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Health Care Worker with Tattoos... What Do You Think.

Hello, so I am in nursing school, and I have a couple of tattoos. Now I have no problem with someone with tattoos doing anything, but if you came to a hospital or Dr. Office, and somebody had tattoos.. How would you feel. Only one is my tattoos will be visible. I have a tattoo on the side of my neck, it is not big, it says beauty..that's it. My others are covered with clothes. But I have no facial peircings or anything like that... What do y'all think. Would you be turn-offish.. And feel uncomfortable? Because honestly, people judge from across the room. I am just wondering, I men my tattoo is small enough to be covered by. Regular sized bandaid if needed.......

FYI... I was 15 when I got the tattoo, and honestly didn't think I was going to make it till 18..

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I only care about one thing - how well does a person do his/her job? Body art does not affect a person's ability to do his/her job, and I don't assume things about their personal life or their professional competence based on ink and/or jewelery.

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I think tattoos are demeaning to the person. It's not professional and I would cover it up at work. I know society is changing, but there's still lots of folks who look at tattoos and piercings as cheap, and low class. Just reality!

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I try to judge people by how they act and not how they look. That however is not done by everyone.That being said my husband is covered in tattoos and is a corporate lawyer. You can not see a single tattoo when he is at work and he gets some really funny looks by people who see him out when he is off the clock. It has also brought some business his way too.
I will look at the tattoo and decide IMO if it was done by a good or bad tattoo artist or if it is something that I think the person may have given a little more thought before having put permanently on their body, but I don't let my decision on their works of art sway me on how they do there job.
In addition I have 3 tattoos myself.

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I could care less, I want a nurse who is observant, caring and hard working. I don't care if he/she has purple hair, no hair or is making their body a tattoo suite if they are good. My sis was in more ERs, ICUs and hospital rooms than I can count before she passed away in 2008. A caregivers heart and brain are all you care about. Congrats on getting accepted to nursing school, that is quite an accomplishment!

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I only care about one thing - how well does a person do his/her job? Body art does not affect a person's ability to do his/her job, and I don't assume things about their personal life or their professional competence based on ink and/or jewelery.

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A health care providers looks never bother me. It's the smells that get me. As long as you are clean and tidy nothing else matters. I've been taken care of by people with full sleeves of ink, tiny little grandmotherly women, big burly guys who could flip me like a pancake in bed, etc. The only ones that disturbed me were the ones leaning over me to fiddle with machines and smelled of unwashed body.

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At least half of the healthcare workers I know have tattoos. But you don't see them as a patient. Scrubs (w/longsleeved undershirt, which almost everyone wears, because it's cold) cover you entirely except for your hands, neck, and face.

Most hospitals and offices have a 'no visible tattoo' policy, so it's a non-issue, how patients feel about tattoos, because patients don't see them. You just cover them. For side of the neck, that's a bandaid, or steristrip, or turtleneck, or choker -depending on placement and what you feel like wearing that day.

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unless it's something obscene or offensive, I dont care. I'd be uncomfortable with a nurse sporting a swastika, for example.

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This reminds me of the old saying, "If you have to ask, then the answer is 'no'". If you have to ask yourself if your dress, for example, is appropriate for the occasion, then the answer is no. There are people, including myself, who will find tattoos unprofessional. There are people who won't. The safest thing to do is cover it up - then you remove the question. I understand that tattoos are intended to be a means of personal expression, but what appeals to you may look ridiculous to me and cause me to question your judgement. Then, you start out "one foot down" with your client/patient. Better to start out on the right foot with everyone and cover the "question".

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Hi B.,

I wouldn't mind this because I know some awesome people who are actually pretty conservative and have tattoos, so just having a tat doesn't make someone a bad / rough / aggressive person.

Honestly, I have a bigger time with healthcare workers who smoke. When I was in labor with my son, the nurses who did my hep lock must have just come in from a smoke break and they REEKED. It made me nauseated. Plus, I have a hard time taking healthcare advice from someone who willingly poisons themselves. = /

Good luck to you in your studies! I would say that your professionalism and warm, friendly bedside manner will be noticed by your patients far more than your tattoo. No worries!

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Would not think twice about it. I would hope it would not bother anyone else
either. Good luck in school.

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