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Help!!! How to Get Sharpie off of Microsuede Chair

My wonderful and loving son has gotten ahold of a black sharpie and 'colored' on our microsuede chair. Does anyone has any ideas how to get it out? My husband is flipping out. I am upset, but it is a chair and the boy is 2...

What can I do next?

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I've gotten Sharpie Marker out of my microsuede couch with just regular carpet cleaner and warm water. It took some scrubbing but it all came out.

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if water doesn't work as it probably would if it was stain guarded well when you purchased it. Try those scrubs you buy in the auto section. They are blue towels with pumice or something in them and cost around 10.00 for a tub of them but they work great for stains. I got grease out of the carpet with them and ink off of the couch.

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This happened to us but it was over our entire microsuede sectional sofa. I used Folex. It can be found at Wal-Mart and Target. It is in a basic white bottle with purple print. I followed the directions on the bottle and the sharpie came right out. I had purchased fabric protection when I bought the sofa but, I had it cleaned and not re-protected about six months before the incident. I hope this helps.

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Not sure about sharpie, but rubbing alcohol gets ball point pen ink off microfiber, so maybe it would work on sharpie. If it doesn't work, look for "Haley's Hints"- I'm sure it has a solution in there. Good luck!

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First, don't use the Mr. Clean ereasers, they are abrasive and will ruin the fabric. The best thing for sharpies is a product called Goof Off. You may need to use some dawn and water after you use it since it is oil based but it will get it right out. Test it somewhere to make sure it doesn't effect the color first though. My son used a sharpie on the carpeting, about one month after it was installed, and this worked like a charm. I keep it on hand for everything. It is a solvent so you have to watch out for the fumes and such.

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If you are a Melaleuca customer, Sol-U-Mel will get Sharpie off of just about anything. It also will not put off any harsh or harmful fumes from chemicals in it that could be unsafe for your son or the rest of your family.
Don't you just love 2 year olds. I will say the Sol-U-Mel saved many pieces of furniture and appliances when mine was that age.
If you would like more information about becoming a Melaleuca customer and how to get better, safer products in your home, you can also contact me through the Mamasource messaging.
Have a great day.

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I'm not sure if it would work on your chair, but when my husband left a sharpie in his pocket and it went through the washer and dryer, I got most of the stains out of the clothes and the dryer by using hairspray (lots of it). Good luck! You might want to check your warranty on the chair-we got our furniture at Ashley Furniture and they guarentee that they can get any stain out or they'll replace the furniture. Maybe you have a similar warranty?

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I don't know about the microsuede, but my son colored on the entire back of our couch with a black shaprie and I used a cloth and alcohol, and it all came out. I don't know if the alcohol would hurt the microsuede, so I would try rubbing a part of the chair that does not show first. Good Luck!!

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Looks like you've gotten a lot of advice. Several people mentioned rubbing alcohol, but I find it hard to work with-too thin of a liquid. A friend told me about using waterless hand cleaner (i.e. "GermX") and I have loved it! I used it on clothes, not furniture, but sharpie came out slick as a whistle!

Hope you have success.

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Depending on how large a painting he did, you might try one of those Mr. Clean Erasers. It got permanent marker off of my wall and carpet and computer, but it took most of 2 erasers! It won't hurt the fabric and it might help.
Good Luck!

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rubbing alcohol. like everybody else, try a hidden spot first. also, try motsenbocker's lift off #3. you can find it at home depot. it worked like a charm getting permanent ink AND dark blue nail polish completely out of my 4.5y old daughter's shirt. that was fun.....sincerely, A.

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I've gotten Sharpie Marker out of my microsuede couch with just regular carpet cleaner and warm water. It took some scrubbing but it all came out.

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On the Sharpie website, they recommend this stuff:

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Good Morning S.. Hum dad's seem to be in a permanent state of Flipping out lately....lol Sorry we had Stereo/ surround sound, TV, VCR issues this last week end. 3 yr old. lol

Did you get one of those handy dandy cleaning instruction sheets with your couch? I think if it were me I might try a solution of 2 c. water, 1 c simple green in a spray bottle.
Or you may also try one of the foamy carpet cleaners. Check both though on a place that wouldn't show to see if it changes the color any. Bissell makes a good spot remover for carpets and upholstery.

