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Help Getting Stickers(sticker Residue) off My Daughter Skin

So yesterday my daughter stuck stickers all over her arms. She has done this many many times and usually they come right off in the bath and no problem. I do not have a clue what is in these stickers but they are not coming off - or I should say the sticker adhesive is still on my daughters skin. I don't want to rub it too much because I am sure it doesn't feel good to her and I don't want her skin to get raw. I tried baby oil and that helped a little, but there are two huge patches still there.
Has anyone come across a safe method of removal of the adhesive?
Needless to say, these stickers have a new home in the garbage!
Thanks for your help mommies...

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Thank you so much everyone! So many great ideas!!! You are all amazing....I knew someone would know what to do. I used the Purell hand sanitizer and that worked really good. All but about 10 % is gone and it probably all would be gone but my daugther is getting mad at me for rubbing her arm.

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In my house Pampers Baby Wipes are used for more than just wiping stinky bottoms. We live under some huge, drippy, sticky, messy pine trees and those baby wipe take it off like a hot knife through butter.

Hope this helps,

Goo Gone is great for that kind of stuff. We keep it around the house and always take it camping to remove sap from feet or hands, whatever gets sticky!

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If you want an alternative to the oils and chemicals, cut a lemon in half and rub the lemon juice on the skin and let it sit for a while. Then clean it off with soap and water. Lemon juice is a good safe and natural way to get rid of sticky residue. (and it's not very messy. I think I saw peanut butter somewhere on the list...that sounds like a rug and wall disaster waiting to happen to me...not to mention your pipes)

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You might try baby oil or Vaseliine.

Good luck!

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You have tons of answers, but I wanted to throw in my 2 cents because rubbing alcohol can sting if there are any cuts on the skin. The simpiliest solution is crisco or mineral oil. Olive oil should work also but I haven't tried it. These also work for tree sap. We lived in Santa Barbara and the beaches there have natural tar in the sand. Every time we came home from the beach, the kids would get their feet cleaned with crisco!

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Rubbing alcohol or witch hazel works well.

What usuay works for me is either a dab of purell and rub it in and wipe off or a lil rubbiing alcohol.

Just rubbing alcohol should do it. Hand sanitizer works good too.

Nail polish remover!! It works wonders on sticker residue and those little fake tatoos that never seem to want to come off. Just a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover and it should come right off! Be sure to wash the area afterwards, though, because nail polish remover is very sticky just by itself. Good luck!

Try margarine. It takes tree sap off of your hands, so I'm sure it'll do the trick! There's this stuff I used to sell from Pure Romance called Body Dew, it's a body oil, and I actually have used it as an adhesive remover, but I'm sure you don't have any, and I don't sell it anymore. :) But the margarine does work. Good luck! Silly kids!

A., try peanut butter--- pretend it's 'lotion' and rub in on--- - can't hurt and often takes sticker residew right off--- Aren't little ones fantaastic??


J. - aka- old Mom ( started this Mom thing at 25 --- 39 years ago- and am now blessed to be helping raise 4 and 10 eyar old granchildren-- plus teaching in special ed' preschool for decades -- I'm a lucky woman)

Goo Gone is great for that kind of stuff. We keep it around the house and always take it camping to remove sap from feet or hands, whatever gets sticky!

Hi A.,

My daughter put two pretty big stickers arms this summer and then went in the pool. The papery part of the sticker came off but the adhesive did not. The only thing that I found to work was rubbing alcohol. I put some on a paper towel, placed the towel on her arm for a few seconds and then started to gently wipe and the residue came off after a little while. Hope this helps, good luck!


In my house Pampers Baby Wipes are used for more than just wiping stinky bottoms. We live under some huge, drippy, sticky, messy pine trees and those baby wipe take it off like a hot knife through butter.

Hope this helps,

Rubbing Alcohol works great, it also works with temporary tatoos. Goo Gone is another product that should work, but I'm not sure what chemicals are in it as I just use Rubbing Alcohol.

Rubbing alcahol or hand sanitizer works well. I just used it yesterday to get band aid residue off of me. It doesn't hurt the skin.

try nail polish remover.


I've found that a little bit of rubbing alcohol (or even hand sanitizer) can help remove the sticky stuff. We had the issue with stickers and tree sap and sanitizer or a bit of rubbing alcohol has always helped.

Good luck.


Quickest way I remove glue (labels and stickers) is with Eucalyptus oil. It will dissolve any glue residue or any other sticky residue from the skin and other items. I use a few drops (more or less)on a cotton ball. Apply it and most of the time the glue comes right off. If skin is sensitive you can dilute it with a carier or vegetable oil. Then wash the area with soap and water after removing the glue.

I have found that baby oil or some form of mineral oil ususally works fairly well at getting sticker and band-aid adheasive off the kids' skin.

You could try olive or vegetable oil. I am a PT and tape my patient's knees occasionally. I send them home with adhesive remover which workds great. You could call around and see if a PT clinic in your area has any:)

I would just go down the line and try all the safe, non-toxic things you would try if the residue was on a shoe or counter or whatever...sticking to products you know can be used on skin: rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, etc. And if you do it in the tub, turn it into a science lesson-try the vinegar and soda together, or the peroxide and soda. You might even try coca~cola and baking soda-I've used that before for removing sticky stuff from my counter, car window, bumper...and the fizz is so cool for the children to see and experiment with, hence, the bathtub. But be careful with the nail polish remover. In fact, if it were me, I think I'd try that first before the bathtub because that CAN be toxic.

Good luck!

GooGone is an amazing product! You can get it just about anywhere. Put a little bit on a clean cloth and gently apply to the areas where the adhesive is. It says on the bottle to avoid prolonged use on skin. So, once you've removed the adhesive, wash the areas where you used GooGone with soap and water or if it's easier, just give your daughter a good scrub in the bath.

On the plus side, you will find so many more uses for GooGone around the house especially with children. Good luck!

Purel, rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, orange glo. Enjoy!!! Temporary tatooes can be removed with baby oil, vaseline, or face cream. Henna tats:oil and time.

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