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Healing Fissures in 3 Year Old

My 3 year old daughter has fissures due to a hard bowel movement. We've been through this before. She's on Miralax for softening stool but she still screams ever time she has a BM. I know it hurts a lot. Just wondering if there's anything I can do to speed up the healing process.

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Omega 3 fatty acids, probiotics, slippery elm root and aloe vera juice. Also, there's a great product called New Momma bottom balm (it's for right after birth) that is gentle and works great. (www.earthmamaanglebaby.com)

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Poor baby! Be sure to give her lots of water. I don't know how well that will go over but you can also add a few drops of lemon juice. Apple juice always helped my kids bunches in that department. Go to a health food store and see about giving aloe to your daughter. They make all different kinds of flavors. That helps the gastrointestinal system a lot and maybe you can try to give her the Fiber One granola bars to your daughter. My son is five and he asks for them. My friend made flax seed muffins with blueberries and enjoyed them so much.

I am sure your doctor has already suggested this, but maybe add more fiber to her diet? Lots of fruit, veggies, and make sure she drinks a lot of water. Hope she feels better soon!

My best advice owuld be to clean her bottom with warm washcloths and apply diaper rash ointment, just like you would for a baby. Flax oil is good, I also use ground flax seed in many things that I make, sprinkle it on paenutbutter and jelly snadwiches or in oatmeal and your daughter will not even know that it is there. Activia yogurt works well too, it has twice the active cultures of most other yogurts, you can mix it in a smoothie if you like. I hope that your little girl will be all better soon!

Give her a teasp. of coconut oil every day and put coconut oil on the anal fissure. It will help her to heal. Hope she feels better soon. I am sure everyone in the house is suffering with this one. K.

you could try putting vasaline on it to help the healing of the skin. i think the other suggestions are great too.

I have two suggestions:
1) Balance her gut with probiotics the good bacteria in her gut. (check out: http://www.babybites.info/2009/02/24/probiotics-healthy-k...
& http://www.babybites.info/2009/02/26/probiotics-food/ Bacteria can get out of control with a poor diet, antibiotics, etc. This will cause stomach and bowel issues.

2) The second natural remedy is flax oil (I understand you can purchase lemon-flavored in a whole foods store). Flax oil is high in fiber and will naturally keep her bowels soft. If you give her too much, the only side effect is loose bowels, then decrease the amount given.

Also the coconut oil in a previous answer works as a soothing ointment and will help the healing process.

After a bowel movement only wipe with witch hazel pads (very gently). You can find them at Walmart or somewhere like that near the hemorrhoid medication. I had a similar experience after tearing pretty bad giving birth to my first child. And it does hurt very bad when you have a bowel movement. Good luck!!

Omega 3 fatty acids, probiotics, slippery elm root and aloe vera juice. Also, there's a great product called New Momma bottom balm (it's for right after birth) that is gentle and works great. (www.earthmamaanglebaby.com)

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