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Thankfully I have Florida KidCare for my children, but my husband and I are not covered by health insurance. It's offered for us through his work but we just can't afford it. I'm just waiting out the time hoping he'll get another job with insurance covered or at least affordable with a new income. Thankfully we're both healthy. But we haven't been covered by insurance for about 5 years. I take care of my special needs child and have often thought I need to take care of myself just as much as him because he needs me to be healthy for him! I think I've developed RLS (restless leg syndrome) and rather than self diagnose it would be a wise idea to get it diagnosed officially. I'm wondering how insurance would handle covering something if I already know about it....like the pre-existing condition clause. I've heard of walk-in clinics I could probably utilize (although not exactly sure where to go in Sarasota County) and just pay out of pocket, but don't want to get anything 'diagnosed' in case insurance won't cover for it later. Am I right in having this concern? or am I misinformed about the pre-existant condition clause?

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Hi M.,

I realize this is a late response, I read you questions about health care. I also have restless leg syndromw I am a work from home mom 45 yrs old. I take calcium for my restless legs and it works! My husband like to study alternatives he read the restless leg is lack of calcium, I did go the my physician and he did some blood work and guess what I was low in calcium! So I now take a supplement and have no problems.
Also I work from home with Ameriplan, Ameriplan offers discount health plans, very affordable from 19.95 monthly to 59.95 monthly and that covers everyone in you house!!
Go to my website www.mybenefitsplus.com/40561882, then if you are interested or have questions call me.

L. H.

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pre-existing conditions, I am pretty sure means that a Doctor diagnosed you previously with a condition.

I don't know much else about insurance.

If you listen to the radio or the tv commercials there are alot of advertisements for insurance companies. You can also do a search on line.

I wish I could be of more help. I will pray for your daughter that you have been having issues with... But I would recommend if you have Healthy Kids, I would take her to a neurologist and start there. They can look at brain activities and stuff and then make recommondations on what the next step is... I have a 15 year old who has been diagnosed ADHD since age 5. He also has Oppositional Defient Disorder (ODD) (Sorry about the spelling... they really should put a spell checker on here.)

Well, Blessings to you and your family.
K. J.

Hi, I can't tell you about insurance. My work is to keep people healthy so it is not such a concern . You could try extra iron for your legs. You probably need to take a multi vitamin/
mineral as "insurance" against ill health in general . That would include some iron and might be enough if you are not taking it. Iron supplements can cause constipation, but start with low dosages. Lots of foods contain iron also . S.

I'm not sure if this is something you are interested in but I thought I would just let you know just in case you are. I recently started a home based business that allows me to help people that are uninsured or under insured with health care services. It's NOT insurance but it is an affordable alternative. I don't know alot about pre-existing conditions, but they are accepted with Ameriplan, No waiting period, no limit on visits or services...I could go on & on but you can contact me for more info & you can also visit my website for more info as well as check for providers in your area. Go to: www.AmeriHealthPlus.com

Good Luck & God Bless :)


I am not 100% on this, but I think pre-existing means that you have been diagnosed with it already. When you get the insurance, just go for a physical, and tell your physician all of your concerns, you should be fine. Good luck!

Dear M., I know what you are going thru, since my husband is a self-employed General Contractor! We have a 12 year old on FloridaKidCare, too and we have no insurance,either.

We use the Manatee Rural Health Clinics for our health care. Especially the one in Parrish. Dr. Bowden is the best!

We had insurance for 2 years while my husband was employed by a large company. We used Lakewood Ranch doctors because we were covered. Everything was "high dollar" cost, but the care wasn't as good as the care we get from Dr. Bowden.

The cost of your visits, lab tests, etc. are based on your income.

I'm not sure what Sarasota offers, but if you don't mind driving and want a really caring, professional doctor who listens to you and has your finances as much of a concern as your health, go see Dr. Bowden. She is a real blessing to me and my husband. She always checks to see what WalMart has for $4 before she prescibes medicine, too.

As far as the RLS....if you listen to the commercials for the medicine that they prescribe for it....leg problems don't seem that bad! You should go to the health food store and tell them. They'll probably recommend a Calcium and magnesium combo. I drink Sleepy Time Tea or Camamile tea before I go to bed or I take an Aleve if it's real bad. Also, prayer for relief works miracles!

Prayers for good health for you and your family!

Yes, M. you are correct, if you do get diagnosed it will not be covered if you do get insurance. There is a clinic in sarasota county that will go by your income. It is owned by manatee county rural health services inc. I use to work for them and there is a pa-c that works there his name is art ball and he is really good. Unless they have changed the name of the clinic it is called north county. You can call the hr department and they can give you the phone number and address. ###-###-####. If this number is not correct then just look up in the sarasota phone book.. Good luck with your family. Remember if you are not healthy then no one else can be healthy. You have to be well rested and if you are not well rested you can care for your family. With rls you don't rest properly at night. Good luck again and i hope you find a good doctor and are able to get the medical help you need.
D. w-34yoa, stay at home mom......

In Florida, GROUP coverage does not have exclusions for pre-existing conditions. If you purchase personal insurance, or a Health Savings Account (HSA) compatile plan, you could have that exclusion affect you.

You can contact the FL Dept of Insurance with specific questinos or search for similar services from other states if you aren't in Florida.
Insurance Consumer Advocate
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0308

Your best bet is to contact a local health insurance agent and ask them about it. They are the in the field and can usually help if not point you in the right direction. I'm not sure where you are located but I work for AAA and our life and health insurance agent here is the top agent for AAA. Nancy Francis ###-###-####. She works between the Trinity, Port Richey and Spring Hill AAA offices. Hope that helps!!

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