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Help! Bathroom Smells like Urine.

I am so fed up! I am a clean freak but for the last month, no matter what I do, my bathroom smells like urine. I thought at first it was the potty training (even though we clean the potty out each time) so I moved it out of the bathroom for a week. Nope, not that. We normally clean the toilet inside and out (and surrounding floor) about once a week...lately we've been doing it two or three times. Nope, not helping either. It lasts for about a day before the smell starts again. My guess is that my 9 year old has bad aim...lol. I don't know b/c I don't stand in there with him but I can't see any other reason why it would smell so bad. Whatever the case, I am running out of ideas. Other than banning everyone from the bathroom (lol), I am perplexed about how to keep this from occuring? Any ideas?

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my only suggestion is to take off the toilet seat and clean the bolts/screws that hold the seat and the lid to the toilet. They're usually covered with a flap for looks, so they don't ever get clean. It can get really gross, even after a short period of time.

If its seeped under the flooring, tile or whatever into the subsfloor the only way to get rid of the smell is to tear everything out.

Have you tried to clean the walls around the toilet. I have 3 boys and a husband, so I struggle with this as well. I also have a promise from them (especially the littlest ones) that they will tell me right a way if they "miss" and show me where, so I can clean it right a way. I remain completely calm and appreciative so they are not afraid to tell me. It has definitely gotten better!

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kids and pets is great stuff-- breaks down the urine... i think they sell it at wal mart

also white vinegar--kills germs and is harmless (i use it for cleaning everything!!!)

wash the floors and walls and shower curtain and garbage...

we have that problem too. i finally figured out the smell at our house usually comes from diapers in the trash can (we still wet at night) so i take those out every few days.

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Hi S.,

Get the walls too, when you are cleaning.

Also try Nature's Miracle which is a pet stain/odor remover, it has enzymes in it which supposedly break down the urine so it can't cause odor anymore. It is a little pricey so if you see another enzyme type cleaner, you could try it first.

good luck!

K. Z.

Hi S.:

I have a very similar problem except with my cat! We have his litter box in the corner of the bathroom and he sometimes pees outside the box. It will run under the baseboards if I don't catch it soon enough and it has a VERY strong odor. I use Windex to clean the whole area and it does the trick. Not sure if you want to use chemicals, but my bathroom smells nice and clean now! I've also used other cleaners but Windex seems to give me the best results.

Good Luck!!

I have 5 boys and my husband in the house. I had this problem several years ago and I was also fed up. I wanted to ban everyone from the bathroom. My solution: EVERYONE has to sit down to go potty. No more standing up. My aunt told me this and I have enforced it for years. No more smelly bathroom. If you have boys at home they need to sit down. I don't encourage that at public places. They think that they have good aim but even my husband was not as good as he thougth. Your boys are still young and you can train them. I told them unless they wanted to clean the bathroom they had to sit down.

Clorox wipes! My son is 6, and doesn't have bad aim but like many momma's know it's definilty not perfect. It's his job each morning after he brushes his teeth to wipe out the sink, wipe off the toliet handle, the seat and around the base of the toliet. This does not replace my weekly cleaning but does keep that stinky smell away, and encourages my son to not miss!!

Unfortunately your problem is likely in the flooring under your toilet! Use a lot of bleach at the base of your toilet... it might be necessary to replace flooring to remove odor!

I have the same problem in my boys bathroom sometimes. Try washing the walls around the toilet. Lets just say boys can be messy.

boys cannot hit the bowl. I've been mopping up urine in both bathrooms since my son started standing up to pee. I tore up the carpeting and put in tile, then I replace the rugs in the bathroom about every month because they can only take so many washings.

Someone once suggested to me that I put decals in the toilet bowl for the boy to aim at. I never tried it but it might work.

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