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HELP! How to Stay Well with a Sick Child?

My 3-month-old son is sick for the first time after being in daycare for only a week. I knew that would probably happen, I have enough friends with kids to know the drill. What I need to know from you all is what I can do to stay well with a sick child? Of course, I am sick now and he's finally getting over it but I would REALLY like to make this the first and last time this happens. I'm sure that's wishful thinking but any tips or tricks you experienced moms can pass me are appreciated.

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I take airborne. If it is upper resp, I take a Chinese her formula called Yin Qiao. Wash hand frequently. Try not to kiss child on lip or let them cough on you. (good luck there). Get plenty of rest (good luck on that one too)

I think I have only gotten sick with my daughter once or twice- colds. One time I gave it to her. In the Land O Lakes, area, there is bug going around. I know several people who have. Including my daughter who went to the Dr. Yesterday.

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Plenty of rest.
wash hands and nose (do a nose rinse several times a day)
Plenty of fresh fruit and veggies.
Yogurt a day for both of you. even when not sick..

3 things happen to get sick. 1. being introduced to the germs, 2. lack of rest /weakened immune system 3. has to have an entrance to the body.. eyes, nose, mouth.

My son has had a few colds, but overall has been pretty healthy. Good immune system and lots of rest seems to help.
Good luck.

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wash your hands all the time. get the vit C going, those emergen C packets you mix with water is great. be aware that vit C only stays in your system about 12 hours. So you will need to take a dose every 12. use hand santizer, wash your childs bink it he uses one everyday putting it in the dish washer is perfect. wipe down his toys and crib and dont forget to wipe down his car seat with clorox wipes. Just get into that groove and you should be ok. gl

As soon as you start feeling down take elderberry syrup, it does wonders!!! Just check all the reviews about this product online.
Unfortunately you can't give it to your baby because he is too young (some brands of the syrup you can give to 1 1/2 years old)
Hope that helps. Also you can buy those at vitamin shoppe.

Handle your immune system, and his.
A really strong probiotic- go to the health food store, and double or triple the dose. The more good bacteria in your intestine, and his the more resistance to whatever is going around.
Eat well, no sugar, and the correct amount of water.
best, k

Yup- germs are inevitable in that environment and it scared the heck out of me when my kids first started preschool, but shortly before that my whole family started taking Juice Plus and I was amazed that my kids rarely got sick and they still don't. When they do, I give everyone e little extra and it's gone in 2-3 days. Juice Plus is not a juice and it's not a vitamin. It's nothing more than whole food nutrition - 17 fresh fruits and vegetables in a chewable form (or capsules for adults). My kids LOVE them - they are very yummy, I often steal some of theirs! If you want more info, check out this website: http://JPGotHealth.com

Your 3-month old may be too young to start taking them, but you can and later you can add him on when he can chew better.....just a thougt...good luck and feel better!

Oh, I feel your pain. Been there, done that. It's so frustrating, but I promise it will get better. I found that I was getting sick, too, whenever my son was sick. All you can do is try to eat well, get as much rest as possible, and take your vitamins. Eventually you will build up your immunity and you won't get sick every time he's sick. I found that it took about 6 months before I built up my immunity. Just try to practice good handwashing after you wipe his nose, wipe down toys and door knobs, etc. It's hard, though. Hang in there. I wish I had more advice, but it really just takes time. Not to be a pessimist, but this won't be the last time this happens. My son was sick almost every 1-2 months with colds no matter what I did. He only goes part-time and it didn't matter. You will get very frustrated at times, but there's only so much you can do. He's now almost 3 and rarely gets sick, so just know that although he will get sick a lot the first year, it will dramatrically decrease after that. You just need a little time to build up your immunity to the daycare germs and then you 'll find you're much more resistant to the little colds he'll bring home. Good luck.

Wash hands frequently. Keep up on healthy eating and sleep. Avoid touching your face after handling your sick baby.

Good luck!

build the immune system for both you and your baby. My husband and I rarely get sick since we started a vitamin regiment. Your baby can start on a powder when he is 6 months old, but you can get started. There are specific things to especially help with immunity. Let me know if I can make recommendations.

My kids had been in day care a week when I was diagnosed with cancer and had to start chemo. My daughter was 10.5 weeks old, my son was a day away from his second birthday.

