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Help- Ear Infection!

I'm 29 wks pregnant and have an outer ear infection. Went to the doc. last week- he told me to try a benadryll and wash my ear out with proxide and water- if that didn't work- he gave me a prescription for antibiotics to take. Well, it seemed to be working for a while- the pain was less but my ear was still clogged. I hear everything like it's under water.
Now the pain is coming back- not as bad as before, but my ear seems more blocked than ever! When I lay down, all I can hear is my heart beat in my ear. I can't hear at the store- there is too much background noise. It's driving me nutty!
Does anyone have any ideas on how I can clear this up? I just filled the prescription today- but the decongestion stuff hasn't helped at all.

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Take the antibiotics. I tried hydrogine peroxide one time. It felt better but started growing bacteria after a few days. Take the medicine instead.

Ear infections are a nightmare, there's not much you can do but let that antibiotic kick in. Did he give you the antibiotic ear drops or just an oral? He probably should have given both, it will clear it up quicker. I had my first ear infection about 2 years ago and it was one of the worst pains I've ever been in my entire life. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

Try Musinex, I have a lot of allergy stuff and get my ears plugged frequently and that seems to help quite a bit.

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Water is not good - Use a mixture of 1/2 Vinegar & 1/2 alcohol. It will do amazing things. Use peroxide but without the water.

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I had an inner inner ear infection. Really bad to the
point of alot of vertigo and throwing up. The Dr. would
not give me antibiotics for this. The only thing that I
could take to clear it up was Non-Drowsy Sudafed.
Make sure you can take Sudafed and if you can please give it a try. It saved me. Someone else had suggested it to me. By the way, my ear infection was
caused by a memory foam pillow...


Nutribiotic ear drops from any health food store. They work great without any side affects to your baby. So important. They are about 11.00 but will have for a long time and is safe to use on your kiddos. The chiropractor route is good too. Hope this helps. Kuddos to you and your big family:) I have 6 myself. Kids are the best.

You need to go and see chiropractor and have you ear pulled. I know several who can do this if you need a recommendation. These is one who deals mainly with pregnant woman who is a great ear puller! She'll fix you right up.

Oh C., I am so sorry you are going through this. I have suffered with a lot of ear issues and know that 'under water' feeling you are talking about. MISERABLE!! Have you seen an ENT (ear, nose & throat speciaist- AKA 'Otolaryngologist')?

The last time I experienced that- I went to my ENT (in Indianapolis, DR. House) and had a 'mastoidectomy' and 'typanoplasty.' I realize my condition may be/or was- much more severe, but I don't know your ear conditions of the past.

The drops that don't burn me to tears is called "FLOXIN." It worked like a miracle- when nothing else does!! It is actuallly safe for the eyes...so that made me feel A LOT better after my previous ENT prescribed that I put a BORIC acid & vodka mix in my ears!! I cried (more like WHALED!) for several hours begging to be taken to an emergency room (both times I did it! I do not have anything left as far as eardrums, so that mixture went in my inner-ear. NEVER-EVER-EVER use that mix if you have ear drum issues or preforated eardrums!!
THAT is why the reaction was SO horrible. Let me know if you have any questions. :)
Good luck!


Use ear candles! I have ear infections every now and then, and I haven't ha to be on antibiotics for one in several years because I learned about ear candles. They freaked me out at first, but they work SO well and provide relief very quickly. It's basically a fabric cone that is covered in wax and you light the big end, put the smaller end in your ear, and the warm smoke loosens the wax and other debris in your ear. As the smoke fills your ear, the only place it can go is back into the candle and it forms a gentle vaccuum to bring all the wax and yucky stuff out of your ear. If you've never heard of it, it may sound crazy, but it really works well.

You can find them at the more old fashioned pharmacies (in Mansfield and Arlington, ray's pharmacy carries them) or a lot of health food stores carry them.

Good luck! Feel free to message me if you have any questions about them :)

Hi C....

