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Have You Ever Felt like You Have a Hairball in Your Throat???

Hi, first of all I have allergies and I do take medication but this symptom happens every so often and last for 1 week or so. I take my pills but nothing. And it feels like I have this annoying hairball in my throat that whatever i do doesn't go away. And i'm on the phone all day at work, so I need your help! what can I drink, take...whatever that could help me w/this feeling of a hairball, that doesn't go away! please!

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I get it sometimes, my thyroid is enlarged and this is the reason, but there is also something called globus hystericus - terrible name!, which is an lump in the throat caused by anxiety, could be either of those

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I'm going to have to recommend seeing your doctor. It's really possible it's related to something like GERD (Gastrointestinal Esophageal Reflux Disease), Barrett's Esophagus, etc. that may need to be investigated by an Endoscopy.

Of course, I'm not a doctor and have no formal medical training. But, I've sold GERD medications in the past and have a husband with a hiatal hernia (http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/hiatal-hernia/DS00099) that can also cause similar feelings.

Personally, I'd see my physician just to rule out anything out of the ordinary.

Good luck.

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Can't help you on the hairball. But if you are sure that you have allegies check out the healthfood store homeopathic section. They usually have a great display and a symptoms book to refer too. I have had great success with that. Also, do you eat honey? A tablespoon of local(meaning region could be an area of counties)honey is known to help keepseasonal allergiies away. Do a search on the internet.
If it is worse than norm, make an appt with your doc. Good luck.

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I've had that problem on and off. Try Robetussin DM cough syrup. The DM part helps to thin the mucus in your body. Most likely what you are feeling is a build up of mucus in your throat that won't come up and won't go down. The DM will help.

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I would see if your doc would refer you to a Ears , Nose, Throat specalist. You may have something that a "Normal Doc" couldn't detect.
Hope you feel better

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It could possibly be muscles and anxiety. I have had something similar and the doctor thought it was tension and something called bolus...can't remember the full term now, so check if it is nerves.

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Sounds like you have a sinus infection. You need antibiotics to get rid of it. My daughter has severe allergies and when this happens it usually a sinus infection. Also she uses natural throat lounges during the day when she has this problem. But honestly, I get this in the afternoons every day lately. Around 2 or 3 and then it goes away in a couple of hours. You call it a hairball, I call it a frog in my throat. It's when my sinus are draining into my throat that causes it. I do not have allergies. It is just something in the air at that time. I drink ice tea to help mine. Also, If you have been on the same allergy medicine for a year or more you might want to consider switching. You can age amune to it.

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You may have a tonsillolith or tonsil stone. The PP who said she coughs up cream-colored bits is describing them. If you have deep crypts (dents, pockets) on your tonsils, stuff builds up in there and forms...stones. Big ones can hang down and really tickle your throat. A lot of people can knock them out themselves, but an ENT can too.

Apparently, the only cure is removing your tonsils, but I find that the better I eat and the healthier I am, the less likely it is to happen--reducing inflammatory foods (like sugar) seems to help most.

So, I'd have it looked at!

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I had a weird feeling in my throat a few years back. Felt like there was something small stuck that I just could not swallow. I saw an Ear Nose Throat and they scoped my throat to take a good look at everything. I worried a lot about it, but it turned out to be acid reflux. Apparently you don't always feel an irritation where it happens. A few weeks on Prevacid, and I was all better.

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