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HELP!! How to Get Urine Out of My Sofa!!!!

Yesterday during a nap on my microfiber sofa, my 3 year old daughter had an accident in her sleep. She has been fully potty trained for a year now, so this was totally unexpected. I have tried to clean it 3 times and it still reeks of urine when it dries. I have only had the sofa a little over a year and was kicking myself within 24 hours of buying it after I realized that the seat cushions are permanently attached to the sofa, meaning NO COVERS to remove and throw in the wash. Up until this recent urine soak, its been fairly easy to spot clean. I have tried upholstery cleaner and laundry stain treatment on this pee spot & lots of water and absorbative towels. Not sure what else would be safe to use on the fabric. In between cleanings, I have been Febrezing it to death, to no avail because as soon as its dry you smell the pee when you walk by it. Not to mention my dog is all over the scent. I am really hoping to avoid the expense of having to pay someone come to clean it. HELP!!!!!

What can I do next?

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If you could manage to get the couch into the sunlight, it would help break down and fix the smell. Sun has wonderful properties to do that. Then, the baking soda should do the rest. Let it dry.

humm...you could try a product that breaks down enzymes...something that we have used for dog pee is called Natues Miracle...I know you can get it at most pet stores and it works very well...and safe to use

You'll probably have to get it cleaned. I've used Red Carpet and they had great prices and are great. Good luck!

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This happened to me and the only thing that worked was my mother's rug vac. It has an upholstery attachment that shoots hot water with detergent into the cushion and then sucks it out. I think you can rent them at hardware stores, I have seen Rug Doctor brands in my hardware store. I ended up doing my whole sofa and after I was done it was like brand new and smelled great. You need to make sure the vac has really strong suction so the water is pulled out well.

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Walmart sells a liquid odor remover called Kids and Pets. It's a kind of cherry scented liquid that you completely saturate the spot with- it has alcohol in it that removes the odor for good. It worked when my daughter peed on our chenille sofa. I just poured about 1/2 the container into my couch cushion and let it dry (it took about 2 days). But the smell was gone. I found it in the cleaning products aisle- but it might be in pets too.
I know Fin and Feather pet shop sells a similar product- so other pet shops might too.
Good luck,

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I JUST went thru the same exact thing. My son still wears pull-ups at night. We had lost power and decided to camp out in the family room. His pull-up leaked of course, all over the sectional sofa I have..it also does not have removable cushions. I used my rug cleaning machine's upholstery(sp?) attachment, and then used good old fashion baking soda. I left the baking soda on for 2 days untill the couch had dried completely (I had to use a small childs chair to put up there to keep my dog off!) Amazing, but I cant smell the urine. I think the baking soda really did the trick. Someone told me that when she was little it was what her mother did when someone had a wetting acident in thier bed....so I gave it a shot. I guess if it doesnt work at first you can reapply and leave on for another day or two. I actually put my face right down on the cushion and I cant smell urine..Thankfully, as I cant go out and buy a new one just yet :)

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Try natural enzyme cleaners. This is the one that we use when our son has had accidents on the carpet. I have used it on a mattress as well. http://www.marketamerica.com/unlimitedshopping/index.cfm?...
There have been times that I have had to reapply it for a few days before the odor is eliminated.
In the interest of full disclosure: This is my webportal. We actually sell the product. Good luck!

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I have cats and there is nothing like the smell of cat urine when they spray, I used resolve carpet cleaner and it worked well, spray it on and let it dry and then vacuum it off. Good luck. K.

I've had a similar occurance! We have a pretty new clothe recliner that my 4 year old had an accident in while sleeping (also very unusual for him). We tried everything. The only thing that worked was a product we purchased from PRATT in Webster. It is called Unique. It works with enzymes and natural bacterias that eliminate stains and odors. It is normally used for pet accidents, but they highly recommended it for this as well. It is organic too, so it's safe. You saturate the area until the smell is gone.
Good luck!

Go to your local Petco and ask for a product called Nature's Miracle it works wonders it can completely get rid of the odor of cat urine which is a lot stronger than people's. The animals can't even smell it anymore.

Hi Jennifer
The cushion is probably soaked pretty far down and whatever you're cleaning it with probably isn't going deep enough to get it all out. You may have to really soak it with whatever you choose to clean it with so that it gets down far enough. Another option is to have the couch steam cleaned. I work at a health food store and the Bac-Out product a couple of other people have recommended is something we special order for customers who swear by it.

Hi Jennifer

I would suggest trying a pet urine stain/odor removal. It's safe on the material.

Good luck

humm...you could try a product that breaks down enzymes...something that we have used for dog pee is called Natues Miracle...I know you can get it at most pet stores and it works very well...and safe to use

I bet your sofa is soaked, not just from the urine, but also all the cleaners you put on. I think things will get better once everything dries, but in the meantime you could try a shop vac that sucks up the liquids from the couch.

It also might not be just the urine you smell, because kid's urine is different from adult one (I think it has to do with the way their body breaks down the food), and you might get a weird smell from the combination of urine, cleaners, and the wet foam from the cushions.

Good luck, I think you'll be ok in a few days!

I'm sorry but I love Seinfeld and instantly thought of the episode where Poppie pees on Jerry's sofa & Jerry just has to get rid of it so George takes it. I had to giggle, I'm sorry.

I agree with Baking Soda I use baking soda in my laundry when something is real stinky (my husbands socks sometimes...LOL) when I know detergent alone won't help and it works wonders.
My sister tried the urine be gone (I think that is what it's called) because her dog peed on everything when he was a puppy & she said it worked well.

