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Help!!!! How Do I Get a 2 Year Old to Take Augmentin?

I have a two year old that will not take her Augmentin. And frankly I don't blame her, it takes like bitter chalk. The pharmacist said it was flavored, with what I don't know?! We could mix it in the things she likes, apple sauce, yogurt etc. But she doesn't always finish those things and we wont know if she's had the whole dose. Or worse she will not eat her favorites anymore.

Any suggestions?!!!!! She's miserable with an ear and sinus infection so we need to not give up on this.

Thank you for your help.
J. C.

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Thank you to those who responded. We switched to Omnicef. She has had this in the past and took it quite well. Now we just need to have her trust us again when we give it to her. At this point we can't get her to even eat. It's nice to know we weren't crazy with having trouble getting her to take Augmentin. We begged the pediatrician on call to Rx this from the get go and they wouldn't. We are considering switching to a new practice.

Thank you again.
J. C

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You can try mixing it with Ice Cream sometimes that will make the medicine taste better. I hope this helps. C.

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Augmentin is a very hard one to get any kid to take. It does taste horrible. I would call the md and ask for something else. We get Zithromax now, its a shorter course but works just as long. (and it tastes better)

Ask DR for Omnicef instead,it is pink and strawberry flavored,if DR gives you samples you can also leave it in the powder form and make strawberry apple sauce.It is taken once a dya too. We did that when our son was 2 and got a lot of ear infections. A lot of the chalky medicines that were sulphur based made him throw up. Omnicef was the first antibiotic that didn't. We also at that age sometimes just had him get the shot of Roceffin(sp?) antibiotics. He himself sometimes asked for the shot as it meant not dealing with meds every day. Even to this day and he is almost 9 he struggles with most antibiotics except Omnicef.

Ask your Doctor for something else! Last summer we struggled, threatened and bribed our 3 year old to take every dose. It was horrible as she wailed, sobbed, screamed and pleaded to not take it. We will never fill a prescription for this again! The doctor's office will have alternatives that will fit the infection for your child. Good Luck!

I hate augmentin too; my kids hate to take medicine, but that wasn't the problem. It gave my 1-year-old such diarrhea that if he hadn't been nursing, he wouldn't have been getting any nutrition at all. In that case, we did ask the dr. and finally quit the meds. I'm now terrified of that stuff, so do keep an eye out for stomach upset.

Personally, I'm not in favor of switching antibiotics because your kids won't take it. I think that's a bad precedent, in addition to concerns about antibiotic resistance and other things. We've used chocolate pudding, which always got my now-3-year-old to take his medicine. What we do with him now is use pop. He gets a couple of ounces of 7-Up or something with the medicine in it. It masks the taste reasonably well, and he likes getting pop as a treat, especially when he's sick. Whatever you use, use as little of it as possible. I learned that when I tried to get him to eat a whole pudding cup just because I'd put his medicine in it! He can always get a little more of whatever it is, after he's finished the stuff with the medicine. Good luck!

I have been told that Dr. Pepper will hide the taste of any medication. only use a small amount to mix it with the liquid or crushed medication. your child will think they are getting a real trick. I have to do this for my 11 year old to take some cough medications

I always use chocolate pudding with my kids. It's strong enough that it covers it up and I know they'll eat it all. Butterscotch is also a good choice.

good morning J., in my experience my son could not take augmentin it would make him sick (upset stomach). i had to request a med. that was clear pink med. and he only had to take once a day. sorry i forgot the name.

You can try mixing it with Ice Cream sometimes that will make the medicine taste better. I hope this helps. C.

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