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Help Getting Grease Out of Carpet

Help! I accidentally stepped in some car grease/oil outside somewhere and tracked it onto my carpet. Any suggestions on how to get it out? Is there some sort of degreaser I should use before I use regular spot carpet cleaner? Thanks!

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I know it sounds too simple, but try a spray bottle with water and rubbing alcohol and blot. It has worked on really old stains on my carpet!

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Hi L., i too have had alot of MISHAPPS, I was lucky to have my girlfriend with me the day i got greese on my sisters bathing suit! her mother shared with her "MR. MUSCLE" oven cleaner, i know it sounds crazy & scary but she assured me everything would be ok. so she said to spray the area & rub the spot good then immediatly wash & presto the greese was gone! i have tried this on many if not every kind of fabric as well as carpet & have had 100% luck, i did fail to make it clear to my sister to IMMEDIATLY wash after spraying & she had a nice hole in the seat of her new britches! OOPS! she never did that again. so as long as you wash after applying you will have results. good-luck & enjoy your new secret to spot removing. T. mother of 3 wonderful boys

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Try plain old dish soap and toothbrush! This has worked on my clothes wonderfully.

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Spray & Wash!!!! Its my best friend with 2 kids and a husband that spills wine a lot. My husband once dropped an entire bottle of red wine by accident on our white carpet and the spray & wash took it all out. He also spilt it on my microfiber club chair all of it came out 100%. I have tried a lot of things and this works the best hands down. I use it for traffic stains and all the grease out there. Takes oilve oil out of any fabric. Its safe on the carpet. I even sent my husband on his business trips with a small bottle of it. I just spray it let it sit on the stain for a few minutes and then clean it with a warm cloth. GONE!!!!

Good luck.

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I know it sounds too simple, but try a spray bottle with water and rubbing alcohol and blot. It has worked on really old stains on my carpet!

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We use Dawn dishwashing liquid (the blue one) for all sorts of stains and grease. Even our carpet cleaner says he uses it professionally. It even takes baby poop stains out of clothing. Just scrub a little with water,,blot and rinse and blot well again.

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Hi L.,

Simple Green will get greese and oil out of anything without fading or staining. When my colors get a little dingy from hard water I throw a 1/2 cup in the washer. When I wash my car, I raise the hood, squirt it all over the motor then rinse to keep my engine clean (it's a good way to be able to tell if the engine has any seals leaking). You can use it full strength. It can usually be found in the automotive section of Wal-Mart. You can also find it in places like Kragen, Pep Boys, etc.


Hi L.!

I have no spot cleaning advice, but I couldn't resist responding to you :O)

I am so glad that YOU were the one to bring in the grease and not your little munchkins! I hope you have laughed about it....

~N. :o)

You'll want to spot test, but I'd try Lestoil. I used it to get grease out of a lot of things back when I dated and oil burner repair man ages ago.

They use Dawn liquid detergent to wash the oil spill off the feathers of sea birds. And I've used boiling water when I could pour it over stains on clothes. There's also the de-greaser that mechanics use.

have you tried liquid dishwashing liquid (like joy or dawn)? i know they work well getting cooking oils out of clothing and carpets, but i am not sure about motor oil. good luck!

Hi L., sorry to hear about your carpet! Melaleuca has some great cleaning products that should be able to get that out. Sol-U-Mel has gotten pet stains, wine, and dog poop out of my carpet. The have MelaMagic which is for cleaning floors, here is a testimony for the product..."I recently re-surfaced my driveway and sealant was tracked in on a 10 yr old braided rug. It sat on rug for 4 days. MelaMagic removed all traces without discoloring the rug and left a fresh clean scent..I am impressed. -- Hellen, New York" Melaleucas clenaing products are green and have many uses for them. You do have to be a member to buy from them, but they give you $100 in free products to try. If you are interested, I would be happy to tell you how u can become a member, RISK FREE, and get Mela Magic shipped straight to your door!

Try Dawn dish soap or Goop or Awesome from the Dollar Tree. Good Luck!

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