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Help: Cant Get Rid of Yellow Grout in Shower!

hey there mom's, the grout in my shower/bath has turned yellow/black spots... the grout is starting to chip away and im not ready to replace it yet... i have tried CLR, Tilex, Bleach, Comet, etc. etc.... im at my wits end, so my question to you all is do you know of any miracle product that will get the yellow off my grout without replacing it? know of any home mixtures to use? I greatly appreciate any help with this matter.. Thank you

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I have best luck with Soft Scrub and Showers only. The Showers only is really good at getting glass showers clean. Both of these products are really good at getting rid of soap scum as well.

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I have best luck with Soft Scrub and Showers only. The Showers only is really good at getting glass showers clean. Both of these products are really good at getting rid of soap scum as well.

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They sell some heavy duty grout cleaners in the grout department at Home Depot and Lowes. I got some and it worked great, but they are very heavy duty chemicals, so be careful.

I am not sure if this will work on grout, but it cleaned my shower to perfection! I mixed regular bathroom cleaner, with chlorine and vinegar. It works wonders!! You should be careful though, cause it is quite strong, you'll even feel the back of your throat itch a bit. Watch out for little Peyton going near this. I hope this helps!!

try baking soda and apple cider vinegar together (remember the volcano science project as a kid) works great together, and is all natural, and probably no trip to the store needed!

I have the same problem. I tend to use hydrogen peroxide. I pour it around the edges where this happens and let it sit for a while before I go back and clean it with a mild cleanser. It's not a perfect solution but it's much safer than using bleach in the same tub my 19 month old bathes in. I also have asthmas and the harsh chemicals tend to aggravate that. Unfortunately, because the discoloration is coming from under the grout, you won't get it perfectly clean until you do replace it. Using peroxide helps though because as it foams it gets in there. And its cheap.

1. Hydrogen peroxide and a spinning tooth brush.

2. White out - it doesn't get rid of it, but it does cover it.

3. Why not replace the grout? They sell some in a tube, fill in the holes, smear it with your finger, wipe off overage with a wet rag.


I use Hydrogen Peroxide 50% and 50% water mix... it's cool, easy, cheap and evaporates...


Easy Off BAM toilet cleaner, I know it is suppoed to be for toilets but it works wonders in showers and baths!

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!! Works Miracles!!

I cleaned our shower with comet and then used a Mr. Clean magic eraser to get the grout clean. It was hard and tedious but it worked.

We had that issue at our old house. We ended up calling someone to come replace the caulk and some of the grout that was discolored. Caulk is pretty easy to replace but grout is a bit trickier. The guy said to 1) run a fan when you shower or bathe 2) Squeegee all the excess water off the walls 3) Make sure the shower/bath gets adequate ventilation to dry (maybe aiming a fan into it would help too)

There are just some showers/baths that have grout and caulk that won't stay white no matter how often you clean it. We ended up replacing all of the tile in our shower at one point because there was leak in our shower pipes. They also put backer board behind the tile which helps as well.

good luck.

Try this simple & cheap home remedy of Tide powder detergent with rubbing alcohol. I have not tried it with any other powder detergent, but Tide works really well and then buy a couple of rubbing alcohol bottles (you know the 2 for a dollar bottles when they are on sale) This remedy works wonders on getting soap scum off shower curtains and tiles.

I have 2 suggestions...MelaMagic and SoluMel...they work really really well and have no fumes or chemicals/toxins...in fact, most of the products I use are similar...Spray them on, leave it for a few minutes and then scrub off, it should work pretty good...you might have to do it twice?? not sure how bad it is!?!

Good luck!!

Try Bam for soap scum, and a green scour pad it worked for me.

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