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Hearing a Voice Call His Name

For the past few days my 6 year old son has been hearing a voice calling his name in the evenings. He will come running out from the bathtub or from his bedroom. This is not occuring until after dark. He cannot settle down to sleep in his room, although my room seems to be "safe" rather I'm in there or not. He is still tired when I have to wake him for school, so I have started the bedtime routine even earlier. He has not been watching any scary movies. Does he need to see the school counselor, a child psychiatrist, a therapist, or is this something that will soon pass? Has anyone else experienced this?

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Does he have a fan on? I remember thinking my bedroom fan said my name over and over with the noise it made when it was on when I was a kid.

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Maybe he has special abilities. He may be hearing things that he is to young to understand. Lots of people can see or hear people that are dead.

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Children are much more in tune with things out there than we adults are. He may actually be hearing a spirit call his name. Talk with him about it and find out if he has ever experienced anything like this before. Help him feel safe.

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There is a spiritual world out there and that doesn't make someone mentally ill!!! LOL I think of Samuel in the Bible. He heard "voices" 3 times and he thought it was his mentor, Eli, but it wasn't!

We are spiritual beings and some people are more aware than others of it. I have heard of kids being more in touch w/that b/c they haven't been taught to ignore it. I would ask him questions about what he is hearing and you can get a sense of what is going on, if it is made up or not. One of my sons used to have a lot of probs. when he was sleeping. It was almost like he was being harrassed when he was trying to sleep. So, I started praying w/him before he went to sleep and he was a lot better and he would complain if I didn't pray w/him. He doesn't have any problems like that anymore and he is 8.

I wouldn't assume there is something wrong w/your son just yet. Maybe he is just having bad dreams. I would also make sure he knew that you believed him. That way he knows he can trust you and won't feel stupid or belittled.


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Dear D.,

Read I Samuel 3:1 - 10, and consider reading this story to your son. Tell him that this story is true, and that this shows that God sometimes audibly speaks to children! Tell him that God loves him very much, and protects him, and he should just lay still and think, "God, I'm listening." (or something like that!)


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It's very possible that there is a ghost in your house. We have ghosts that come in and out of of our house all the time. Sometimes we see them and they are just there checking us out other times they'll knock things off of the counter. Children are very open to the spiritual world because they have recently come from it and in their mind there isn't much of a difference between living and non-living. A lot of the times they see them like they see you and me. You will have to set the ground rules basically. You can even make them leave. This one may not be trying to scare your son he maybe just wanting to let him know he's there. Ask your son about what he hears or what it is that is scaring him. Is it hearing his name or is something else said or done that scares him. Don't shrug it off as nothing because that could cause your son to not want to tell you about it even if it continues to happen. My son just turned 7 and he'll be up in his room playing with and having a conversation with a ghost. I can't always see them but he can and he's been doing that since he was about 6 months. It's a gift that God has given him and God may want him to use it for something in the future. Sometimes it's just knowing or feeling like something is going to happen that does. Other times it's more involved or a stronger ability. I've grown up around Mediums and I am a Christian but I have had many experiences myself so if you'd like I can tell you a little more about what you can do.

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That happend to me, twice at work & twice at home. Scared the PANTS off me! You probably have a spirit in your house wanting to get in touch w/either you or your son. I wouldn't worry about it unless things start happening like stuff getting thrown on there own, etc. What I did was, the last time it happend at my house, I just stopped, turned around & said out loud, "look, I know you're here...I don't know why or who you might be but please do not speak to me again & please do not show yourself, it scares me. If you must be here then fine but please just don't talk to me or show yourself." and that was the end of it but things started getting moved around, two certain photos getting turned the opposite way all the time...one was on my dresser & the other was on the mantle & I know the cat didn't do it, nothing else was disturbed whereas if the cat did get on the dresser or mantle, things wudda been knocked off plus she know's better & of course my cat was doing strange things like follow things while looking up (and no, there were no bugs in the house...I checked), desperately trying to get into rooms that were closed; I heard noises at night like footsteps & papers rustling in the same closed off room (my cat sound asleep at the same time so I knew it wasn't her); doorknobs rattling, kept feeling like a prescense in my home ya know. Felt someone tucking my feet in (I know you don't believe me probably but these things DID happen!) so you probaby have a spirit in the house. If you have a pet or pets, see if they do stuff like stare constantly at the ceiling or reaching up towards the ceiling as if playing w/someone or something although nothing is physically there; following a back & forth pattern along the same area; do you, personally, feel heavier air in the home in certain areas or as if someone is watching you? If that's the case, it may be someone tied to the house itself or the land it sits on or perhaps a loved one who's passed on but I wouldn't take it as "he's crazy" or trying to get attention, he probably really DOES hear that. Best of luck!

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Have you considered that he might really be hearing someone call his name? My sister woke up hearing her voice call out "Maranda." She thought "Did I just talk in my sleep?" and then she heard it again, this time while wide awake. HER VOICE was saying "Maranda, come here." and her daughter replied "Ok, Mommy, coming." She jumped up real fast and went to her daughter!! So, obviously they BOTH heard this voice.


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I would not send him to a doctor, but would be asking myself if maybe he has a gift. Small children can be very in tune with the other side (psychic children). I have read alot of books and watch the t.v. show Psychic Children. Talk with your child about the voices before you run him to some doctor.

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acknowledge his fear. dont tell him its nothing. its very real to him. talk about it. your not encouraging a liar. ask him if it sounds threatening or playful loud or soft. tell him to talk back to it. by daughter has an oobadooba. shes 4 and he is very real to her. but we dont talk about him much after the first time, except to tell him to go home every night. lol.

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Certainly you have studied the story of Samuel - how he heard
God calling his name as he lay down to sleep. Study it again.
Don't tell your child that he is not hearing anything or that
he doesn't know what he is talking about.
Have you tried going in his room with him and helping him to
listen? Have you earnestly prayed about this? If God is indeed
speaking to him, you don't want him to miss a single word.
You surely don't want it to pass!
We all ignore that voice all too often. Think back hard and maybe you can remember times in your own life when you ignored
that most important voice. I know I did.

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