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Help, How Do I Get Rid of the Smoke Smell?

I need some help… Yesterday I decided to try my “self clean” button on my oven and the worst happened. After 3 minutes my home filled with smoke and then the fire alarms went off, it was horrible. I turned on every fan and opened every door and window to get the smoke out. To say the least I won’t push that button on my oven again. But now I have a bigger problem it has been 24 hours and my house still smells like smoke. Does anyone have any good tricks of how to get rid of the smell?
Thanks, K.

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Try getting a few cans of cheap coffee grinds. Open them throughout the house, and leave them overnight. That should do the trick.

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Home Depot carries a product that will help with that. It's volcanic rock or charcol

I would not get anything that is toxic to your beautiful children. I buy my products from a wellness company. I clean my oven with a natural product that is tender enough to clean my vegetables but strong enough to clean my oven. If you are like me and care about what you subject your kids too, then e-mail me back and I will tell you more.

When it comes to smoke, I would use my sol-u-mel and spray it all over my home. It is a natural odor eliminator, stain lifter and cleaning booster.


You've gotten some good advice and I'm sure you'll have that smoke smell gone soon. A few points RE self cleaning ovens: you do have to remove any large food chunks and if you've got something like drippings from a pie it's going to be smoky. Some ovens seal better than others to minimize this. Whatever you do, Do Not scratch or score the oven surface or use harsh chemicals on it. Self cleaning ovens work by baking the debris to a powder that can be wiped off, they have a special coating that makes the wipe up easy, you don't want to damage that.

I am going to second the suggestion of vinegar-it's amazing! Like pp mentioned, just set it out in bowls throughout the room, and it will completely absorb the smell!

I've been there before as well and whenever it has happened to me, it has been because I didn't get enough of the food pieces out first. If I get all of the pieces of food that are big enough to pick up out of there first, I don't generally have much if any smoke. I don't know if you've ever heard of Scentsy, but they make a great room spray called Odor Out that is amazing. It is similar to Febreeze, but better and will neutralize anything and leave a nice fresh smell. I don't know where you are at, but I have some f you'd like to try it.

I know baking soda is a great deodorizer. Spreading it onto surfaces like the carpets and furniture that you can, and then vacuuming it up should help. It worked great in my sister's car that she bought from someone who had smoked. You can't tell at all now. It takes a little more time than febreeze, but no chemicals!!!!! And it's way cheap!!!!!
K. C.

Sorry to respond so late. One time I burned some potatoes on the stove. It was pretty bad. The smoke smell lasted for days and I did everything I could think of and everything I read about online. Finally I read an idea I hadn't tried. We rented a machine...can't remember exactly what they're called, Ozone something or other, I think. Anyway, it's the same kind of thing the hotels use to clear out the smoke smell in their rooms. You could call a hotel and find out what they are, or even just ask at a local rent-a-center. We had to leave the house for several hours while the machine was going, but it was worth it. It smelled so much better when we got back. Just like a clean hotel room!

I've done that before! Febreeze will help, but lots of fresh air is best. And don't give up on that self-clean button on your oven -- I love mine and it does the best job. It might be thay you started with a bunch of residue from the factory or other chemical oven cleaners -- and you on't want those cooking into your food. Or you could have some stray food stuck in the oven (that's what happened to me). Next time, double check for any food and get the fans going and doors and windows open when you start the self-clean.
Good luck!

If you set out saucers of white vinegar, they will absorb the smell over a day or two. That and fresh air should help. Also, there is a solid air freshener that absorbs the smell. The brand is citrus magic.

Good luck! And if you get all the big bits of food off before self cleaning, it won't smoke next time.

At least you didn't have the fire truck come when flames started shooting out. No one told me that you have to clean out a self cleaning oven before you turn it on. We kept the windows open for a few days, vacuumed a lot and sprayed several bottles of Fabreeze. The smoke smell disipated after awhile.

I am sorry to hear what happened, and the only thing i can think of spray some fabreeze and keep the windows and doors open. I am sorry that i am not much help but gl.

It is good actually as that is what the oven self cleaning does, it burns the excess and spilled food to reduce it to ashes. I typically do this in winter as it heats up the house big time so don't want that in the summer.
Air out with all the windows open and a fan pointing out the window. Also you can boil cinnamon cloves on the stove to help in some water. It will take a few days but it will go away, it is a horrible smell!

HI K.,
One time I bought turkey hot dogs and over cooked them or something but my house smelled horrible from them for days. The only thing that seemed to work to get the smell out was using Febreeze on the furniture and mopping the floors and walls. To mop the walls I get the wet swiffer pads and use them. I know its work but some good old cleaning is what you need.

C. C

Try getting a few cans of cheap coffee grinds. Open them throughout the house, and leave them overnight. That should do the trick.

I would use both Febreze that you spray on soft surfaces and Frebreze air effects - they have both done wonders with lingering smells in my home.

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