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HELP! 28 Weeks and Can Barely Walk

I'm hoping some of you mom's can help me. I'm 28 weeks pregnant and in extreme pain. For a few months now I've been having shooting pains in my buttock area which I attributed to sciatic pain. It hurts in boths side but is usually more prominent on one side. It's gotten much worse to where any little movement causes a horrible shooting pain. I'm beside myself this morning because I'm just at the end of my rope. I can barely function and I have a 2 1/2 year old to tend too. I've tried exercises with a birthing ball, baths, massages, alternating hot and cold, chiropractic care and nothing is working. I'm petrified because I know this baby is getting ready to put on some serious weight and I just don't know how much more I can take. I really don't know which way to turn. I've mentioned it to my OB but she doesn't seem concerned or willing to do anything.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?

Any help/guidance would be appreciated.


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Thanks everyone for your responses!

I got the pregnancy belt and am trying that! The chiropractor hasn't been working so I'll probaby try a DO but am hopeful there is relief out there. Also, been sitting facing backwards in chairs which pull the baby off the back. Maybe after doing these things, I'll be provided with some relief. You guys are great!


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I went through the horrible pain when pregnant with my now 2 year old daughter. I got a pregnancy belt and since the biggest part of the problem was her sitting like a little frog on my bowels and all that's in the general area, I ate fruit loops and FINALLY got her to change positions. The fruit loops were for the sugar to get her active and once she got to moving around, I would use the belt and my hand to block her from moving back once she got to a position that was not so painful to me. I also used this method to get her to move from breach to head down about a week before I delivered.

Hope this helps.


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Hello P.,
My name is L. and I live in the Richland Hills area.I had that same problem when I was pregant with my daughter 27 years ago.The best advice that I can give you is what I did.I simple would lay down and elevate my feet,while it was quit time.I know you have a 2 1/2 year old so while your little one is napping try this.I also ask the Lord to help me through this.I know it can be very painful,it made me even double over at times.My doctor said it was because the baby I was caring was so low.Medataion is another good source while your relaxing with your feet elevated.May the Lord give you comfort and peace during this special time.
L. W.

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Hi P.,

I had a girlfriend that had awful sciatic pain as well, and her doctor told her to try swimming. She would go to her gym (they can watch your other little one) and swim for 30 minutes or so and she said it helped. Sorry to hear about your problem...hope this helps : )

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Hi P.! First of all Congrats! Second you should get a different OB, if she doesn't care, she doesn't deserve you! Third, this happen to me in several of my pregnancies. Continue the exercises, and massages but #1 GET A PREGNANCY BELT! I had mine made in a military hospital 13 years ago and used in several of my pregnancies, but now I've seen them at Babies R Us. That fixed it for me until about the 8 month when somehow the pain stopped, but if it's still there keep wearing it. Good luck and God bless! M.

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I had a co-worker who had that same problem and her OB gave her some pain medication. You really need to call your OB and discuss with her you options. If she still is not concerned that you are in so much pain I would look into changing docotrs.

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I had the same problem, although not quite as severe, when I was pregnant with my daughter. I would push the issue with my doctor because when it got so bad that I was in pain all the time, my doctor referred me to a physical therapist. Luckily at about the same time my daughter must have changed positions because the pain suddenly disappeared.

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I'm pregnant with my 4Th (YES 4) so obviously my ligaments are shot and I was having the same pains. I could barely walk without shooting pains and standing and sitting at a fast pace was out of the question. I got a pregnancy belt and it worked wonders, It helped lift him out of that area and keep him off my sciatic nerve.

I hope you find some comfort.

Many Blessings,

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Dear P.,

I am sorry to hear of your pain but I can very much relate I had the same problem with both my pregnancy. With the first I just sufferd but with the second I got some help. At this last time I was working for a Dr. here in keller and he advised me to see a chiropracter, not wanting to cause I always felt they were quaks, but I was willing to try anything, and it was the best thing I had ever done after my first visit it was amazing and I actually cried that night because it was the first time in a long time that I could move.

Anyway I hope this does help you.

L. T

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I have had sciatica with all 4 of my pregnancies and only got relief during this last one when I went to the chiropractor regularly (once a week). And I especially loved number 3 on this list of yoga poses: http://www.womenfitness.net/top10_yoga_exercises.htm
Also try a support belt. For some reason that seemed to help too.

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