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HELP! 1 Yr Old Very Constipated!!

My son has not pooped in 3 days...normally he goes 1-2 times/day, so that's a long time for him. His problems started last week with hard stool. I cut back on the dairy, started giving him prune juice/more water. It worked for a day or two, then he just stopped altogether. I've more than halved his dairy intake (today was only 10oz), given him oatmeal mixed w/prunes AND prune juice seperately, graham crackers for snack...what else can I do to help move things along? His pedi said to call back tomorrow if he still hasn't pooped, but I'm hoping to avoid that if we can. Any suggestions appreciated!

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Thanks for all the advice, ladies! He finally pooped! Rabbit pellets, but he went twice, so that's a start. I'm going to keep him on the oatmeal & prunes for awhile yet, though, and make sure all that backed up stuff moves on out.

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Try adding Dark Karo Syrup. It's one tablespoon for every ounce of milk or formula. My doctor told me to do that when my son was a baby/toddler. He was always constipated. It worked. As he got older we used senokot. Hope it works...good luck

same thing happened with my baby & I used prune juice to avail. I went to the Health Food store & they recommended raisins......volia! a poop!

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I know your desperate about the situation but i really don't agree with all the advice on laxatives. I went through this with my niece and now my cousin is going through and both parents gave them laxatives. There bodies get used to having that laxative. I give my daughter a bowl of oatmeal every morning and only give her water. She drinks lots of water and i only allow her to drink a small cup of juice for dinner. She eats vegetables with dinner & she loves raisins. Please try to stay away from these laxatives. I know its tempting because he hasn't pooped in 3 days but have him drink lots of water.

Good Luck!

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Hi dear this situation can be frustrating for you and your little one, but once my son had this problem and the doctor had recommended Welch's White Grape Juice. This worked out just fine I suggest you try it but in any event seeking medical attention may be best.

Best Wishes, S.

My middle daughter went through this at about 2.5. I did not like the idea of laxitives at all. I ended up doing the prune juice thing and she hated it but it did work. You have had sooo much advice here, a change in diet will be the safest bet, and if it continues see a specialist just incase there is a medical reason for it happening. I know it is hard to see our children suffer in ANY way, but try and stay calm about it. All children have this issue at some stage in life (as do we, I have IBS so I know how it feels)

M. F

THis is no fun. When my daughter was born, this began with her at week one home from the hospital until she was 2 years old & we went through a lot. 3 days isn't huge, but I would keep an eye on it. If it continues I would talk to your doctor about a natural laxitive. My daughter was on one at age 2, finally, until she was 6 years old & finally her body started doing it on her own. But, we still had to do special stuff in addition to the medication. Apple juice is a good one, along with prune if you can get him to do that. Items high in fiber. Not too many milk products or bananas. Chose cerals/crackers that are higher in fibers b/c that will help. Stay away from the milk products except for what he needs. My daughter was allowed one milk product a day & if she had more than that, she had even a harder time. I hope this helps out. It is a hard thing to deal with b/c we feel for our kiddos when they hurt & you know if he is not regular, he is hurting.

Try adding Dark Karo Syrup. It's one tablespoon for every ounce of milk or formula. My doctor told me to do that when my son was a baby/toddler. He was always constipated. It worked. As he got older we used senokot. Hope it works...good luck

I am currently going through this. There is a thing that kids develop called "the poopie dance." Some kids have a painful movement and never want to go again so they hold it. Since they are afraid to go, they won't.

First thing is go the pharmacy and ask them for suppository for kids. I wouldn't do this often, maybe once or twice if needed, because it causes them to have more fear. Use benefiber when cooking or in your child's drink to add extra fiber. My doctor also had me use Pedilax, any drugstoe, and the worked wonderfully. Now that the Pedilax worked we have a "program" where we have to use Miralax and Benefiber for a month to make sure the movements stay soft and then wean him off the Miralax, Benefiber is a natural thing so it doesn't hurt to put in food. I would only do the suppository until you speak with your doctor, being that your child is only 1. There is a great book called Toddler 411 and they talk about just about every issue with toddler's and I actually read that before I saw the doctor and they told me to do the same thing I read in the book. I will say it is horrible until they get it out. My son would look and me, scream and cry, and I felt helpless. A warm bath is also good because it relaxes their bottom and may help them go.

I have been going through this on and off for a few months and just recently it became more often. Good luck

try giving some Karo syrup

My son was very constipated one time, 3 days as well, which by the way my Ped said a baby can go up to 4 days without going. We gave him Karo syrup, I believe it was a teaspoon. Also just go to the store and pick up some suppositories, not fun but does the trick. Good luck.

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