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Help! Gum Through Dryer Cycle?!?

Help! My bad mistake for not checking pockets, a half pack of gum went through the wash (both cycles...)and now I have gum inside my dryer, worse yet it's gotten on the clothes. It's sugar free, but none the less, it's little gummy residue is speckled on the clothes, of course it was the colored wash, so the white is noticeable. Is there anyone who can help me get this off the clothes, and off the inside of my dryer? My husband gets back from a business trip today and I leave tomorrow for a weekend trip... need some ideas fast!

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Okay, so I must say a big THANK YOU for all your advice. My husband is on a Goo-Gone mission so he'll take the dryer. I'm on clothes patrol and will try the pre-wash treatment when I get back from this trip and if that doesn't work, I'm going for freezing and then picking off the little specks. I will now check ALL pockets. It had to happen to me at some point. Thanks for your support!

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Try "goo gone" found at Ace Hardware on the clothes. It might work on the dryer too I don't know. I use it on lots of stuff!

Believe it or not Shout (or the like) on the dryer drum for a few minutes will take it right off. I had this hapen to me. A whole pack of gum. Squitred some Shout on it, let it sit for a few minutes and viola!! Rubbed right off and safe for clothes too..

If you're in a time crunch, you should try ice to harden the gum so you can pull it off. I like to use GOO GONE instead. You can use it on all kinds of sticky messes to include sticker residue. Hope this helps!

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Hi M. W,

I couldn't find anything this quick that said it was for getting gum out of clothes that have been through a wash/dry cycle, but this is what I found for getting gum out of clothes. I don't know if it would be different, so proceed with caution!
Good luck and have fun on your trip!

Removing Chewing Gum from Fabric
Spray the stain with a pre-wash spray. Let it set for five or ten minutes. Saturate the stain again with the pre-wash spray, rubbing the gummed area to dissolve the gum. Work some laundry detergent into the stain, rinse it well with hot water. Hold the stained area under the faucet so the gummy residue can be rinsed off.

If you've gotten yourself into a sticky situation by getting chewing gum on your clothes, there are ways to get it off that are safe for your garments .

Using a dull knife lift the gum off the fabric. Then, rub ice on the stain. This will help harden the rest of the gum so you can lift it off more easily.

If the fabric is washable…

You should spray the stain with a pre-wash spray. Let it set for five or ten minutes. Saturate the stain again with the pre-wash spray, rubbing the gummed area to dissolve the gum. Work some laundry detergent into the stain, then rinse it well with hot water. You should hold the stained area under the faucet so the gummy residue can be rinsed off.

If the gum remains, repeat the process. If not, launder the item using a bleach that is safe for that fabric.

Another site:

The time honored technique that should be tried first is freezing the gum. Whenever you freeze gum it makes it stiff and brittle which in turn will often make it easy to just break off the jeans. How long should the gum be frozen? The best tip here is to leave it in the freezer for at least 12 hours. Do not try to remove any of the excess gum first, it could make matters worse. When you take the pants out of the freezer you will want to use a spoon or butter knife to pry off the gum. The gum will come right up in most cases.

Another method involves using a simple alcohol based solvent that you can pour over the frozen gum. Try and slip the knife under the gum and you should be able to get it up. The only issue here is with the type of fabric the gum is stuck to. This is fine for blue jeans, but you don't want to pour solvent on delicate fabrics. This chewing gum removal technique works well and afterwards you can simply toss the pants in the wash machine.

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What brand gum was it? If you know, go to their website and see what advice they have. I think this has happened to a lot of people so I'm sure they'd have some advice. I've never had a half a pack of gum though - only Legos, crayons, lipstick, chapstick, etc. you might be able to scrape the gum off the interior of your appliances with a hard plastic scraper like a Pampered Chef stone scraper. Good luck!

Peanut butter worked for me to get it out of the clothes......weird, but worked.

I have a product that will get gum, permanent marker off walls pictures, finger nail polish off carpet and gum. I have a home based business where the products are all natural and actually work. I understand that you are going out of town for the weekend, try some goof off from home depot or lowes. Then call me when you get back in from town and I can tell you about Sou U Mel that our company makes that get gum, finger nail polish, permanent marker off anything thing. I can be reached at the following number ###-###-####. In the meantime check out the my web site www.livemorehealthier.com or livemorehealthier.healthyhometour.com

S. Torrence

For the clothes, spray them with hairspray (clothes must be dry) then used your fingernails to pick off the hardened gum. Not sure if the hairspray for the dryer is a wise choice, since it gets hot in there. You do not want to start a fire when the hairspray gets hot. You coud spray in there, get the gum off and them wipe the machine down with soap and water to get the residual hairspray off???

Goo Gone! It is worth its weight in gold!! I have used it on clothes with no residue left or spotting on the clothes.

Hey, try putting ice on it. It should pop off of the dyer but the clothes might be lost :) I've also heard that peanut butter gets gum off...maybe it's just getting it out of your hair that peanut butter is used for :)

Good luck!

Try Goo gone, the stuff works wonders on a ton of things. I use it mostly to take off those sticky lables. You will probably want to wipe the surface off with soap and water after using the goo gone. Hope this helps.

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