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Help!!! Crayons in Dryer!!!

Ok I love my children I truely do, but sometimes they are just too much. My youngest little darling has found crayons. Now I have 4 children so I know about the usual stuff like drawing on the walls and funiture. However, this one is a first for me. She decided that she need to wash the crayons, so she did and then she needed to dry the crayons. SO SHE DID IN MY DRYER!!! Which was on because my husband had just put some clothes in to dry. Now as you might have guessed I have melted crayon on many of my clothes and some still in the dryer. Does anyone know how to get melted crayon out of clothes and how to get the rest of it out of the dryer vents? Please let me know!!! Thanks

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Hi T. try goo gone it will get rid of almost anything. I have used it to get off paint and permenent marker you can find it a walmart in the paint section. For the dryer after removing the crayon I would take water and wipe out the dryer until the odor is gone.

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T., I hope you have access to a Dollar General store, because they carry the most marvelous product. It is called M30 and comes in a squat little white plastic tube with red and orange label. It costs a couple of dollars. I have never had to use it for melted crayon, but it has taken care of everything else I have tried. Now my daugher and granddaughter use it also. Use it before your try anything else and don't wash the garments until you have removed the stains. Washing can set stains.
Good luck!


I've never dealt with this myself but you might try calling or emailing Crayola and ask for their suggestions. I'll bet they've heard it all before.

I had this problem several years ago. I called Crayola and they actually have people there who will tell you how to get crayon or marker out of just about anything. You can now get the info off of their website at www.crayola.com, under the parents section. I don't remember exactly what we did, but it involved WD-40 and I was able to remove almost all of the crayon from the clothes and my dryer.

i had this happen as well a whole load of laundry ruined it was so terrible not only that my lg front loader dryer my husband just bought me was a scarey site so i knew i needed to fix this situation fast so here's what i did and it worked spread my clothes all over the front yard (embarrasing but necessary as you will need a large space)spray the clothes with wd40 let its set for about 15 min then pour dawn dish washing liquid on the stains use a damp rag to get out the crayon then rewash.too clean the dryer spray wd40 inside of it and use a dry rag to wipe it out.now the wd40 will leave a smell on your clothes for the first 2 or more washes you may want to add a little extra downy good luck this is alot of work but it will do the job.kids i tell you they do some stuff :)

Try putting the clothes in the freezer for a few hours (or a day), then peel the crayons off.....but you will probably have stains that won't come out. As for the dryer, don't know....maybe peanut butter. That gets gum out of hair so maybe it will work on this too.

Hi T. try goo gone it will get rid of almost anything. I have used it to get off paint and permenent marker you can find it a walmart in the paint section. For the dryer after removing the crayon I would take water and wipe out the dryer until the odor is gone.

I do not have a solution but a story. My daughter wanted to "soften" her crayons. So it happened that I had been utilizing the oven. She placed her crayons on the oven window to "soften". At a temperature/texture level, she decided to color in the oven window! It took several scrubbings and it felt like a year to get the oven window clear/clean!

Did you call a repair person to inquire of a cleansing source? Not to have the repair person come to the house but an inquiring over the telephone conversation.

Good luck.

for the clothes-- rewash in very hot water with a full bottle of "spray'n wash" (not shout). Rewash w/ regular detergent-- this will get most crayon marks out. Any left you can use WD40 on the stain. Spray on top and use paper towel underneath blot out the crayon, don't rub or it will smear. Then for any WD40 grease marks- use dishwashing liquid and hot water to hand wash out any grease stains.

As for the dryer- use WD40, on a cloth and rub (a lot). For the lint trap, I'd take it outside and spray (w/WD40) until it is dripping and blot dissolved crayon off. Make sure to check the washer for crayon residue- use WD40 to clean as well. Make sure to wipe down w/ water the dryer and anything you've used WD40 on-- it is flamable.

We experienced the crayon waher/dryer mess...I had to throw away just one article of clothing from a very full load. Best of Luck to you!!!

Wow! The joys of motherhood, right? I'm not an expert by any means, but you might try rubbing ice cubes on the crayola parts that you can reach in your dryer. I do this all the time with candle wax (I have a terrible habit of leaving a candle under an air vent on my piano). Another thing to try might be old panty hose, stick your hand in them and rub the wax (again a tip for candle wax). I don't know if crayons and candles work the same, but it's worth a shot! Good luck!
Oh yeah, have you tried goof-off for the stained clothes?

My oldest son left crayons in his pockets that were washed and dried! For some reason there were no melted crayons inside the dryer--just on the lent trap. I think I just washed it in the sink and let it air dry. There was melted crayon down the front of the dryer that I tried to wipe off with a Clorox wipe, but it's still there. I had to wash the clothes many times and soaked them. I have heard from other moms to try oxiclean--didn't have that at the time.
Good luck!!

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