Good luck, I know what you mean about the smell!

I second the advice for BioKleen Bac-Out! This stuff works in under 2 minutes - natural enzymes actually neutralize any organic stain or odor. A little goes a long way and I promise you won't regret buying this stuff!

You may want to try pet urine remover....
you can get this at any pet store like Pet Smart. I have used it for my dogs and it really does work so it might work on people pee too!!!!

You'll probably have to get it cleaned. I've used Red Carpet and they had great prices and are great. Good luck!

try this natural product called BioKleen (i hope i spelled it right)'s Bac-Out.. it help get smell or stain out.. it works with bad smell like mold n etc. it should work with urines. u can find it at wholefood, or natural store or shaw's wildharvest section area.

or water with vinegar and few drops of tea tree oil mixed maybe will help but not 100%.

Hey Jennifter, My name is A. and I use to have urine in my couch from my daughter always leaking out of her diaper. I recently started my own home business and started shopping with this new store and I got that urine out of my couch alright with there products if your interested let me know. Good luck with what ever you choose.


Hi Jennifer,

Try vinegar and tea tree oil. Spray it on and let it air dry. It will break down the uric acid and get rid of the smell not cover it.

E. P.

I have to second the nature's miricle stuff. YOu can get it in pet stores. I have an older dog who has had some pretty big accidents and this stuff cleans the accidents right up --smell and all. YOu will not even know the accident happened.

If the urine is inside the sofa you can't just spritz the stuff on it --you will have to dump it on the urine so it soaks through. Once it dries you should be all set :)

I have used "Nature's Miracle" for these types of things. It is sold at pet stores (and maybe Target) and is for cleaning up pet urine, vomit, etc. I had figured if it worked for my dogs why wouldn't it work for people so I tried it (we have dos so we already had it in the house). It has worked great on my son's vomit/spit-up and urine on a rug. I would still spot test it on your couch. I always used it very shortly after the incident to clean it up. I am not sure if it wil work as well afer the fact but it is worth a try.

Good luck.

If you could manage to get the couch into the sunlight, it would help break down and fix the smell. Sun has wonderful properties to do that. Then, the baking soda should do the rest. Let it dry.

Hi there,

I bought pet stain remover to use on my carpet when my daughter was training and having accidents. It worked well. Not sure if it would be safe on microfiber - make sure to check the label first. Good luck!

A. W.

I know that white vinegar is supposed to neutralize the odor of urine, although I'm not sure if it is safe for fabrics. I've used in on mattresses and I haven't noticed a stain and I know people who use it on carpets.

Nature's Miracle Stain and Odor Remover works every time for us! You can buy it at pet stores or online. It's about $10 for a quart size bottle, but it really works. It's safe around children and pets--all natural ingredients.

Hi Jennifer,

I would try a product used for pets. They are enzymatic and really dissolve stains and odors. My favorites are "natures miracle" and even better is "simple solutions" or "elim n odor". All of these are available at Petco and have worked well for me. (I have three dogs and two cats and a nine month old). You want to spot check the product on your sofa first.

good luck

Try your vet's office. They usually have ideas for urine odor eliminators.

Try baking soda. Spritz the area with water first, then sprinkle a good amount on the spot and let it sit overnight. Vacuum it up the next morning and it should have pulled the smell out.
When we got our dog a year ago she was not house trained and we had awful problems with her urinating on our new carpets. I tried everything including steam cleaning our carpets and nothing worked. I did a lot of looking around online and found the idea of baking soda. It worked like a charm! Even on spots that had dried up. I just dampened them with a spray bottle then dumped a bunch (fistfuls - hey, it's cheaper than professional cleaners!) of the baking soda on it, left it for 12 or more hours and voila! no more smell.
Good luck!

You certainly have received a number of responses. I don't know anything about pet cleaners, but I don't see why they wouldn't work. And, I don't know about most of the other cleaners mentioned, either. What I can attest to is white vinegar. I recently discovered the joys of using white vinegar to clean almost anything. I use it in every laundry load and--no kidding--stains that are YEARS old are starting to come clean (including the deodorant/BO stains in my husband's undershirts). I have been astonished. There is a website: www.angelfire.com/cantina/homemaking/vinegar.html
It is a list of 131 Uses for Vinegar. If it doesn't specifically have a section that says--when you have human urine soaked through a cushion of your couch that you cannot remove, do this...--then I'm sure that one of the 131 ways will have something close enough that you can use to accomplish your task. :-) I must give credit where credit is due... I found the above website by browsing through responses that others have given on this website to other issues.

Hi - there is a product sold in pet stores designed for cat urine but I wonder if it would work. Our adult male cat started "marking" our lovely upholstered sofa after another cat started hanging around outside. I thought I would never get the smell out but this product worked well. It neutralizes the urine smell. Sorry, I don't remember the name and I'm writing from work. We recently purchased a new bottle to have on hand and it costs about $6.00 for the bottle - got it a Petco. I would think it might be worth the $6.00 to try it. Good luck.

Natures miracle works wonders, it can be found at any pet supply store

Have you just tried some dishwashing soap? Then rubbing lemon juice on it. People were using that for kitty urine, I am not sure if it would work the same for human urine. I would be careful with a lot of those cleaner products as breathing in the fumes might be a little rough on you and your family's lungs. The Febreeze as well is not great for our lungs, you should do some research on how to "green clean." I can give you some suggestions of where to start if you want.

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