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Heart Murmur in 2 Month Old

We recently took our little boy (now 9 weeks old) for a well baby check at 2 months and the doctor told us that she found a heart murmur and she wants him to be further checked out a pediatric cardiologist. I have no problem taking him, but I was wondering if this was a usualy request for a heart murmur? Has anyone had any experience with this? My daughter was completely healthy, so this is a little new to me...

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My second son had a test for this at Beaumont when he was a bit older. He was fine, didn't have one. I heard from a lot of parents at that time that it was a common concern but the tests often come out negative.

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The docs found a heart murmur in our daughter, but not until she was 2. They did send us to a pediatric cardiologist and put her through tons of testing. I'm not sure what they will do with a 2 month old. It was actually really good because those specialists really know what they are doing and it made us feel at ease and get some answers that a pediatrician might not know. Good luck.


My daughter's heart murmur was a PDA Patent Ductus Arterios (I hope I spelled that correctly). This is the one that's supposed to close shortly after the baby is born. If it doesn't close then the cardiologists will follow it to make sure it closes on it's own or they recommend surgery.

My daughter's didn't close on it's own so they did a heart cath when she was almost three years old to place a coil or spring device in the spot to close it off. The surgery took around four hours and she spent the night in the hospital and was released the next day. The incisions were so small I can't even see them now (she's almost seven). Scar tissue will form around the coil and won't even be detectible if she had another heart cath. Now, it can only be seen on an X-Ray. We followed up with the cardiologists until she was five, per their recommendation and now everything is good to go.

My daughter was thought to be asymptomatic (no symptoms)but she woke up from the surgery a different child. We thought she was just very laid back but she came out of the surgery with so much energy we thought they gave us the wrong child. :) It was wonderful to see her feeling better.

I wouldn't worry too much. It's probably just a follow-up to make sure it closes. Most of them do and don't require surgery these days.

Good luck and hang in there and enjoy your children. :)

my daughter is now 7 and perfectly healthy....when she was born the dr. heard a murmur so she saw the cardiologist in the hospital and at 2mths, 6mths, 1yr, and2yrs. they did an ultrasound and an ekg(I think that is ith right letters) just put some sticky things on her chest and hooked some wires to them, she had 2 holes one was closed by 1yr 2ond by 2yr. I was told most holes close by themselves but some require surgery......I repeat MOST are nothing,so I wouldn't waste time worrying until the cardiologist says to.

At about 4 months, my son's pediatrician heard a heart murmor and wanted us to follow up with a pediatric cardiologist. We did, and it turned out to be an innocent heart murmor and no follow up is necessary. My son is almost 3 and sometimes they hear it and sometimes they don't. If for no other reason, you should see a cardiologist for piece of mind. Too many children are are having problems at older ages because they never knew they had treatable heart problems! The docotr we saw was Dr. Cutler. She was very kind, explained everything to us and made us very comfortable. I have since had other friends who have had to see her for the same issue with their children and they haev all been very satisfied. Here is her info:

Pediatric Cardiologist
Nancy Cutler, M.D.
3535 W 13 Mile Rd #707
Royal Oak, MI 48073-6769
(Medical Building at Royal Oak Beaumont)

My daughter had the same thing. Our doctor told us they told us about it at birth but she didn't. We only found out at about 2 months old. Which upset us because there are major heart problems in my husbands family. She sent us to a pediatric cardiologist. We did all the tests and the doctor kind of looked at us like what are you doing here because the heart murmur was so small. He told us to come back in a year but between that time her regular doctor never heard the murmur again (She's 2 now) so we haven't been back. I think its best to take her just for peace of mind that it isn't anything major and if it is it is sometimes easier to fix early on. Also from what I have read a lot of children will outgrow heart murmurs.

Since you have a medical background, I'm sure you know the importance of keeping it all in perspective. My son was dx with a heart murmur as a child but no followup was scheduled, other than the next routine office call. Eventually it either righted itself, or he outgrew it because no Dr. has detected it and he is now almost 18.

I can only assume (I do not work in peds) that it is because of his age. My best guess would be to rule out a heart defect that may have been missed at birth or earlier. As you know, the earlier a problem is dx'ed, the easier it is to correct. I am curious, however, and it'd be great to hear the outcome...


I have a heart murmur that doesn't require any care. You can hear it better when I'm pregnant (increased blood flow). I was told that a vast majority of people have a murmur and it's nothing to worry about. I do have a son born with 2 holes in his heart. We see the pediatric cardiologist every couple of years to see how well those are closing up. I would get it checked out just to be exactly sure what your dealing with but most likely you'll be told it's nothing to worry about.

I would assume that it is normal. I've never experienced this, but I would listen to your baby's doctor and good luck!

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