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Help for Yeast Infection in 4-1/2 Year Old!

My daughter has been taking antibiotics this week and has developed a yeast infection from them. I talked to the nurse at her doctor's office this morning and she recommended having her soak in baking soda for 20 minutes. My daughter has recently decided she doesn't want to take a bath anymore so trying to even get her in the tub was frustrating, but she did. Now she gets out and keeps saying it itches. The nurse recommended Hydrocortisone cream, which I put on, but that doesn't seem to be helping either. We put Lotrimin on her yesterday and she still complained it itched. I know this is a yeast infection because I have enough of them to know. Does anyone know of anything else that I can put on her to help ease her discomfort? I really don't want to have to bring her back in to the doctor since we have been there three times in the past two weeks (not to mention an ER visit as well). Please help if you can. Thanks.

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Thank you for your feedback!!! She is just so miserable so I called the doctor's office at about 5:30 and the nurse called me back (they work late) at 7:30 to tell me that they will call in a prescription for Nystatin. I am going to try the probiotics too that many of you recommended as well as keep giving her yogurt. The nurse said to "attack it from all ends." Thanks again for all the great responses and many blessings to you all.

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Hi mom why not use the cream that we use, you know the outside cream that comes in the box, I think that should work perfect. Good Luck

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My ped just called in a prescription for Nystatin oitment for our daughter. Also, we use a non-dairy probiotic when she is on an antibiotic now (she is allergic to milk) and it seems to help a lot. Yogurt can also help -- with the live cultures -- if she likes that. I would just buy the over the counter vaginal yeast infection cream/ointment (not the suppositories) for the itch and use that on her -- will do the same thing as the prescription grade Nystatin. Good luck!

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My son had a really baaad diaper rash, I don't know if this will help your daughter, but since it;s natural it shouldn't harm her, at any rate; we let his little bottom soak in oatmeal (Quaker the kind you eat) for about 10-15 mins. and patted him dry and applied aloe vera gel (pure plant or 99% Lily Desert from Health Food store) before we diapered him. It started to clear up immediately within hours. We used this method for about 1 week. By the way he was only 2 wks. old at the time, and hasn't had a rash since.

Hi mom why not use the cream that we use, you know the outside cream that comes in the box, I think that should work perfect. Good Luck

What I thought when I was reading your post is "I wouldn't do those things for my own yeast infection" (i.e. baths etc) they don't work and your poor daughter is so uncomfortable as you know. I'd go back to the doctor - who cares how often you've been there - that's what they are for. If they can't give you some solutions (because this seems like a very solvable problem), then maybe a new doctor is in order.

She needs to take a probiotic and well as eat lots of yogurt. Have you tried any Vagisel ot Monistat? I can give you the information on the probiotic if you e-mail me. Yeast is an inner body problem that needs to be fixed from the inside out. I'm at ____@____.com Luck

What will do the trick is an antifungal. The probitics and yogurt help to keep yeast at bay, however the antifungal will help get rid of the yeast she already has. You have 2 options....call your doc and ask for a phone perscrption of nystatin cream, which is an antifungal. You could also try an over the counter antifungal such as ,monistat, that is applied externally. You should apply this until the rash is gone, and for 3 days after that. Also, apply beyond the perimeter of the redness. This will work. My 2 year old had one a few months ago. I would try and get the doc to call in a perscription first.

I know you already got a bunch of answers, but they didn't really include my #1 cure - go for the acidopholus capsules, you get them in the vitamin section. If she won't swallow one, then open the capsule and pour it in yogurt or ice cream or something once or twice a day. There are not enough probiotics in yogurt or a complete probiotic doesn't have enough acidopholus, the only thing that really treats yeast infections! You can do the nystatin along with the acidopholus and she should be clearing up immediately, totally gone in 3 days!!!

My younger daughter used to get yeast infections at times. And I can tell you that what your doctor/nurse are suggesting just won't work. They aren't being very helpful. I second what the other moms say on here about probiotics, but you have to treat the infection too, and you need a cream that works on yeast. Baking soda and hydrocortisone won't do anything. We always used monistat otc. Maybe your doctor just needs to see her again to recommend this, but this is what you need. With the other things, you're treating the symptoms and not the infection.

Ask your local pharmacist to suggest something over the counter for a child. Maybe there is something out there suitable for children. Otherwise, nystatin ointment (prescription)cleared up my daughter's infection right up. If you are unable to find an OTC medication, I would call back and explain what you have tried and ask for a script. Good luck!

I have heard different "natural" methods for getting rid of a yeast infection that couldn't hurt to try with a child. A friend of mine swears by this.
"I made a vinegar and Epsom salt bath. Add just enough water to your bath to cover your area, add 2 cups of Epsom salt and 4 cups of vinegar (I used more....). Then just soak for a bit and let everything fully air dry. You can also use a hair dryer on the cool setting if your impatient like I am."

Also I have heard of using plain yogurt like a cream. I don't think I would tell your daughter that it was yogurt though LOL.

try giving your daughter some yogurt everyday...if she does not like the taste of yogurt put a couple teaspoons of cool whip in it or freeze it and then give it to her. Some children just do not care for the taste of yogurt...


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