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Headaches/Migraines In 6 Yr Old

My son has had some spells of throwing up in the last few months. Before these spells, he has complained to me about having a headache. I personally have never heard of a 6 yr old getting migraines. Has anyone out there been through this? A trigger?

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I think we have narrowed it down to him being hungry when the headaches appear. Thanks for all of your great advice.

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My son has had migraines since he was an infant. Since 3-4 months old, he would ocassionally start crying and continue all night til he threw up and then be better and fall asleep. At the time, i thought it he disagreed with the food, but as he got older, i started to realize there was pain in his head behind his eyes. I took him to the doctor, they did tests and diagnosed migraine. Typically they start at night and ibuprofen asap is sufficient to stop the progression. They sometimes start in the middle of the night, which is bad because they are farther along before he wakes to take the meds and take longer to stop. He usually has them each night for 2 or 3 nights. He may go almost 6 months or longer before the next cluster. I think smoke, or strong smells like candles or even flowers are triggers, although sometimes they come and i cant see a trigger. It seems like he'll sometimes have them in the fall (why i don't know). He's 16 now.

I have been havign migranes as long as i can remember. When I was 5 my mother took me in & the doctor told her that yes, I was having migranes.

I have never had one specific trigger. However stress, dehydration, & later in life hormones are my major issues.

When he gets them try to keep the ambient noise & light as low as possible & let him sleep it off. Excederine has been the only thing that has ever worked for me (something about the aspirin, aceteminefine & caffine in combo, all other narcotics & barbituates didn't help) but if you are not comfortable giving that to him some childrens tylenol with a little caffine should help. Also a cold compress or ice back on the forehead works wonders if you can get him to keep it on. The BeKool fever patches work to but not for as long.

They are an awful thing to suffer through & i hope you can find the trigger & a solution that works.

Best of luck

My Nephew had them and when he started with the headache and he told us we gave him pain relievers and it would stop but if he didn't tell us he would get a full blown one and not a pretty sight! Good luck!

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Please take her to your doctor and do NOT let him/her blow this off. I certainly do not intend to cause a panic, but it is unusual for a child to complain of headaches for this length of time, and when combined with throwing up is a concern. Any other changes? Motor control? Memory? Concentration? Attitude changes? Hopefully it's nothing, but if this continues, make sure your doctor orders some diagnostic tests (MRI)--If it goes away in the next week, fine, but if it continues, get it checked out and not just "brushed off" by the MD.

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First off: Michelle K: YOU are so right! It is of concern, a total check up is needed. We had a CT scan done, to rule out any vascular malformation, possible ballooning, growth, etc.

Wanted to tell you that we went through this when our son was about 5 or 6. He'd grab the back of his head and say he wanted to throw up.

I did research, through our Children's Hospital here, and found out that children--unlike adults--almost always have a physical cause to their headaches.

We did 2 things that have eliminated our migraines: we stopped all MSG. That was huge. And we see a chiropractor. A children's study out of the pain center at our Children's Hospital found that 80% of children were helped with chiropractic care, vs only 20% of adults and chiropractic care and headaches.

Seems to be due to a physical cause, more than stress, etc., in adults.

Good luck!

P.S.People: PLEASE don't email me about chiropractic care, etc..Last time I mentioned this, I received a floodgate of responses about my opinion. Everyone has their own opinion, so, please: you have yours, I have mine. So many times I hesitate to even comment on a question b/c of the barrage of emails I get back when someone strongly disagrees. Let's let people think on their own, alright? Thank you.

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I used to get migraines all the time as a small child. And sporadically through the years. I am 40 now. I remember my mom being terrified and took me to all sorts of docs for tests. I did get glasses at the age of six. And now my triggers are artificial sweeteners. Even a small drop.
I agree with everything everyone advised. Thorough eye exam for sure from an Opthamologist. Dentist, Chiropractor. I would look at diet as well and eliminate all artificial sweeteners. Even the dyes in processed food can do weird things to our bodies. The more natural the better.
Also, when I get a migraine now, the thing that works best for me is ibuprofen and sleep.
My heart goes out to your son, poor thing. I know you will figure this out for him.

Definentely be seen by a doctor and rule out anything serious. My 4yr old was having headaches and puking spells when he was 3, he would wake up at 3am and cry that his head hurt and then he would throw up. He did this for a few weeks and we took him to his ped who told us to simply watch him, its probably reflux. After a month his ped agreed it was time for an MRI. He was sedated and they did an MRI and thankfully found nothing in his brain, but it was still very scary. He continued to throw up and have the headaches for 3mos ,then they went away. We did begin chiropractic care and watching his diet for reflux triggers.

My point is, if he's really having a hard time then he should be seen. A brain tumor in children usually presents as headaches and throwing up in the mornings. But of course food issues, stress, migraines, and being out of alignment and needing chiropractic care can all be causes for his migraines. Get him to his doctor.

Have you considered toxins in the home? Both vomiting and headaches can be signs of a toxic system (lots of poisons in the body). I would suggest removing all things that have scents, such as candles, cleaners, laundry detergent, scent diffusers, sprays, febreze. Replace cleaners with non toxic cleaners that do not have scents. Keep the diet simple with plain foods for a while. Avoid msg and artificial colors and flavors. As hard as it is, avoid candy. Keep a journal /chart in which you record his environment, activities, food & behaviors/symptoms. Do this for about a month. Then look for patterns in your notes.

In my own experience it was not headaches, it was other things, but this approach can help. Contact me personally if you want to know any more. I use Shaklee cleaners; I also distribute them. My child is on a restricted diet. Yes, it can be a pain but guess what, it's great when he's healthy. I am happy to help by emailing the charts I created to keep notes. You really have to become a detective.

And I agree with the chiropractor road too. Not all chiropractors are the same. Look for one who educates you.

I have a ten year old in my daycare that has been experiencing migrains for years. He has had ct scans and any test you can imagine and they found nothing. His mother and I just started writing down what he did and ate throughout the day to see if we could find rhyme or reason for these episodes. The only thing we really found is he wasn't drinking very much. He doesn't like juice and isn't really fond of milk so we really push a lot of water. He started playing tackle football this fall and he started having them again when practice started. I started giving him 2 pb&j sandwiches and a lot of water before he left. That did seem to help. We also don't notice as many migrains since he was started on a new medication for his ADD. The doctors don't know if that's a direct result of the new medication or if he is starting to outgrow the migrains. Good luck.

My brother got them as a youngster..he'd go in a dark room lay down and sure enough end up puking and being fine after that. Migraines run in our family.

Now with your son I would have him examined by a dr. to rule out anything serious, prehaps he can be prescribed a medication for his headaches/migraines.

Hi S. -

I haven't heard of someone so young having migraines. Has he seen a doctor? To be beyond paranoid - what about getting a MRI or CT scan to make sure that everything's fine?

I hope his migraines clear up soon!

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