I too had this same problem in September and it also took my voice...I could barely talk for a week and it took 5 weeks for my ears to come back. I took antibiotics, 3 different kind but it didn't help during its course. I am a massage therapist and I specialize in Lymph Drainage and CranioSacral therapy, I have helped MANY people and children with this problem but I was unable to help myself due to not being able to work on my own head, neck, ears and chest. If you would like to come try this very comfortable and relaxing therapy to help open your congestion and your ears, check out my website and give me a call...remind me who you are when you call and I will give you a discount...


Take the antibiotics. I tried hydrogine peroxide one time. It felt better but started growing bacteria after a few days. Take the medicine instead.

Hi C., sorry you're having problems. I know you have recieved a lot of good advice so what's one more that works quick & cheap, lol. Try mixing equal parts of WHITE vinegar & rubbing alcohol. The vinegar kills the bacteria or fungus & the alcohol will dry up the drainage or fluid in the ear. Great for swimmers ear. Then go to Wal-Mart or just about anywhere & get you a bottle of Simulsion ear drops. Put a few drops of the Vinegar & alcohol in and let it stay in for a few minutes then drain in out. Then put in a few drops of the ear oil. This works for me faster than anything else. Usually takes one day & I'm much better if not well. I use it 4 times the first day then 2 or 3 times a day for 2 or 3 days to make sure it goes away. Take care hope you'll try it & it works for you.

I have had chronic ear problems since birth and I am now 54 years old, therefore, I consider myself well versed in ear infections. My advice is to take the antibiotic and wait. Ear fluids can take many weeks to drain or be absorbed back into the body. Even after the infection is gone your ear may remain clogged for some time. Benadryll is an antihistamine, not a decongestant and for me doesn't help much if any because it tries to dry things up. This sometimes feels like the fluid is thicker and doesn't drain at all. A true decongestant like sudafed is more helpful for me as it makes mucus thin out and drain better, but has a history of making one jittery and is probably not recommended for someone pregnant. One thing that I have found to help somewhat is hanging my head upside down. Lie on the bed and hang your head over the side for as long as you can and see if this helps, this sometimes will help with drainage. Unfortunately you may be in for a month or more of aggravation before it is completely gone. Be patient.

You have already recieved a lot of good advice. I would like to offer some advice for your discomfort. This is not a cure, only a little advice to help temporarily w/the pressure and loss of hearing you are having.
I used to have a lot of trouble w/my ears, once I had an infection (as an adult) so bad my ear drum burst so I have been to ENT's often throughout my life. One time my ENT doc told me to Pop my ears during the times when my ears were "stuffy" and I felt like I was hearing under water. He assured me it would not harm my ears whatsoever.
The process is very simple: hold your nose tightly shut, (I also close my eyes), take a deep breath, shut your mouth and try to forcefully blow out your nose/ears, It will pop your ears and voila you will be (hopefully) be able to hear w/out the under-water feeling. Sometimes it takes a couple tries but it usually works for me.
Once again this is not a cure for any infection or other problems simply something to help w/the discomfort.
Good Luck and hope you feel better soon!

Sorry I can't be of more help, but I know that my daugther had lots of ear infections and when they were bad, the only thing that helped was the antibiotics because it's an infection. I hope it gets better once you start taking the antibiotics- which usually kicked in within a day.

I also have an outer ear infection. My doc prescribed some antibiotic drops for my ears. They were expensive at $30 but within 24 hours most of the pain and drainage was gone. I tried the ear candle before that. It got some wax out, but did nothing to relieve anything. The discharge just kept coming and coming...

Also try Sudafed for the congestion. It helps with all head congestion, not just nasal.

Ear infections are a nightmare, there's not much you can do but let that antibiotic kick in. Did he give you the antibiotic ear drops or just an oral? He probably should have given both, it will clear it up quicker. I had my first ear infection about 2 years ago and it was one of the worst pains I've ever been in my entire life. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

I know this is going to sound a little whacko, but when I was pregnant, I felt an ear infection coming on. My Grandmother didn't want me taking medicine, so she rolled up a news paper section into the shape of a cone. The smaller end was big enough to fit into my ear. She lit one end on fire, and blew it out after it generated smoke. She then blew the smoke into my ear, and POP went the pressure and it stopped hurting. Just a suggestion. But make sure you have your hair pulled back

I have an ear infection too, but not pregnant so he gave me an antibiotic pill. I do know that there is a drop you can take while you are pregnant that is supposed to help quite a bit. Call your doc and ask for it!!