When your little guy colors on the wall next, put a crayon frame around it and label it My Angels Art or Our little Monet! Our two oldest grand kids did that in the span of 2 minutes while I was putting on make up to go to dinner with hubby. BR door was open and I didn't see a thing except them walking back and forth. They were 2 & 3 at the time. Now I have all of their hand prints on that wall with name, date and age.
Hand prints are with Spag sause, garage oil, chocolate, gold ink pad ink, Have one more to put on there when he turns 17 months.

Good Luck with your couch, and yes dad he will give you more reasons to flip out. Remember he is a baby still exploring his new world.


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Dear Shelly

I would call the company who makes the microsuede chair
and tell them what has happened and they should tell
you the stuff to use to get the sharpie off the chair
the safe way to do it.
Hope this helps B. K.

Rubbing alcohol. I work at a school and we do a lot of sharpie "art" removal. Apply it on the corner of a washcloth and go to it. And the rubbing alcohol dries in like 10 seconds. It's amazing.
You may want to double check on the back or bottow side of your chair. I don't think it will discolor it but better safe than sorry.

I would call the manufacture, or where you purchase the chair from for advise. C. Freeman/____@____.com

I was going to suggest Sol-U-Mel from Melaleuca also. It gets out just about anything - gum, etc. These are non toxic cleaning products that we use in our home.

I would also recommend Solumel from Melaleuca. It takes care of just about any kind of stains. I use it for wiping down books after my daughter has drawn in them with pens, sharpies, or crayons. (She has a knack for getting ahold of writing utensils)
It's also great for laundry stains, cleaning glue or whatever. Has many uses and is non-toxic/ecofriendly.

I have the same fabric on my furniture however if it is treated it should come out I was told to use mild soap and water for stains if it gets a pen out it should do a sharpie.If all else fails call the company where your purchased it from and they will be able to assist you I know when I bought my furniture they will send someone out to take the stain out, if it doesn't come out then I can get a new couch,however I have yet to replace my couch because the stain's do come out.

S.! I work from home with a wellness company who has a product that will take this out! Also it is safe and not toxic to us, kids, or pets and works wonders! You can't live without it. It will remove permanent marker, crayon, and grease stains and so much more and probably will work wonders on your chair for you too! I can refer you and tell you how to get it so email me at ____@____.com or just request info. from our website www.livetotalwellness.com/cindygeoff or www.2abetterlife.com You will be amazed and it will be a lifesaver for you guys :)


I know that alcohol will get it out of clothing, I am not sure about microsuede. Can you contact the place of purchase of the chair? They might have a suggestion of how to clean it.

Try goo gone in an area that people can't see. If it doesn't discolor you can try it on a small spot w/ the marker to see if it works. I have been very lucky w/ getting rid of permanent marker w/ goo gone (including my hardwood floors and clothes) w/o discoloration. It may take a lot of muscle power but it has worked. Good luck!

I'm not sure about Sharpie ink specifically, but we got permanent marker out of our sofa with Spot Shot. It's in a blue can with an orange lid and is sold at most stores. They also make a spot shot especially for upholstery. Try it in an inconspicuous place first to make sure that it won't discolor your chair, but it should get out the stain. We used it on the stain and then shampooed the entire sofa and you can't even tell where the art was.

Try the magic eraser. It usually works, though it might take the color out of the fabric too.

Hey S.,
One last ditch suggestion that no one's mentioned: If all else fails, dye the chair black (after all, it goes with everything!). And if might be the only way to salvage the chair.
Good luck!

I don't want to sound like a witch but honey kids will color on everything, spill on everything, poop and pee on everything and then puke on everything. They are kids. I have four kids a 9 year old boy, twin boys that are 3 1/2 and a one year old daughter. Nice things are out for the next 16 years. Sorry to say it is just a fact of life and part of being a parent.

My sister just had to get marker out of the couch (dry erase) - hairspray did the job.

I have found that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser takes off permanent marker. But do a test spot on the microsuede before you go to work on it. Use it on the bottom or a non visible part to check for color fastness of fabric. The magic Eraser took it off my weall anda white shelf. Sincerely, G.

Sharpie's are tough. You may not get it out. I have been told that if anything gets it out, it would be Mr. Clean's eraser sponges. Otherwise, call a professional carpet/upholstery cleaner service and ask if it's even possible....good luck...

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