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Having a Problem with My Sons Teacher.

My Five year old son has had some problems at school. The teacher sent home a letter saying that his behavior is unacceptable. She says that he don't listen, he can't keep his body under control and she said a few other things. On the other hand my son comes home crying and upset about the way the teacher treats him. He said she makes him feel bad about himself, she always yells at him for doing the same stuff the other children are doing but never yells at them. One thing he said that really made me see that he might not be over reacing is "Mom I don't think she likes me because she never wants to help me with my school work and everytime I try my best to write my letters really good she tells me I can do better than that. I just want her to say good job like she tells my friends." The behavior issues the teacher say does not match how he acts at home or when we stays the night with friends and family. I'm not sayings he is always behaved but when he is acting up all I have to do is give him a look or raise my voice and he stops on the spot. He is really a great kid. The only real problem I have is getting him to clean up after himself or clean up his room. What should I do about the teacher and my son? I'm not sure what to do because I don't want to seem out of line by talking to his teacher. I also don't want to seem like I hang on every word my five year old son says. I know my son very well and I don't want him to feel like mom don't care about the way his teacher makes him feels. Do you think theres a problem here and what should I do? Please Help!!

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I sent a letter with my son to school requesting a confrence (ASAP). She ended up calling me within an hour after school starting. She wanted to know why I needed a conference. I explained to her briefly what my concerns were and told her I would like to discus them face to face. At first it sounded like she would be to busy then we ended up setting a date for next week. She did sound concerned about my issues and I hope it all works out after the conference. I want to thank everyone for their help and advice. I wasn't sure what I should do or how to express my concerns without sounding rood or her thinking I was accusing her of something. If this conference don't work I will Know what steps to take next thanks to everyone who helped. If not I'll ask for more advice. LOL! Thanks For everything! -M.-

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Have you considered homeschooling? There's also online public schools like Ohio Virtual Academy. The website is ohva.org .

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I would ask for a conference with the teacher and counselor. That way you have a person there to listen to what each other is saying. Tell the teacher what your son said. Just let her know that you do not take every word your son says to be gospel. But how can you make up what your son said. Sounds like she needs to be spending more time with him. Some teachers dont care any more. They want children to be robots and not kids. I have run into this with my kids. My kids are 19 and 15 now. But the same still applies. You really need to nip this in the bud. Before your son really starts to have problems, because him and his teacher cannot work things out. Yes your child is only five, but you dont want him to hate school or be afraid to go to a teacher with his problems. Because it sounds to me that that might already be happening. If you dont stick up for him who will. If you dont get any satisfaction, contact the Principal.

Good Luck!!!

Good luck!!

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I would have a meeting with this teacher and your son together. Kids at this age are some of the most homest people around. There is obviously something going on for him to tell you that. This teacher obviously don't know how to deal with children who are a bit more hyper than others. So I would meet with her and also have my son there. This is something that you should get on immediately. Get it under control before it gets out of hand.

sometimes with a teacher and a student personalitys crash even at your sons young age sometimes is just best to request another teacher if your school has more then one for his age i had to do tthat once with one of own children and everybody was happier

LISTEN to your son. Get a new teacher. She obviously does not like him.
Nobody listened to my brother who is one year younger than I am (so I couldn't really advocate) when he was in first grade. The woman was evil. She killed his love of learning. It was only partially restored in 4th grade when an outstanding teacher took an interest in him. So, yes, 2nd and 3rd grades were a waste and they were starting to point a very bright boy at "special ed."
Now, you say, was it really so bad? Well, many years later, when I was 17, and passed the same woman's class I heard her yelling at those little kids, and saying very mean things. So, it was true, she was NOT good with little people.
If the school system tries to give you some kind of story that the year is in session and they cannot switch classes, blah, blah, blah, understand that it is your RIGHT to change your child to another class.
Best wishes, and PLEASE let us know how things work out.

