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Having Headaches While Pregnant

I am four months pregnant and I have at least 2 headaches aday. Sometimes, I have them after I eat and sometimes I have them in the middle of the night while I am sleeping. I called my doctor and they told me to take tylenol and to check my blood pressure. My blood pressure seems to be normal. However, I can't understand why I keep having these headaches. Is this normal during the second trimester? Is it okay to take tylenol everday? Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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I had severe headaches while I was pregnant. I ended up in the emergency room once. They gave me a prescription for a stronger medicine that I could take while I was pregnant. Fortunately they stopped once I had my baby.

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i have headaches from when i wake up til i go back to sleep, i dont have an answer, im looking for one myself, i feel the tention like behind my eyes or something. Can someone help me? Im looking for some answers.

I am currently pregnant with my second child, and I had headaches with both pregnancies (worse both times in the second trimester). My blood pressure was always normal, as well. I think I've had headaches just from the hormones. And, yes, I've taken Tylenol when I've had headaches (with both my son who is now 21-months-old, and with my little girl who is due in January). It's completely safe, and what my doctor recommended. I hated the headaches ... they seemed so intense and the Tylenol only helped sometimes. But, they do go away eventually! Best wishes on your impending arrival! ;)

I had severe headaches while I was pregnant. I ended up in the emergency room once. They gave me a prescription for a stronger medicine that I could take while I was pregnant. Fortunately they stopped once I had my baby.

Hi K., I wanted to share with you that I had TERRIBLE Headaches with my first child (boy) and the doctor proscribed me Fioricet. It helped and I continued to take it with my second child also (girl). I do still have headaches frequently and I haven't been back on fioricet yet but I have been taking Excedrin (not pregnant). Check with you OB he/she can help you and if you don't get help you may want to look at what your eating because many people get headaches from eating grain,wheat, or certain foods. you may need to start an elimination diet. Re-introduce foods one at a time. Good Luck I hope this helps. A. www.happykidsworkinhomemom.net

I am the mother of 4 children. I rememeber when I was pregnant with my first one, I use to get headaches a lot in the first 4 - 5 months. Nothing was ever said from my doctor to why I had gotten them. I know of other people who experienced a lot of headaches during their preganancies as well. Maybe suggest this again to the Doctor on your next visit, start a log of them so the doctor can see how often you are getting them. Hope this helps.

I had headaches during my recent pregnancy, mostly around the fourth month. I was also receommended to take tylenol by my doctor. I also found taking frequent breaks from my computer at work to walk around and remove myself from the glare of the screen helped. Sometimes I would apply a cool washcloth overmy face and sit in a dark room. Also, check your hair. My headaches intensified when I wore my hair pulled back in a ponytail.
yes, it's normal. Tylenol is okay as long as you follow the directions on the package and from your doctor.

Get a massage. It will help you relax and you will have less headaches. Drink lots of water. I would not take tylenol everyday.

It could be the pg hormones or it also could be blood pressure or blood sugar. Since your blood pressure is fine I would monitor your blood sugar. Before bed try eating something with protein in it. I had gestational diabetes with my son and that is how it started for me (headaches). Have you been tested for Gestational diabetes yet? Congrats on your pregnancy and I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

I have headaches almost every day. This is my second pregnancy and I just take my tylenol and hope that it helps. I get them b/c of hormones that may be your problem. Unfortunately I don't think there is anything we can do. A friend of mine had migraines when she was pregnant and her doctor told her to take Alleve.

congrats on the pregnancy. I just had a baby 4 months ago and i had headaches up until the 3rd trimester. My dr. said since my blood pressure was ok then if was fine just take tylenol. It is something to do with your hormones .. i hope you feel better

I have had migranes for over 15 years. When I was pregnant with both of my children, I would get headaches for days at a time. I was not able to take my migrane medicine. Tylenol was the only thing I was allowed to take and when the headaches were really bad, I was allowed to take Tylenol WITH CODINE. This would not hurt the baby. Also, taking tylenol everyday shouldn't be a problem. You have so many hormones going in different directions, it is not uncommon to have headaches. Good Luck!

Hi, K., I had headaches alot during my last pregnancy. My doctor assured me that REGULAR tylenol was fine to take as needed. I still tried to avoid taking it, but this resulted in severe headaches for me. At your next visit, talk with your dr about how often you are needing to take tylenol. Good luck in your pregnancy!!

I am twenty three weeks and during my third and fourth months I was constantly getting headaches especially during the afternoon and evening hours. Tylenol helped a little but it didnt always get rid of them. This is normal for some people from what Im told. I should eventually go away. This month I havent had any. knocking on wood though. It's my first pregnancy as well.

Hey, I had horrible headaches 24/7 and i took the tylenol as much as the dr said i could, it would take the edge off but never really away.....some people just cant take the changes your body has to go through and what not......but my ob told me that a majority of women get them, and there isnt really anything to do for them and there not a sign of what is or isnt to come.....everyone is different, and if you have more problems then that then ask your ob to send you to a high risk ob or a specialist.......but good luck

I had the same problem with my first pregnancy. Between headaches and migraines I could hardly function. My doctor said the same thing. Take Tylenol. All doctors consider tylenol to be the safest thing and I took it almost daily during both of my pregnancies without any complications. But just for reassurance, it is normal. Good luck and just know, they do ease up.

Hey girl, I know how you are feeling. When I was pregnant with my first I had headaches bad enough that I cried for hours. My OBGyn said it was due to the rise in hormones due to pregnancy. After a few months the headaches disappeared. I also took tylenol and ibeprophen which did help some. Good Luck.

While it's always better to not take any medication if you can avoid it, I ate Tylenol like it was candy during my first trimester and a couple weeks into my 2nd trimester, too. I had headaches that were sometimes so bad I could hardly distinguish them from migraines...the pain was the same but the symptoms were different.

My husband, who is a Massage Therapist, spent many hours really working over my upper back, neck, and shoulders - all to no avail. While it helped, and made it easier to sleep, I was still in pain. My chiropractor did all he could, but I really didn't get much releief without the Tylenol.

About the time I mentioned it to my doctor for the third time, though, they went away. It was <POOF!> like magic! I don't know what changed.

I sympathize with you and certainly hope you get some relief.

J. S

Hey there! Sorry to hear about your headaches, while it could be a serious problem, and you SHOULD keep an eye on them and tell your doctor, I think it's normal. I suffered severe headaches with my son and in the first few months in this pregnancy. They finally wore off in my 5th month. I suggest making sure it isn't a sinus infection. If it isn't but it's seems to be a sinus headache try saline nose spray, it's over the counter and safe during pregnancy. And ask your doctor, but my OBGYN told me I could take motrin or ibprophen up until my 3rd trimester, and after that if I planned on not breastfeeding. Also, have you recently cut back on your caffine intake? That could be the problem there. If it's caffine with drawls, there isn't much you can do expect tough it out. I allowed myself one or two caffinated drinks a day during this pregnancy.

Good luck hun!

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