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HELP! I Hate My Frizzy Hair!

I have shoulder length, naturally curly hair. In recent months I have been getting frizzies on the top layer of my hair. It makes me crazy, and I look like a homeless
person. My normal routine after shampooing is using a spray Leave-in conditioner,
then use a shiny serum (lately using Paul Mitchell Super Skinny and have also tried Bed Head After Party, let it air dry and then using ceramic curling iron to "tame" any wild or out of place curls and to give it a little shape. Still I get fly-away frizzies )-: and I'm not looking forward to the upcoming humidity and monsoon weather.

Can anyone recommend a hair product that would help.

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I use Pantene Provene, it really works good for my hair, they have different kinds you might want to try that.

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I have naturally spiral curls hair. I use Biotera gel from Sally's, a diffuser, and turn your hair dryer on hot. I flip my hair over and dry upside down.

have you tried a hot iron to straighten it? it leaves your hair silky, shiny and soft no matter how dry and frizzy it starts out.

I used to work in the salon where we used nothing but TIGI products. I loved the Catwalk line for curly hair. Products made especially for curly hair make a huge difference in keeping the frizzy away! My hair is somewhat curly and I love this product. I use Curls Rock Shampoo/Conditioner. Out of the shower don't go overboard drying your hair with a towel. You want your hair pretty wet, not dripping, when you apply your product. I use curls rock amplifier. You can either let it air dry or use a diffuser. You can also try trimming your hair. Curly hair can be a little dryer than normal. It may be that you need a trim? Your doing great by using a leave in conditioner too! Definatley check out the curls rock line. I think it will solve your frizzy hair. Good Luck!

Read your product's ingredient list. Any alcohol is drying your hair. Look into Dynamite natural shampoo and conditioner. It's the best thing I have ever found for my hair. It's not cheap but it lasts a long time and using it helps you reduce your need to shampoo more often than every couple days. You can only get it through an authorized distributor so check out my friend at: www.grandadventuresranch.com for information on ordering.

I work at Tantrum Hair Salon, which carries TIGI, Goldwell, Bumble and Bumble as well as some pieces of Paul Mitchell, etc. I have tried lots of the products out there (I've been doing hair for over 10 years) and I LOVE GOLDWELL. They have a product called "flat marvel". It's an anti humectant smoothing/straightening balm. Unlike most straightening products (super skinny included) it's not high shine or oily. Just a nice creamy, soft, silk texture. It doesn't really have hold, just helps calm and smooth the hair. It doesn't weigh it down or make it greasy. I love it on my coarse, wavy hair and I've used it on super curly, too. Use about a nickel size and work it from the middle to ends all over the hair after getting out of the shower and towel-drying. Then blow dry and style as usual. I love that it doesn't get all frizzy once it's humid. Another product I love is their "unlimitor". It's a spray wax with a little bit of hold. It is SO easy to use and a light mist after drying and styling hair will give you a little piecy texture as well as tame fuzzies. I sell both of those products all day long. People love them. They retail at our salon for $16 and $18 I believe. Good luck!
p.s. depending on your hair texture, I might suggest skipping a leave in conditioner as it can build up and make the hair oily. If you're wearing it curly, it's great, but straight, it might get greasy. I would instead reccomend a hair conditioning masque at least 1 time a week. Goldwell (again, I love thier stuff) sells a one minute masque called "rich repair" with silk protiens in it. I love it and leave it in while I shave my legs and it leaves my hair in excellent condition.

I love my hair products. all natural aloe based eufora I use the hydration leave in conditioner and I have very thick wavy hair and I use a small nickel sized dollop. also I use phyto botanical hair relaxing balm. its all natural chemical free and it relaxes frizzy hair. I use it before I straighten my hair or just to soften the curly look. both products are expensive, but you do not need to use a lot. in fact it works better with a little bit. I get both at my salon Bliss in tucson, but I noticed ulta is selling eufora now. they are online too. A.

John Freida, secret weapon totally helps.

I know right where you're coming from! I have very curly/frizzy hair (also shoulder length) and humidity has never been a friend when it comes to the behavior of my hair! The very best product I've found is Bio Silk's Rock Hard Gelee. It costs about $12.99 or so and lasts forever. After you wash and brush your hair, rub a small amount between your hands and try to evenly distribute then just let dry. I never brush my hair once it's dry - that will definitely bring on the frizzies. You can find Bio Silk products at some Fry's Marketplaces, Albertsons, and most salon/specialty stores (or online). Good luck!
PS. I just read the other suggestion about TIGI Catwalk and just wanted to give you my experience with that. It tended to get flaky in my hair, especially if I used a little too much. No offense to the person who recommended it! It just didn't work well overall for me.

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