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Help! Almost 9 Month Old with Bad Cold! Can't Breath Well/sleep at Night!

Any help would be greatly appreciated! My almost 9 month old son came down with a horrible cold this weekend that finally manifested in the stuffy/runny nose, cough & congestion, low fever Monday night. He is attached to his pacifier - and wants it - especially now - to sleep - but he can't breath out of his nose! He gets very frustrated & sleeps for a little while - but then wakes up - and then for some odd reason - wakes up in the middle of the night (1 or 2am) and can't get comfortable until - oh 4 or 5 am! I am dying! I work full time out of the house and his dad and I do not live together & right now - he is not a help at all! I have tried a cool mist humidifier, putting a wedge under one end of his mattress, rubbing vicks on his chest & under his nose, using saline spray (that was not fun!) - any other suggestions? I'm living on 4 hours of very broken sleep & starting to feel so run down & sick myself! Anyone have any tricks they know to help their little ones w/colds sleep?

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put the vics vapor rub on his feet and put socks on them or the footy pjs...sounds crazy, but it worked with both my kids. I didn't put it on their chest or nose or anyplace but the feet...

I tried vicks plug ins and my daughter's coughing at home has improved greatly- maybe you should give it a try! Good luck

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Hi, try turning on the shower(hot water) and allowing the steam to fill the bathroom. Take the baby into the restroom, while the shower is still running, sit in the bathroom w/ the door closed for about 30-45mins. You can either wrap him in a towel or keep his clothes on, but hold him to you. This has always worked for mine, I pray it works for u.
p.s.You can also rub the Vick on b4 you take him into the bathroom.

You have to use the bulb. It's unpleasant for the baby and you, but it clears his mucus. My son has a cold and he is very, very strong, but I prevail, because I know he needs to be able to breath when he sleeps. I first put the saline in to loosen some of the mucus and then I aspirate his nose with the bulb. He cries, but feels better after I kiss and hug him and give him his bottle and he can actually drink it!!

Well both my boy's were able to take Benadryl at 8 months old.
It will help him sleep and will help to clear up his nose.
17 to 21 pounds is 3/4 teaspoon 22/27 pounds is 1 teaspoon.
check with your DR. to make sure they are ok with it.
Good luck.
L. B

You have got to get this for your babies stuff nose http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2585646

This is the BEST thing on the market!!!! I LOVE IT! It works GREAT and is very easy to use.
Good luck with your little one, colds are a stinker. Hope he's better fast!

Hello J.,
Something that has always worked for me and my daughter is rubbing the vicks vapor rub on our feet then putting socks on right before bed. This works so much better than putting the vicks on their nose or chest. Anyone who has ever tried it says it works so much better for them also. I also wanted to tell you that Arbonne has a great vapor rub that is botanically based, and doesnt have such a strong smell or greasy feel to it. If you are interested in trying it, please let me know. Wish you the best of luck! I know it is so hard to sit back and feel so helpless when your little ones are sick!

Have you tried sitting in the bathroom with a hot steamy shower running?? Always helped my boy's sleep better if suffering from congestion. Also, I'm sure the saline was difficult, but keep trying that. Don't give up, this too shall pass.
N.-Nutrition Naturally

Ugh! You're busy. I'd be surprised if you have time to read this. If you run the hot water in the shower with the door closed the bathroom will steam up. Take him in there for about ten minutes and the hot air should make his nose run and help him breathe for a while. Might help to put him to sleep with the plug.

Hi J.,

I'm a mother of 4 (4,7,11,14) please keep an eye on this so it doesn't turn into anything worse. Make sure you keep him as cleared out as possible. Plenty of water or juice, so the mucus stays loose, saline nose drops and vicks on the feet at night with socks. I also used the bulb syringe to clear out the nose. I know none of my children liked it but I would tell them as I was doing it and after I was done, that "Yeah!! you can breath." You can call your Dr. to see if there is anything over-the-counter you can give him, at least at night, to help both of you get some sleep. My Dr. would put my kids on DAllergy or Donatussin only at night. Good Luck with everything!!
C. B.

put the vics vapor rub on his feet and put socks on them or the footy pjs...sounds crazy, but it worked with both my kids. I didn't put it on their chest or nose or anyplace but the feet...

I have been using sol-u-mel in our cool mist humidifer when my children are sick and I have been rubbing T36-C5 or T40-C3 on thier chest and bottom of ther feet (then putting socks on).

If you are interested in where to find these products please contact me.

J. T.

I tried vicks plug ins and my daughter's coughing at home has improved greatly- maybe you should give it a try! Good luck

Hi There,
ANy concerns and take him to the Dr- My daughter is 10 months old, and a cold turned into RSV and pneumonia. The RSV season is over, but you can catch it anytime. Better safe then sorry.

Hi J.,
I feel for you! I remember when my son had a terrible cold around that age and he was so uncomfortable, and I did not sleep at all. Now I know a few remedies, you can use Melaleuca oil or Tea Tree Oil on a q-tip and rub it around the rim of his nose and in his ears it really helps with the congestion. Also if you put some in his humidifier it will help clean out his lungs and boost his immune system. I work with a Wellness Store that has Melaleuca Oil in it's purest form. If you have any questions feel free to call me ###-###-####. Good Luck!! I hope you both get the rest you need!

There is something called Spirits of Campher. Walgreens has it. It is an analgesic. The smell is strong but it works. My grandma used it with me and I'm 36. It comes in a brown bottle and has a foil covering under the lid. Poke a pin hole in that foil. Take some cotton balls and dampen them with water and sprinkle with a little of the campher. Place them in a ziploc bag that has holes poked in it. Attach the bag to the head of the crib on the sheet or under the sheet with a safety pin. Just so he can't grab it. The aroma will help the congestion and calm him.

I know this might sound crazy but, put Vicks on the bottom of his feet and put his socks on. My father-in-law told me to try this old remedy, and it really worked to stop the coughing. It helped with the breathing as well. Good Luck!

Hi. Have you been to the doctor yet to rule out an ear infection? I just went through the same thing with my 12-month-old. He had croup and an ear infection. He got an antibotic and the doc gave me a sample of Donatussin. It does help. I gave it to him an hour before bed and also took him for a walk in the stroller outside an hour before bed to open him up. Cool air also opens up their constricted chest. Be careful and keep on top of it. DONT use benadryl or any other over the counter meds without talking to a doc. Also see if you can get some help from your church if you have one. See if there's a woman who can help you temporarily get through this, helping watch baby while you get a nap or clean, etc. I sympathize. I know this is really hard but it won't last. Hang in there and drink lots of coffee.

This will sound crazy, but try putting the Vicks on his feet when he goes to bed. Rub a small amount on each foot then put socks on. Someone told me to do this with my son for the coughing and it actually worked! I hope your little on feels better soon.

So sorry about your sick baby. That is so hard to see them like that! Short of bringing him to the Dr. to make sure the cold doesn't go into his chest & ears and giving him frequent, hot showers so that the bathroom becomes a steam room - that's the only advise I have. It sounds like you have everything else covered. Good luck! Hope no one else gets sick!

My boys have had more than their fair share of colds. We love the Pediacare Waterless vaporizer; it works wonders. I use that in combination with a warm air humidifier, saline drops, lots of suctioning, and (shh) sometimes some benadryl. This has helped them get some sleep.

this sounds like allergies.

my 8 month old has been stuffy as well...ozone level was elevated and he woke 3X when he usually sleeps thru the night.

if his mucous is clear...it's not a cold.

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