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HELP 19 Month Old Daughter Extremely Constipated!!!

My 19 month old daughter has been extremely constipated lately. I still breast feed her and have had no issues with this in the past. I noticed it started since she began her new daycare. The new provider gives them cows milk because of state regulations, but I told her I want to start her on organic milk instead. Can you all give me some medications I can use to help loosen her bowels? Also what foods should I implement more into her diet. I noticed apple sauce really helps her, but she gets tired of that. She really loves the gerber pruns, but they only come in stage 1 and she is almost 2. Please help!!!

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Hi A. My name is Lena, actually giving her too much applesauce can also give her constipation so wha you can try is a little prune juice just start off with 1/2 oz that will help her bowels move, give her 1/2 oz every day until she's loosened. No need for meds she is still young try the juice, and see. Good Luck

When my son would become constipated...I'd give him prune juice mixed with some apple juice....he'd drink it nd a little bit later he was pooping.

Hope this helps

I found that prune juice mixed in formula or breast milk works graet. You can also give her apple juice but you have to water it down either half & half or 1 part juice 1 part water. I think you should only give them about 4 or six ounces of juice a day but this is what I give my son and it really helps. Watermelon as well, plus he loves it. It is pretty much made up of water so it will help get things moving. My sister had teh same issue w/ her daughter and they had to resort to baby enima's. I decided to try the juices.
Hope this helps

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Orange vegetables help (squash, carrots, sweet potatoes). Prunes are great. I'm not sure about the apple sauce though; I've read that it causes constipation. Ask your pediatrician about giving her a little milk of magnesia.

Dear A. B,

Talk to your pediatrician about foods and possibly vitamins that will keep the stool moist and soft. Is she drinking other fluids besides milk including water and juices? You may find pureeing her veggies and fruits at home rather than purchasing canned foods will help as you can keep a greater amount of the nutritional value by doing it yourself.

I have a son 9 years, daughter 6 years and am delivering another daughter in June. I have found among friends that girls are inclined to have constipation more than boys. I found and find even to this day when my daughter gets backed up, I feed her something with oat fiber (soluble kind), which includes oatmeal, Cheerios, or the like, and encourage more juice or water and that softens well. Bananas can go either way depending on the child. If you sweeten foods at all, use brown sugar or molasses as they can help keep stool wet and motivate the bowels to pass stool. Also, try growing your own spinach and making an uncooked spinach and pear salad -- both of which have great nutrients for anyone.

Hope this helps. C.

Our family takes Sea Aloe and we love it. It's a whole-food supplement with aloe vera in it. It works GREAT to prevent constipation. We are big on prevention. Check out www.myseaaloe.com. We have been taking this for over 6yrs now. I used it as my prenate vitamins and didn't have any trouble with constipation. My OB ok'd it too. I have to keep it in the back of the fridge or else my 2yr old crys for it! It's a liquid that tastes good! If you decide to try it, please tell them I referred you, okay? They give us discounts for referrals and with gas and grocery prices now days we can use all the discounts that we can get! LOL
Email me anytime @ ____@____.com Care, N.
SAHM of 3 great boys 12,7 & 2yrs old and wife to one great man!

Pears and grapes always work with my son. My daughter loved fig newtons (a little messy, but boy did they work like a charm). A friend lets her daughter chew on the dried prunes and she loves them (at 19 mo, you really don't need to go the baby food route anymore). My ped warned me that juices, even apple, can be a constipator, as can milk, so just watch her levels. At that age, my son was drinking several cups of milk a day and boy did it stop him up. For meds, check with your doc.

Hi A. My name is Lena, actually giving her too much applesauce can also give her constipation so wha you can try is a little prune juice just start off with 1/2 oz that will help her bowels move, give her 1/2 oz every day until she's loosened. No need for meds she is still young try the juice, and see. Good Luck

My pediatrician had me use Karo syrup(the clear stuff)- a safe stool softener. It totally worked. I had my son (now five and completely healthy no sugar or weight issues) on soy the complete formula 'part' of his life. Now, although he will drink regular milk- he prefers soymilk. If your provider cannot comply to your request, you need a new one. Finding a good one is So hard, but it sounds like it might ease your mind somewhat. Congrats for trying to stay organic-its hard- stick with it!

There are a couple of things you can try. You can give her cut up pieces of prunes as she ought to be able to eat the bites and since she likes the jars she will like the prunes. You can also use prune juice. I used both for my son when he had problems. I diluted the juice and if you warm it you will get even better results. I'm not sure what warming it actually does, but you will certainly see a difference. I learned that trick from my grandmother.

Good luck.

Hi A. B,

Here's a web site:


Hope this helps.


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