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Help for My Baby's Ear Infection!!!

My 1 year old has come down with an ear infection. We just had her checked last night. This was her first cold too. It started with a runny nose a week ago and I just knew that something else was bothering her. She's had a fever for the last 6 days and has been having runny bm's too. This morning when I got her out of bed her ear was covered in slimy (some crusty) discharge. I feel so bad for her. :'(

My question is...is there anything I can do to help her? We just started her on amoxicillin this morning and have been giving her Tylenol a few times a day. Should I be cleaning her ears with Peroxide or something? Should I give her Pedialyte??

Just wondering if you have any other suggestions. Maybe - a way to prevent these in the future??

Thanks in advance for your time and advice! :0)

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Wow! I really appreciate all the quick responses. Thank you all for your time and advice.

I'm going to start giving her more yogurt as soon as she wakes up from her nap and I'm off to get some Motrin too.

Part of the reason I was concerned about the diarrhea was because she had it *before she was on the antibiotic. Also, the reason we hadn't seen a Dr. earlier is because we *just moved 3 days before she came down with this stuff. I was in contact with her former Dr. and she said it sounded like an ear infection to her, but many Dr.'s aren't giving antibiotics for ear infections anymore. I went with my intuition and ran into a friend who is a PA who checked her out and was shocked at how badly her ear was swollen (she is a brave little girl with a high pain tollerance!).

She still hasn't quite snapped back to herself yet. Then again, she's only had the meds 3 times. Her fever is gone, though, and she's sleeping through the night too!

Thanks again for all your prayers and advice! God bless you all.

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If your babys ear is "gooping"... Don't put ANYTHING, not even water in it!!! Typically the gooping is because the pressure of the infection has caused a ruptured ear drum. Since you are handling the infection the gooping will stop. But still don't put water or anything in her ears for a few weeks just in case.
Keep an eye on it and if the gooping drainage doesn't stop in a few days then take her back to the DR. Or if the ear seems to bother her still. (Try to keep her ear covered when in any wind and don't put anything liquid in it without drs ok just incase the rupture is big.) Most ruptures are small and heal on their own in a few days/ weeks.
Wipe the ear off with a slightly damp cloth to clean up the drainage and be careful about soap and water when bathing.
Hope she's feeling better soon....

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I just wanted to write and say I think it is so weird that I know you and here I am reading your thing on this site! Hope the litte one is better soon. (H.)

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Hi C.. There's really not a way to 'prevent' these ear infections, some kids are just prone to getting them when they have cold symptoms (runny nose, log-grade fever). Part of the problem is that their eustacion tubes in their ears are not yet formed for the best drainage of normal drainage. Sometimes it takes an antibiotic from an m.d. to clear symptoms/pain.

I often tilted by baby's cribs on a slant, using encyclopedias on the front footings, so that their heads were at the top, allowing for less pressure on the ears. this seemed to help at night time. Tylenol also helped. I do believe there is pain associated with the pressure of the infection. Talk to your baby's doctor about proper dosage--It is always linked to their current weight, and I often under-dosed my kids!

Make sure you see your pediatrician/health care provider if your child continues to have symptoms so that you can track a history. Having a fluid build up can/may later effect
language. Some kids are prone to infections, other's, it's a once/twice thing....so not a big deal.

But: it is a big deal when you have a 1 year old up crying at night with pain! Yes, I remember that! Their pain is real.

Hang in there! Ear infections = long distressful nights!


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My 20 month old had a fever for 6 days too. I took him to the doctor's office and they did NOT find the ear infection until his ear drum burst. But after it burst and they gave him ear drops and amoxicillin he was better in ONE day! He wouldn't drink the pedialyte either so I wouldn't waste your $$ on it. Just wanted you to know that even though you do what you think is right sometimes the doctor's don't know what it is either. Don't feel bad, you are on the way up now. God bless and try to get some sleep now :).

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My ped says that a child should be seen by a dr if they have a fever for more than 48 hours.
I generally follow that advice. Sometimes you take the child to the dr and the dr says it is a virus.. but at least you know.

Advil/motrin works better for pain than tylenol. They make baby motrin. We use advil for our kids teething pain. Use the advil every 6 or 8 hours around the clock for the next 24 hours until the ear feels better.

My kids will not drink pedialyte.. I have wasted a lot of money on the stuff. It tastes awful and they wont drink it..

If she is eating and drinking ok.. then she doesnt need pedialyte. She probably wouldnt drink it anyway.

She may have worse diahrea from the antibiotics.. a bit of yogurt will help with the diahrea.

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Hi C.!
Your daughter should be in less pain now, it sounds like her ear drum(s) ruptured. You may want to contact your pediatrician and let them know what you think happened. When my oldest was a baby, the same thing happened and her doctor prescribed ear drops and ear plugs, to keep bath water out until her ear drums healed. In my experience, there is really nothing you can do to prevent ear infections. Some children are prone to them and some are not. My oldest had chronic ear infections starting at 5 months. She had ear tubes put in at 9 months (they fell out 1 year later) and never had an infection until last summer (she is 11 years old now). My middle daughter (9) has never had an ear infection and my youngest(4)had only one.
Until you talk to your doctor - Do not put anything in her ears! If her ear drums are ruptured, you could inadvertently introduce bacteria into the ear drum.
My oldest always had bad diarrhea from the antibiotics, which is common and normal, so we fed her yogurt, and gave Pedialyte to keep her from getting dehydrated.
God Bless you and your daughter! I will pray that she is healed quickly and has no more ear infections.

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Sorry to hear your little girl has been so miserable! If it's any consolation, the nasty drainage from her ear probably made her feel better - it relieved some pressure there. I don't think you need to use peroxide to clean it, maybe just a warm washcloth. My daughter had several ear infections when she was a toddler, and her pediatrician said warm moist heat was good for both the pain and helping the ear to drain if it needs to. He even suggested using a blow dryer on a warm setting (as long as the noise doesn't bother her). I tried this on my son once at 3 a.m. when he woke up crying with an earache, and it worked - although my husband thought I was crazy!

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If you can prop her bed up, that helps. Also, take the stopper out of her sippy cup when you can because the sucking tends to bother their ears. Also, if she is on antibiotics make sure she has alot of yogurt as the antibiotics will clean out her good bacteria too. If possible add some Flora (you can get the powder at health food stores) which helps to keep the good bacteria in her body. My daughter developed an intestinal issue after taking the antibiotics and the Flora helps. Hope this all helps.

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