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Help! Dog Eating Baby's Pacis

We got a puppy a week ago, and on Thursday he started eating the baby's pacifiers. I have been trying really hard to keep them out of his reach since I found the first one, but I keep finding them on the floor with the latex part completely chewed off. He has eaten 4 in the last 2 days! So, I have 2 questions. Is this bad for the puppy? Will it make him sick or anything? And...How do I get him to stop???? Even if it is not bad for him, if he keeps going at this rate, it will eventually be bad for my wallet! My baby is a big paci lover, so I've got to have them! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Well, I'd say at 6 months of age baby should be about done with needing paci's around the clock. This will probably help with getting him off the paci when you feel it's time. Only use one when it's time for him to sleep, maybe put a few extra in the bed so Daniel can get to them if he loses his during the night/nap, and keep the rest put away out of reach.

As for if it is bad for the dog, I can't imagine it is too good. I'd check with the vet on that one.

Good luck!

there are pacifiers for puppies to chew on at most pet stores , you might try that. and no its not unhealthy for your puppy , becasue eventually they will pass it. but good luck!

Hi C.,
I really hope I dont sound mean here. My honest "Opinion" is you should just get rid of the pacifier. Your puppy will find it where ever you hid it. Your child is young enough still that it will be easier now than if you wait. I'm not completely against pacis but I think there main prupose is to help infants develop strong sucking abilities for feeding and after that has been established they should be removed before the child becomes accustomed to having it as a comforter. The whole babies need to be soothed to sleep or calmed with a paci is Bull in my opinion. Provide a loving environment and they'll do great with or without a pacifier.
Sorry I kind of got on my soapbox with that. But if there were no paci there would be no puppy problem. Good luck (:

Dear C.

I used to work in a vet clinic, before I had my baby daughter. The latex should not hurt your puppy as long as he can poop out all the chewed up pieces. This is gross, but you may have to check his poop. Diarrhea, vomiting, or not eating could be a sign that there is a problem. AS far as the dog not eating the paci's. We would tell out clients to give their dogs plenty of chew toys that they can chew on. You can also get all natrual bitter sprays at pet smart, but that may not work, because, the paci's go into little Daniel's mouth(gross). I have similar problem. One of my labs like to take my 4mo old daughter's soft toys. He like to cary them around in his mouth and lick, and slobber all over them. I have to keep the toys picked up. One toy has been sacrificed, I found it outside covered in mud. Some new owners of dogs find it surprising that they have to puppy proof a house just like you have to baby proof home. Any way I hope this is helpful.
Mandy S.

Hi C.,
We have a 7 year old English Bulldog who was our first baby. All the stuffed animals were for him prior to us having a baby, so I had the same problem. This is what i did to correct it.
Walk your puppy everyday, and make sure that the baby is always in front of the puppy. If you use a stroller, the baby must be in front of the dog always.In doggy pyschology that means your baby is the leader. Also insure that the puppy doesn;t go out the door first, always you or the baby. Use treats to teach the puppy sit. Once the puppy has sit down, make sure the puppy always sits when next to the baby. When you see the puppy going for anything that is the baby's correct it by a tug on the collar, and some verbal que, like "no" . Nothing too heavy duty. Your dog will feel happier with daily excercise and will recognize the baby as it's leader and will show the proper respect once a routine is established. You will be happier too, because the puppy will know it's place in your house.I used all these techniques and have been pleasantly surprised at the results I've had. A lot of the time, puppies act up because they are bored and don;t get enough excercise. I hope this helps!

To the question about if it will hurt the puppy I used to work as head surgical tech at a vet clinic and most likely it will pass easily just watch for any vomiting and/or diarrea (in the puppy). Next see if you can fing a toy that is made of a soft rubber material for the puppy to keep him busy and then plant a pacifier on the ground covered in some cayenne pepper it won't hurt him but just enough to bern a little. I can't make any garantees but it just might work. Make sure your baby is asleep when you put the bad binky on the ground. I hope this works for you!

Yes, it's bad for the puppy. He cannot digest latex any better than we would if we ate it. It can cause a bowel obstruction and surgery may be the only way to help. I'm not saying this will definitly happen, but I am saying it's a strong possibility. Every time I turn around my puppy that's 7 months old and weighs 70 lbs. always has one of the baby's toys in her mouth. I have to watch her constantly.

Hi C.,
It might not be a good idea for the puppie to tear up the pacis because it could become a choking hazzard for him and the baby, is baby finds pieces that might have been missed, but the puppy seems to need a sturdier chew toy. Puppies teeth also. Visit a pet store and ask for a recommendation, keep trying to keep those pacis away from the pup.
Good Luck,

Hi not sure if it is good for puppy although, I have seen them eat all kinds of stuff. There are pacifers that have clips, maybe that will help keep them off the floor and a plastic chew toys for puppy....hope this helps

I don't know how to help stop him, but to answer your question YES it is bad for the puppy. When my son was born our cat (who had been bottle fed)was doing the same thing. He had to hae a 900.00 surgery to repair his intestines and then we had to put him down 3 weeks later. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don't know how to break the habit. I wish you luck

Does the puppy have plenty of chew toys himself? Puppies are just like human babies in that they like to chew and suck. What kind of puppy is it? Labs are notorious for chewing. I would suggest using a paci strap (Mam makes one) and clip it to the baby's clothes. Also, puppies are a lot of work and need tons of attention. So make sure you're spending lots of time with him as well as the baby. He could get jealous. You also might try limiting the baby's paci use to naps and bedtime. That way the paci is always in the bed where the puppy can't get to it. It also makes it easier to wean baby from the paci later. I've done this with both my children.

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