I will be brief...my niece had ear infections on a regular base and went to the doctor who suggested antibiotics and tubes in her ears.It worked for awhile but it appear her immune system was weak so her mom started her on Nature Sunshine Alj for respiratory,Combination CBG internally and 2-3 drops in the ear and Nature Sunhine multi Vitamin..no more ear problems. She purchase them from The Ford Health Group Ctr call for directions ###-###-####

Try an ear candle. May only clean the ear out but it's worth a try. You can get them at GNC.

Try Musinex, I have a lot of allergy stuff and get my ears plugged frequently and that seems to help quite a bit.

May be a fungus infection ... had one of those once and ENT took me off antibiotics and gave me a prescription ear wash, very similar to the alcohol/vinegar mix suggested by another responder. That fixed it! That type infection is different from the sinus infection that the antibiotics help. Try that type of wash ... look for an over the counter preparation for Swimmer's Ear ... may help in your case. ALWAYS check with pharmacist or doctor to see if OK for use during pregnancy ... and ALWAYS read the fine print yourself, too. Good luck and Blessings! Grandma GiGi

Try garlic for the pain. Take a clove of garlic, and pinch a little bit off. Smush it around an place it in a torn bit of paper towel. Twist the paper towel around the garlic and fit it in to your ear. Don't shove it down, you want to be able to get it out. Put it in like you would a cotton ball. Leave it in for 15 minutes or so. You can also go to a Health store, like Sprouts or Whole Foods, and get some ear wax candles. You will need someone else to help you with it. It's a little scary the first time, but it draws the wax out of your ear. You can also try dropping Coloidal Silver in your ear. You will find that at Sprouts or Whole Foods. These are natural ways to help your ear. My son had chronic ear infections at the age of 5 and we started using these methods. He now gets an ear infection maybe 2-3 times a year, instead of 2 times a month or so!

I just went through the same thing with my ear. I had ear problems as a child but didn't think adults got ear infections for some reason. It was very painful and you described it just right. I thought I was going to go insane not being able to hear. I don't really know anything to help but time. Putting moist heat on your ear may help with the pain. The anitbiotics I took helped the pain after a few days but I still couldn't hear a few days after I finished them. I happened to be taking my daughter to the ENT and he looked at it...he said that it is normal for the hearing not to be normal for 2-3 weeks after the antibiotics are finished. It is FINALLY getting back to normal, thank God! Hope it is better soon!

What I did for my son was put warm oil in his ear. I will draw the water out of it.

C., I had a really bad ear infection in both ears while pregnant too. I went to an ENT and she said put me on antibiotics and ear drops. However, my ear canal was so swollen and inflamed that she had to put these little stints in each ear to open up the canal so the drops could get down in there. It didn't hurt and wasn't uncomfortable at all (anymore than the discomfort I was already in)! It totally cleared up the problem and after I went back to have them removed it was so nice to be able to hear normally again! I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. I know it's very painful and annoying. Hope you're feeling well soon!

I had the same thing when I was pregnant with my second. Outer ear infections HURT! Anyway, I had to get my ear suctioned out--TWICE. She put something called gold dust powder in there and it really helped. I had to go to an ENT, though, my primary doctor did not have the right equipment.

Good Luck!

i had the same thing and it took forever to clear up. two injections, two prescriptions and about two months. my equilibrium was so off that i was also throwing up. i'm not sure there is a quick way to "fix" it when you're pregnant because they don't want to give you pain pills or heavy decongestants nonstop. have you gone to an ENT? that's where i ended up to get things to a manageable level. just noticed, you live in the same town i live in...

Tea tree oil (Melaleuca) is a natural antibiotic that is perfectly safe to swab inside your ear. You should be able to buy some anywhere essential oils are sold (Sprouts, Whole Foods, Central Market, etc.) Also, garlic has natural antibiotic properties. You can crush a garlic clove into some olive oil, let it steep a few minutes, remove the garlic and apply the oil in your ear.

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