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Have Not Received Child Support in 3 Months.

I have not received child support in over 3 months. He is almost $9,000 behind. He has gone months before with out paying. My payments are through the Attorney Generals Office. Nothing was done or has been donE. The AG's office has been sending letters requsting payments. I have called them and they said that my case has to be reviewed by the attorney and case workers out of Plano to make a determination on weather or no a Motion For Enforcement will be filed. They said that they have 15 business days to make that decision. I have been told by a supervisior at the AG's office that a case worker will contact me and let me know there decsion. I have yet to hear form one. Supossibly the AG's office are real hard on people who are behind on child support. I do not think they are. Has anyone experienced a situation like this. I do not know what else to do. Any advice on what I can do would be greatly appreciated.

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You can call the constable. They will come and arrest him. I did on my daughters dad once. He owed me over $4500. They took him in and in order for him to get out he had to pay $2000 of the support.

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Hi T.,

I am a family law attorney in the DFW area. Please give me a call and we can discuss your options. My number is ###-###-####. If you get the voice mail, please leave a message and I will call you back.

J. Duke

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My advice is STAY ON THE AG's OFFICE! Don't let up til you get satisfaction.

When my son turned 18 and graduated, I found out we only had a set number of months to file the information with the AG's office. I got my information in just under the wire. BUT, the lady in charge of my case (WHO I HAD BEEN COMMUNICATING WITH CLOSELY) failed to tell me she was going out of town and did not hand my case over to someone else. I had spent DAYS getting all the material and information and copies they needed and FEDEX'd a BIG HEAVY box to her at the Ft Worth office. I kept calling and calling and finally I got a letter in the mail stating that the deadline date had come and gone and I could no longer file a case against my ex for $15,000! It had sat on her desk and became a great doorstop! I was living in California at the time, but the child support was garnished in Ft Worth. If I could have gone to the office to confront her and her boss, I would have! They just said so sorry.

Don't let them do that to you!

Good luck!

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When the AG finally becomes REALLY involved in the case, yes they are very hard on that parent. I suggest you try again to contact your case worker... We are getting ready to contact them again ourselves.

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Most family law attorneys will give you a free consultation. They can prob. tell you what your options are and what the best course of action is for you. But keep in mind there are really good and really bad atty's out there, so it might take a couple visits w/diff. attys before you get the best advice.

I have a close friend that is a family law attorney. She can help you out. She has already taken care of another friend of mine with good results. I noticed she already posted a public message to you. Her name is Jennie Duke and her number is ###-###-####. Chances are you will have to leave a message for her, but she will get back to you. Just wanted to add my two cents.

You can call the constable. They will come and arrest him. I did on my daughters dad once. He owed me over $4500. They took him in and in order for him to get out he had to pay $2000 of the support.

Unfortunately you may not be a high priority for the AG's office. They have parents who are months to years behind as part of their caseload. With the current economic situation there are probably many more people behind in support than usual. I am not implying that your case is not important or very hard on you...just that they have a huge case load. When I received child support it took several weeks to get on top of non-compliance, and currently my son is unemployed and his ex wife has not been able to get much help for several months.

No advice but I do know they are hard on people. They have just about destroyed by borther in laws life for payment for children from a previous marriage- that HE was raising. She legally had custody and even though he was raising them they went after him (he should have had the legal arrangements changed since she didn't want the kids) now they kids are 20 and 22 years old and he is STILL fighting courts over this. The kids themselves have gone to court to say their dad raised them and mom had nothing to do with them, but they still want to give her money. It's wild.

The AG office is VERY slow to enforce anything. My ex owes thousands. I paid an attorney to file a Motion to Enforce which was granted and STILL NO payment. Good luck!

i can only relate my experience.....I would say they are VERY slow. If the ex lives in TX your chances are probably better....if not it almost seems like a lost cause. I have had an open case with them for 5 years!! and not even one payment. My ex is in Oregon and they claim that Oregon is not doing their end of things....and of course my ex will change jobs, work cash jobs to not have to pay. I think every circumstance is different but I would really stay on top of them if you want any kind of resolution. Best of luck to you.

Well, I know personally that the AG's office is very overwhelmed right now as they've taken over the child support payment processing for ALL of Texas which they hadn't done before. That's not an excuse... just a small sample of what happens when the government takes control of ANYTHING.

I've worked for a child support enforcement department of the State of Colorado before... honestly, they're not hard on anyone. They just do what they can to touch a handful of the cases that they can handle. Their case load list, per "counselor" is beyond ridiculous. Again, not an excuse, just a fact.

Truth is, they CANT force someone to pay that is flighty, gets paid under the table, constantly flips jobs. However, if he is a steady worker and stays with the same company, there's no excuse why a wage garnishment order isn't in place.

I haven't received any support in 2 months and I've NEVER missed a payment... EVER. My ex says he's paid but I still haven't received anything. He's not a liar and is in contact with me about the whole thing... I know, in my case, it's all this convoluted mess of a system they switched to and has nothing to do with him. It's unfortunate, but what can you do other than waste all your free time stressing about it.

If there's anything you CAN do it's stay in constant contact with them and just be a thorn in their side so that they WANT to help you and your case get OFF of their desk. :)

Good luck!

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