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Help for Under Eye Wrinkles?

I'm 35 and my face is really showing the signs of age. My face looks fine until I smile, then the wrinkles under my eyes are horrible. It's not just crowes feet, but under my eyes that's the worst. I've tried different eye creams, even the expensive ones like kinerase and DDF, but I'm not seeing much of an improvement. It feels like I'm wasting my money. Are there any inexpensive "procedures" or creams that can help with wrinkles around the eyes? I've been very diligent about wearing sunscreen for the past 15 years, but I think I was too late:(

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Lots of help out there! I'm 47 and have very few wrinkles under my eyes. I had advice from two grandmas who had very few wrinkles. Number one..I sleep on a satin pillow case...much less abbrasive on the hair and skin...you just glide. Also, I do not remove make up before bed...my grandmother said the more you aggravate that area the worst wrinkles will be, so I only clean under my eyes after the shower in the morning with a cream. I also use Preperation H sometimes if I'm puffy...nothing to be scared of...it is just a cream that tightens skin. I followed that advice but my sister didn't and she does have much more noticable wrinkles under her eyes...and she is 2 years younger!
I know some practitioners are using Botox in that area now as well. Good luck.

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I love love love La Mer eye cream. Its quite expensive but worth it for me I am 40. Ask for a sample at Neimens I can refer you to my salesrep they will halp you if you want :)

I use a few other la mer things only at night but all pangea organic (inexpensive, natural and great)in the day but I will never leave the la mer eye cream out of my day or night regimen!!

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Hey K.!
I hear you girl!
I found that when we switched where we shopped, we litterally stopped the Aging clock as wel! No Lie! LOL
we went Chemical Free Lifestyle! with shopping mainly now with the wellness company. www.melaleuca.com
we got all the toxic yucky stuff outta our life. and learned things like aging comes from with in. and its From Free Radical Damage! we learned this is the 9th grade remember... LOL!
and the only way to prevent free radical damage is to be on top of your antioxidents intake! and the ONLY way your gonna get that is threw suplimentation. Our bodies do NOT make minerals on their own, we have to take them orally. its Not in the food we eat. there is No other way. So we found that the Only vitamins and minerals that were actually Pattented to work, making them the Only ones manufactured that are Scientifically proven differnt then the rest! Thats now why we shop there exclusively! its Changed my health! I have graves disease. and its in FULL Remission, Natually Due to the Science in the Vitamins. I am Still amazed at this! I also lost over 40 ponds as a straight up SIDE Effect. I changed Nothign other then where we shoppped. WOW!
So aging is a total package. Not a Cream to put on and it goes away.
I have to say tho, the Nichole Miller Line is a Toxic Free Brand and the Timeless is Amazing! and More affordable then other cosmetic brands, and not yucky to use too!
If you or anyone wnats to know more. I dont sell stuff for melalauca, But i do shop the daylights outta theur store,. so I sure could talk about their brand all day.
So the point is to offer anyone the same educaton I got, for FREE< and also I am able to share my 40% discount with anyone who wants to try the store too! They dont mind if we do that.
Good Luck too!
Many Blessings!
A. in redford

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Hi K., I have a book "Uncomon Cures For Everyday Ailments" in it are a few solutions, I don't know if they work, but here they are. 1.Mix one Tablespoon of honey and one half teaspoon of nutmeg. Apply to face leave on 20 minuts. Lightly tap the face all over. Remove w/warm water. 2.Mix equal parts of cosmetic-quality aloe (not burn gel) from the health food store with vegtable glycerin. Apply to your face for 20 min. 3.Spread butter milk or plain yogurt straight onto the skin, leave on 20 min. rince w/warm water.Good luck and have a God day! C.

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I thought I should tell you about Beauticontrol products, they are sold by individual consultants like Mary Kay and I have found them very good. There are different at home spa type of products for microdermabrasion, chemical peels and whole skin maintenance and protection. They have worked wonders on my skin. You could probably find a consultant in your area online and look at their products online with a search for beauticontrol. Hope this helps! I'm sure you look fine!!!!

I apologize if I am repeating myself.....but have you tried Arbonne. It is a Swiss Formulated line that is botanically based with state of the art technology. I have seen fantastic results with it myself. If you are interested, I would be happy to send you samples. There is a $$$ back guarantee on everything we sell. If you don't get the results you are looking for, we want it back!! Let me know. Good luck with your search.

I might have your solution. e-mail me back and we will discuss about this

...i share the same problem...IT COULD BE WORSE if you were a FROWNER...JUST wear your lines proudly! and continue to invest in your reasons for smiles!!!

35 seems to be the age those things happen. :( I would suggest a couple of things. I am 54. I DO NOT go overboard on sunscreen as I believe there are toxins in the sunscreen itself. In the past I have used a cream called Immuderm. It is expensive, but I really saw some healing results. A little goes a long way. One tube has lasted me a year. I think it was about $80. Google it. Drink lots of water!! Your skin needs to be hydrated from inside too. Make sure you are getting plenty of Vitamin C. Be careful to be ery gentle when cleansing the eye area. That skin is very thin and fragile. Also, the way we age is sometimes hereditary. How does your Mom look? My Mom will be 80. She lifts weights, walks, goes to Curves and takes care of my Dad, who is not well. She pays attention to her diet and drinks LOTS of water. She looks great. She is definetely not looking 40, but not 80 either. My sister started selling Avon, so I am using that now. It is very nice and not expensive. One other thing, be careful how you sleep. If you are a side sleeper, you could be bunching up your face ALL NIGHT. Some people use a satin pillowcase to help with that. All the best to you!

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