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Heartburn While Pregnant

Hi Mom's --

I am pregnant and experiencing heartburn really badly (especially at night) -- At times, its so uncomfortable I can't sleep.
Anyone have any safe natural solutions to keep this at bay.

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Sleep in an upright position; try migrating to your couch and prop up your back so that you are almost sitting up. Try not to eat anything for several hours before bed. Especially avoid spicy and greasy foods that would cause indegestion. Get to know Tums - they can be your best friend and as a boost they also have calcium added. You may have to resort to a prescription for Prevacid or something like that. While you are pregnant, the body releases hormones that cause all your muscles to relax; that helps your hips move and get ready for delivery, but unfortunately that can also make the esophagus relax and it does not do its job well while you are pregnant. good luck. this shall all pass.

I said a prayer for you this morning.

Grandma in Keller, TX

I had this very bad when I was pregnant with my first child. It was actually acid reflux and I felt like I was eating Tums all the time. The only thing that actually worked for me was Maalox or Mylanta...check with your doc first. Try to eat your last meal of the day no later than 6pm. Try to prop yourself up slightly whil sleeping. This should help some. Mine didn't go away until about 3 months after the baby was born.

i had acid reflux terribly with my first son and i just finished reading all of the responses. make sure you dont drink water hours before you go to bed, and i wouldnt drink milk either because all that is doing is giving the acid in your stomach something to get stirred up over as you are trying to go to bed. my biggest saving grace which surprises me that no one else mentioned was several small meals not a big dinner. i would eat a third to half of what i would normally eat at once and it cut my heartburn down drastically and if i ever splurged and say ate a whole hamburger for dinner, i would pay the price and be up all night fighting the burn. the smaller the meal, the less in your stomach, the less acid produced to break it all down, the less amount of acid working back up your esophagus. plus tums, mylanta, all that stuff never did a thing for me. good luck

Tums are your new best friend! :) They are absolutely safe. Try the soothies/smoothies (sorry can't remember which word.) They are not so chalky, so they won't trigger your gag reflex.
If you are serious about completely natural, you can try BioSET Gastrocalm - herbal designed to help with gastrointestinal issues. You have to find a practitioner that sells them. They are not OTC. Contact me if you are interested.

I remember the pain like it was yesterday! I would get heart burn so bad at night. Especially after I ate pizza. I knew it triggered it, but I craved it! I would prop myself up on the couch to sleep after several tums.

Tums were my friend during pregnancy. They're safe and full of calcium.

I had horrible heartburn too! I tried all the home remedies to keep everything natural, but the only thing that worked was Mylanta... I had no adverse effects - only relief! And if you haven't already heard this, I propped myself up on pillows, too. That helped with everything!

First of all, watch your water intake soon after meals-it truly makes the heartburn worse. Also, get the TUMS Smoothies and keep them in the fridge-welcome to your new preggo dessert! :) HTH

I have felt your pain. Everyone seems to have all kinds of crazy remedies and different things work for different people. One thing that always helped me was a red delicious apple. Even if it was just one slice. It does not work with any other type of apple though just red delicious. Let me know of it helps.

The old wifes tale says that means your child will have a head full of hair. I believe it cause I had it the entire time I was pregnant with all three of mine. Tums works good. Good luck.

A couple Tums has worked for me! I have the berry smoothie kind and they're not too bad!

i ate tums every night in my last trimester- and fyi, my baby was born bald!!!

I had the worst heartburn EVER. i was eating tums like crazy and it really didnt help, mylanta really did help me. there is just one drawback...diarria. it was horrible, so if for some reason you get it you know why dont take the mylanta everyday. but tums will stop you up so i guess either way its not perfect. my husband always joked to alternate them =). pretty much i just learned to deal with it, some times i could not even swallow it hurt so bad! just remember it is temporary.

It's very important to make sure you don't eat very much starting about 2 hours before you want to go to bed. If you do need to snack, something very light is best - i.e. the apple suggested below. Also, if you still experience the heartburn even when avoiding meals closer to bedtime, try using pillows to elevate your head and torso instead of lying flat to sleep. Hope this helps!

Hi K.! I had it TERRIBLE with my girls and not with the boy! (FYI-I am still prego with the 2nd girl--and still get it EVERY DAY like you.) The first girl had TONS of hair and my 4d sonogram shows this one to have lots of hair too! My boy barely had any so maybe yours will have lots of hair! Anyway--I do take tums but a more natural way is drink a big glass of milk. I am not a huge fan of milk--but it sure does work before going to bed! Good Luck!

I had really bad heartburn during my pregnancy as well and most of mine was at night. My husband would go get me a snowcone every night and it was the only thing that eased my heartburn. It really worked. Also, you can eat a spoonful of honey at night or when you feel the heartburn coming on. I didn't use honey during pregnancy, but I use it now. I have heard it is unsafe to feed young children honey so I would check with a doctor before taking it for heartburn now.

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