better than everything out of pocket. When you apply, though, don't use your fiancee's info. Just use yours. If they ask how you can pay that extremely high mortgage, tell them "I have a roomate who pays 1/2" Then if they ask about the father of the baby (because they will try to put you on child support) just tell them that you don't know who the father is. I know that it's embarrassing to say, but they hear it all the time. You can still put your fiancee on the birth certificate, and take him to your appointments and everything, just if they ask (which legally they shouldn't) tell them that you started dating after you got pregnant. If that doesn't work and they still deny you, then go to www.maternitycard.com and they have super discounted insurance specifically for pregnant women. Good luck! and feel free to e-mail me with any questions.

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You are not married right? You should still be able to get ACCHCS because they will only use your income. It is worth a try. The worst thing they will tell you is "No".

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Hi S.~
First of all god has giving you a wonderful blessing, Congrads...
wow this sounds just like what happened to me yrs ago, I was in the same boat. My Fiance & I have been together for 8 Yrs now. We have three children together. My Fiance & the Kids are on what's called Kids Care Of Arizona Health Insurance. We pay $77.00 a month for them all & since we are not married, I am on Medicade Health Insurance through AHCCCS. I got to pick my own Insurance carrier Which Is; (Care 1st of AZ)~ This insurance company use to be CIGNA OF AZ. It is a wonderful Insurance group and there are great benefits you can recieve from this insurance Group.
All you have to do is go to the webcite for AHCCCS www. azdws.gov/faa/contact/asp or just go to the AHCCCS webcite www.azdes.gov/faa, Go to the main web page & go to the link (Get an Applacation).. Click on that link & them print it off, Feel out the paper work & don't leave any blanks & the follow the steps to mail it off w/ your personal info. The state has to help you, Don't worry or get upset I did the same thing but, It will all work out. Trust me.
I am on it & I don't pay any monthly or co-pays for any Doctor's or specilists. The only thing is they don't pay for any dental at all unless you have to have teeth pulled. we use Blue Cross Blue sheild for our Dental insurance, There great too. I had two of my children through this program & didn't pay one cent or any Dr or hospital bills. also here is AHCCCS main Number ###-###-#### they can also mail you out an appl. I have helped many ofpeople w/ this health insurance & they were in the same boat you are now.. Smile & don't worry it's going to work out....
I know I have most likelty lost you, Please feel free to contact @ my cell ###-###-#### & I will tell you better. It is really hard to write it down & try to tell someone step by step.
I sure hope this helps.
Let me know what happens please, Please feel free to call me I will help you out on getting the paper work & what steps you will need to take.. I( am a Fulltime Medical student @ night & ____@____.com husbands make way to much money & so thats way we are on the different Insurance polices plus we are currently not maaried. Hopefully that will change.
Have A Great day!

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I went through the same thing except I am married so lying on an application wasn't an option. If you have your baby at the birthing center it is about 3000 dollars, if you have it at a hospital you can negotiate a rate just like the insurance company does. I called all kinds of ins groups but because I was already pregnant they wouldn't cover me, it was extremely frustrating. I got lucky because my husbands work set up ins for the company so that I would have coverage. But otherwise I was going to go to the birthing center. Good Luck.

I am currently 36 wks pregnant. When I first got pregnant every one told my acchs does not decline pregnant women. That is a huge misconception. I spent months going around & around with them. Acchs was to send my application to kids care which they didn't finally it came time to register for my husbands insurance last month at work & according to the agent in Arizona pregnancy can not be a pre existing condition so we added me & they are covering all my doctors fees except the lab work I have already had done & the ultra sound & thet are covering all the hospital fees. Try acchs most insurance plans say if you were declined for insurance by one company your spouse/fiancee ins. may allow you to be added even if it is not open enrollment. Also try the crisis pregnancy center they have prenatal care for women without ins. at a discount.

I believe you cannot be denied ACCHCS if you are pregnant. Call them and they will let you know. Best of luck.

Hi S.,
Congratulations! I'm so glad you posted this because the answers generated have given me some resources I can look into as well. I am married and we have a (as of Sat.) one-year-old son. We can only afford for our son to be on my husband's policy so I've been going without insurance. It's really scary, but we cut back on everything we could and it's just so expensive to have health insurance. I hope a new president will change things!! Like so many others, my husband makes just a little too much to qualify for assistance. He is a SCHOOL TEACHER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! It's not fair that they penalize you if you're married but still don't make enough on one salary. There should be financial incentives in the way of health coverage for us SAHMs!!

One thing I'm wondering now is that I wonder if maybe we should put ME on my husband's policy and take our son OFF and see if we could get some kind of assistance just for coverage for him only. Would that be something that might work in your favor too?

Don't sell your house if you can try to get by and keep it because once you build up enough equity, you might be able to use it to your benefit and get a loan to help you out. But do try to cut back on any extra spending. It's not easy, but you can be creative.

Thanks to all the other advice so far, I'm hoping it will help me too!

Best of luck to you and your new baby!
Lucian's Mommy

contact wic or medicade and go off your income only, since y'all aren't 'married' his doesn't count.

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