Chemo knocked out my immune system entirely. So, I had 2 kids in daycare, a job that had me in and out of doctor's offices (pharmaceutical sales) and no immune system.

My oncologist had really simple instructions: wash your hands frequently.

Otherwise, you really can't prevent it. Our son had a babysitter at our house until we moved him to day care. He's hardly ever sick. His sister, who's been exposed to it for 2 years is always sick. Different kids, different immune systems.

Keep your hands washed, use sanitizer, and hope you stay well through the winter. Make sure you both get the flu vaccine, too.

Good luck!

Wouldn't we all like to stay well when our kids are sick... Most of the time, this can be achieved, but once in a while, it just doesn't work.

Wash your hands -- a LOT!!
Disinfect everything - counters, chairs, door knobs... anything you touch. The undersides of the chairs and tables... places you put your hands, but don't normally think about washing. Do this all the time, so that if and when your baby gets sick, you won't have to do anything different. Bleach all toys in the sink once a day if your child is sick -- once a week if your child is healthy... I tried to do it a couple of times a week just to be on the safe side.
Anything that goes to daycare is kept separate from the rest of the stuff. Disinfect the daycare stuff immediately upon arriving home. Clean everything, wipe down the bag, inside and out with a disinfecting wipe.
The minute you get home from anywhere - wash your hands and your baby's hands. Touch nothing -- wash your hands. Hand washing is the key to staying healthy. I also keep a bottle of hand gel in my car. When I get in, I put it on my hands. I rub it on the steering wheel once a day... I know, I sound like a germ-phobe, but I'm not. I just don't like to get sick and I pick it all up very easily.
The one thing that I do when my kids get sick is to change their sheets and wash them in HOT every day until they are better. It's a lot of laundry, but it seems to keep the illness to a minimum. I don't know if it's psychosomatic or what, but they seem to get better faster... it might be they feel better on clean sheets :)

When one of you is sick, make washing your hands a top priority frequently. That way you are not accidentally spreading the germ around. Another idea is to wash bedding daily or every other and continuously wipe down frequently touched items (door knobs, light switches etc.)until the bug is gone. Other than that there is not much that you can do. Just know that as the baby's immunity to catch colds, etc, increases so will yours. It is not often that mom has the same virus that the kids get but it dose happen. Perhaps your immunity will kick in first and be able to fight off the germs in the future.

Lots of hand washing of course and the usual type of activities that prevent cross contamination like not touching your nose, mouth or eyes while your baby is sick unless you've just washed your hands. Also, taking the right vitamins and supplements can help enormously as well as adding the right things to your diet.

For vitamins and supplements take at least one per day of the following to boost your immune system:

Vitamin C
The mineral Zinc
Ecchinacea (sp?)

For food additives to keep your body strong against infections:

fresh garlic (anti-bacterial properties)
curry powder (super-antioxidant - not to mention delicious!)
Plenty of protein
real cheeses (anti-bacterial/antibiotic properties)

Also, drink plenty of water to keep your system flushed of all of the negatives and remember to brush your teeth at least twice per day and rinse with a good germ killing mouthwash (don't forget to floss!). Your mouth is the first line of defense and is usually the first point of entry for germs. Remember to keep it clean and it will help enormously. If you want a cheaper alternative to mouthwash, you can do a good warm salt-water rinse a couple times a day.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I hope you get some great responses!

vitamin c.... it really does help... use lysol, wash hands a lot.. this all helps.. can you have the baby stay at a home with someone who watches 2 other kids.. some place a little smaller since your child is so small... usually after 1 1/2 they learn to wash their hands and this helps.. but you have such a little baby and other kids could sneeze on her and touch her with dirty hands... talk to the daycare and make sure they wash their hands a lot after handling each child too this will help. good luck

I take airborne. If it is upper resp, I take a Chinese her formula called Yin Qiao. Wash hand frequently. Try not to kiss child on lip or let them cough on you. (good luck there). Get plenty of rest (good luck on that one too)

I think I have only gotten sick with my daughter once or twice- colds. One time I gave it to her. In the Land O Lakes, area, there is bug going around. I know several people who have. Including my daughter who went to the Dr. Yesterday.

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