Hello M. ~ I just went through the same thing, kinda. My daughter just started kindergarten. They have a behavior chart and everyday she was coming home with green squares (thats good), and her papers are all A's and stars. But, one day when I was picking her up, the teacher asked if she could talk to me, she told me my daughter doesnt listen in class and she doesnt follow directions. My child is a pretty good girl. She does have some bad days but most of the time, she does pretty good and shes a good helper to me. (alittle too independent at times), but she never cries, never has been a child who threw temper tantrums (my son on the other hand LOL), but since starting school, she would cry over everything, she told her her teacher hated her, and that kindergarden stressed her out. My daughter has been in preschool for 3 years before starting kindergarden, I never had complaints about her behavior. So I made an appt to conference (with both her teachers, she has 2, one in the morning and one in the afternoon), I wrote down things I wanted to talk to them about, things that bothered me, and my daughter. I came into the conference friendly, I told them I didnt want them to think that I was bashing them, but I was concerned, and I didnt want her to feel defeated already. I asked them what thier opinion was, and how we could work things out to better help her. We sat for an hour talking and we came up with ways between the 3 of us to help her, as well as they said they would try to not be so firm. The next day I received a note from the teacher thanking me for meeting with them, and they were glad to be working with a concerned parent. Everyday since then, my daughter has come home smiling, saying that school was good today. I felt better leaving the conference, my daughter feels better now, and the teachers know I am approachable but that I also will do whats right where she is concerned. My opinion set a conference, let the teacher know, you are not feeling like she is picking on your child, but you also know he is miserable and thats not fair either. If they know they will keep looking at you, it could make a difference. I told my childs teachers that. I will be here, you guys will know me by a first name basis, cuz my daughters education is important to me. Let me know what you decide.

M., I have had 5 children ages are 10 to 23 I had a problem like that with daughter's teacher, I went to the prinicpal and the super of the schools, I called a meeting,,Maybe there is a reason your son is acting out, scared, learning problems, or just flat out a teacher that needs to retire I would bring this to their attention and maybe they can help you.. And remeber your not a bad parent, and no one will look down on you for needing help. some teachers can be very mean, remember you pay their salary, I know that's mean to say but they work for us and our children. With the help I received over the years my kids are all getting A and two in college,, Go to the top on this one do not let the teacher walk all over your son..

Hi M., good luck. You will find that Lebanon schools are not very good at all. Their teachers are not very good either, they make all the kids feel like dirt. I've had 3 children that went to school there and my youngest son(John) who is now 16 yrs old. Well, I finally had to pull him out and homeschool him. His teachers were always saying really mean things to him, making him feel so bad about himself, you talk about feeling insecure,he got so bad at one time, he started even talking about committing suicide. I knew then it was time to make a change.So, I yanked him out of there, and that's been over 2 years ago.When my son was in the 3rd grade, I used to sneak to his school, stand at the window and watch him to make sure his teacher was not treating him mean.I'd stand there for hours sometimes. There also were times I'd go in and talk to his teachers, and they'd be so two-faced about it all. Don't believe everything they tell you. I will tell you though, you do need to go in and talk to her/him. Don't let it go too far. Because if you do nothing, they get pretty bad to our kids. And, if they say your child needs Ritilan, which is their goal, don't listen to them. They make a commission on every child they get on these types of medicines.
By the way, my name is K. Ferguson, I'm 51 yrs old, and like I said, I have 3 children. I live here in Lebanon, and have for the past 20 years. Ok, I hope I've been some help to you. Good Luck. God Bless You and yours. K.

Just going on my own experiences when I was in school I know my 5th grade teacher. She didn't like me and I didn't like her. I really wish that my parents would have seen that and moved me to another classroom. (I ended up failing spelling, english and reading all year and being on the honor roll the next year with a new teacher.)

I would definatly look into what he's saying and take action to move him to another class if you could and if the situation is as serious as your son makes it out to be.

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