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HELP! Constipated 6 Month Old

My 6 month old son just started eating solids and has been severely constipated for several weeks. I feel so bad for him, each time he has a BM he is in so much pain! I have tried stopping solids for a few days, just feeding him prunes, watered down prune juice, lots of fluids, lots of green veggies, sitting him up, working his legs a lot, is there anything else I can do? Should I get some stool softeners from the dr or is there anything else I can try from home?

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Thank you to everyone for all their great ideas! I was hoping to find some gentle home remedy before calling the doctor but nothing was working. My doctor prescribed Kristalose and within 24 hours he has had a really good BM. I also stopped all solids besides prunes and pears, as well as apple juice. I think I will slowly work back up to more solids but definitely keep a better eye on how his body is digesting them. He is breastfed and his BMs have always been few and far between, but the dr assured me it was normal. BTW - the colon massage really helps! he seems more comfortable after I do it and he has had more frequent BMs with it. I highly recommend it for after bath time every night! Thank you!

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Hi T.

My grandson had the same problem when he was a baby. We used apple juice, you might have to dilute it a bit, depending on the extent of his constipation. Worked very well for him, maybe a little too well at times. Good luck.

A real old remedy for this is to put a spoonful of Karo white syrup in their formula a time or two. But a stool softner like colace drops helped my two year old. The Dr. said she didn't need a laxative, that her last intestine was secreting too much water, and she just needed a softner, and this cleared her up. On solids at just 6 mo. you may want to watch which ones you give him that would be easier for him to not get constipated. Spinach?? And offer water. My daughter didn't like water,so that was a problem, but it is so good for them.

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The same thing happened when both of my children started solids (and as I added more variety to their diets). I did many of the things already mentioned on here (warm juice/water, less cereal, especially rice cereal, bicycle legs, etc.), but I also ended up using the suppositories with both, and they really helped. People get concerned about the body becoming dependent on them, but I used them with my two just on and off for a few weeks until their bodies adjusted to the new foods and have not had to use anything like that since!

I highly recommend the Fleet brand suppositories. I used the generic ones as well that you insert with your finger, but the Fleet ones have an applicator that is pre-lubricated so it's really easy to use and works RIGHT away. More expensive but so worth it since you will likely only need to use a few over the course of a couple of weeks! Good luck!

You can give him a glycerin suppository that can be bought over the counter. I had to use these several times on my daughter. But what worked well for continued use was warmth. Try warming the juice or milk (formula) and a warm bath. The urologist suggested this and it worked well.

Hi T.

My grandson had the same problem when he was a baby. We used apple juice, you might have to dilute it a bit, depending on the extent of his constipation. Worked very well for him, maybe a little too well at times. Good luck.

Push more fluids - keep a journal of what you're feeding him and his bms afterward - you may find that there are certain foods (wheat comes to mind) that drastically affect his elimination. Go back to straight formula and introduce one food every two weeks, keeping track of BM frequency and consistency.

Baby fleet glycerin suppositories are probably the easiest, most local acting relief for painful BM - given when it's clear it's time, but the baby isn't having any luck - they draw water into the stool to soften it and make it easier to pass. Check with your pediatrician to make sure it's safe, but it was a godsend for my kids.

There is a massage technique that helps increase peristalsis (the speed at which the intestines process food along) that should increase the frequency (and decrease the pain) that baby is experiencing.. lay baby down on his back and, starting on his left (looking at him will be your right), draw your index and middle finger from his left lower rib to his left hip (I) then from his right lower rib to his left lower rib, to his left hip (L upside down - for love), then from right hip to right rib to left rib to left hip (U upside down - for you). If you know the a&p of the colon, you're doing descending colon then transverse to descending, then ascending transverse descending. This also helps a colicky baby pass gas.

Good luck

I would get him into the doctor as soon as there is an opening. It shouldn't be painful to poo. In the mean time, get some pear juice, and give it to him, not watered down. My son was having trouble with formula. He went almost 5 or 6 days without going, and that's not normal. 2 maybe 3 is the normal, anything more than that isnt. The sugars in the juice is supposed to help stimulate the going need.

My dr. nurse told me when I brought my son in, that in all her years working as a pedi nurse (older women). She's never seen so many babies having trouble having a BM.

Hope everything works out fine. :)

They have over the counter at the pharmacy little baby suppositories, you can ask your pharmacist, it is easy and painless, my sister had to use one on her daughter. It loosens the stool and makes it easier to pass. Also carrots, bananas & applesauce always helped my children.

Take his bottle and put about 4ounces to 6 ounces of water with two drops of kayro syrup with the water being warm acourse shake it up and give it to him and you will see a bowel movement shortly after.

Have you tried glycerin suppositories? You can get them at the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist if you are unsure how to do it. You would want to cut it in half. Roll it around in your hand to soften it. Put baby on his tummy and insert it. Squeeze his little "cheeks" together for a minute. This will just help lubricate things down there. I am not a doctor, just a Mom who had the same issue. This worked for my kids.

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