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Our cat that we have had for around 6 years keeps peeing on all of our blankets, comforters,clothing, son's bed etc... I've spoken to the vet b/c I thought it was a UTI but the vet said that due to the nature of the way he is doing it, it is probably psychological/stress related. We moved back in October and then around December this started. I have bought a new litterbox, change it 1 or 2x/s a day, tried that cat spray stuff to get him to stop etc.. and nothing has worked.
I do not want to get rid of him as he is our vey special family cat, but I can't take having my house smell like this any longer! I am at my wits end. Confining him to one room also isn't really an option b/c we are in an apartment. Also, now he refuses to go outside-which he used to love.
Has anyone else gone through this and what did you do???

What can I do next?

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Many people I know have had success with the cat phermone plugins. I also know a cat behaviorist in Cary NC who will consult on the phone if you like. You can contact me at ____@____.com

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For the time being, you may want to buy extra litter boxes and place them around the house. I know it's unsightly, but it's only temporary and it's better than cat urine on everything. If he starts using the litter box again, then you can slowly remove the extra ones, one at a time. I wish you luck. These animals can really drive us crazy! I'm still waiting to see how they are supposed to lower our blood pressure and all that! :P My oldest dog is going in for surgery to have a tumor "debulked" for the 6th time on Monday!

Try only feeding your cat Medi-cal Preventative kibbles for cats that is only sold only by vets. There is a urinary weakness that can aggravate so as to make the cat constantly urinate to relieve the pressure. Has there ever been a trace of blood w/the urine.

T\You didn't say if your cat was neutered. If he's not, get it done. Your cat probably smells previous animals or cats in your new place, and he feels the need to spray. It's territorial for cats to do this and very normal. However, cats that are spayed or neutered generally will not pee like this to mark their territory.

Make the vet test the cat for a UTI. Cats are like kids, they can't tell you what is going on so there for we have to grab at straws to figure it out! Have blood test done as well. Given his age, he could be diabetic. Also, there is another blood test for the bladder that should be done. I can't remember the name of it but I have a cat that will randomly go through phases of peeeing on things in the house. The vet said she could have picked up a kidney infection long before I found her and this is an after effect of it not being treated properly. There is no cure for it except for behaviour meds which we haven't gone that route yet.

If you vet doesn't want to help you out with this, then find another vet that will.

Good luck!

Have you tried different kinds of litter? Some cats are picky about the type of litter they use. Our cats used pine litter fine until we got another cat and then the we had to go back to the regular clumping kind.

I'm sure this is so frustrating -- and hard to deal with a cat that you care about.
We get calls abouat this all the time! Our carpet cleaning mad scientists came up with the best in Pet Urine removal with P.U.R.T. It literally explodes the urine molecules so that they can't keep on smelling bad. It is harder to get it into contact with all the stuffing of a mattress or couch, but it definitely works.
Let us know if we can help. Then, once the urine is gone, if you take a washcloth and wipe it gently over your pet, and lightly pass it over furniture and carpet, it should put their scent onto those surfaces. Voila, no urine smell and no funny clean smell, just smells like home. Learned this from the cat rescue folks!
S. All-Star Chem-Dry ###-###-####

I have an 11-year old cat; she has issues as well. It is all JEALOUSY... seriously! For us it first started when my husband's sister moved in with us for a few months. The cat could not stand being "second best" when it came to our attention; also, my husband's sister moved into the guest room where I could usually find the cat sleeping during the day.

Now, three years after the girl moved, I have to keep that room closed, I have to cover my bed with a tarp during the day AND make sure the cushions in our couch are lifted during the day. I make sure the cat gets attention or she will do it again.

Cats, unlike dogs, should not be punished for bad behavior; it is their way to tell you they feel neglected.

I do recommend "Nature's Miracle" to remove odors.

To get the cat urine smell out of your blankets and things, try Odo-ban.... I found it at Home Depot for about $10.00 a gallon (in the Cleaning Supplies Section) It really works... I have a cat that is 16 years old and he has acidents sometimes. I thought my blankets were ruined. But Odo-ban got the smell out. I washed them and added a cup or more to the rinse cycle. Problem solved. Try it : )

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