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Have I Gained Too Much and Should I Be Worried?

So I gained about 16 lbs my first trimester and it freaked me out. I am an athlete that has always worked out and I eat healthy most of the time. My first trimester was over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday, which contributed to the quick weight gain, but it still has me nervous. I am now almost 19 weeks, and have stabilized at a total weight gain of 16-17 lbs, but I still think that sounds pretty high for 19 weeks. Any insight? I started out at 130 lbs which is about 5 lbs heavier than my normal weight and so now I weigh 146. I am 5 foot 7 inches. Please give me any insight as to what I can do, or if I should even be worried. Thanks.


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I'm 5'6" and started my pregnancy at 120 lbs. I totally wanted to keep the weight gain to 25 lbs. HA! At the end of my pregnancy I weighed in over 160! All throughout I made sure that I ate good, healthy food and kept walking our doggies, but I was just hungry all the time. I didn't have any cravings; I was just so hungry! My son was 7 lbs 15 oz when he was born. Honestly, after having him I was able to walk off the weight in no time. We just started walking anywhere and everywhere we could possibly go, miles and miles. I'm sure you'll be fine. Eat right and stay active as much as possible. Pregnancy is so awesome - enjoy every minute of it!

Hi Bri
I just wanted to say that I have three (awesome) kids and I gained about 50 lbs with each of my pregnancies. I am 5'8 and also an athlete (I grew up as a competitive swimmer and I love to run and dance). I ate pretty much what I wanted during my pregnancies and I recommend that you do too. Give yourself a break during this time. Just say "yes" to yourself and trust that you will be fine. I breast fed my kids and got back in shape by walking and doing some light weight training. I was almost 30 years old when my first was born, and was bikini ready by the time Nicolas was 9 months old. (I had a goal you see - we were going camping on the beach in Baja so I started an aerobics class when Nicolas was about 5 months old). I'm 45 years old and still look slim and sexy - :) I hope that my little story helps you feel more free to enjoy your pregnancy.

Don't let it worry you. I believe that every body is different and responds differently to pregnancy. I have had 2 kids and gained ALOT with each. the first time I didn't try at all to be careful and gained 65 pounds. The second time I decided to excercise, eat very carefully, and it saved me about 7 pounds difference. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn't have tried so hard. If you and the baby are healthy, that's all that matters. The weight is very secondary. Enjoy!

MOMMA!!! Its so ok. I think every woman is worried about how much weight she gains. As long as you are making sure you have a mostly heathly diet YOURE FINE!!!

Im 5'5" and with my first, I only gained 8 pounds the first 6 months. BUT in the last three months, I gained 44 more. With my second, I very steadily gained 80 something pounds. The baby only weighed 6 pounds, lol.

Since your hubby just finished medical school, can you look in his books for some professional reassurance?


Yes! make sure you are very worried ,,, best to be worried about everything during this amazing time in your womanhood :) JOKE!

I have had 5 kids, gained about 50 pounds with each, and lost all of it and then some in less than 3 months with out diet or excercise.( cant even spell it)

The solution is BREAST FEED ! This is why you gain so much weight, just in case you deliver in the dessert, you will have a full pantry for this little new life :)

ps. drink a lot of fresh carrot juice, it will help get rid of that exhausted feeling.

Love H.

Congratulations on getting pregnant! Since it took a few years to get pregnant, I think as long as you're eating a healthy diet and getting moderate exercise then I wouldn't worry too much about the weight gain. Since you're an athlete, you'll be able to bounce back after your pregnancy. Just be thankful that it happened. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

I'm about your size- 125, 5 foot 7. I gained 40 lbs and of that, 28 in the first 5 months. Lost it all. Just go with it and don't worry. It's the one time you shouldn't worry about that at all and after you have the baby you'll kick yourself that you did.

I am also 5 7 and started out at about your weight and gained 42 pounds with my daughter who weighed 7 11 at birth. After delivery I nursed hoping it would help me lose weight, yea right!! Didn't work. Lost some weight and got pregnant with #2 which were 25 months apart(great spread by the way!). Gained 30 some with him-he weighed 9.5!! and had a vaginal birth. When all was said and done I started working out 3 times a week and went to WW and lost it all! Don't worry about it-enjoy yourself in moderation of course!

Short answer: NO

Long answer: No, that is just the first sixteen pounds and there will be more. Please relax. I had three pregnancies in five years, gaining and losing approx. 50 pounds with each one. You will be fine. Stress/worrying is not good for you or the little one, so relax.

Congratulations on your success, enjoy every day. It will be the most amazing journey you will ever experience.

Honey bunny! Stop worrying about gaining weight. You're pregnant for goodness sake! You weigh now what the average 5/7" woman weighs, so you're still ahead of the game. I would just keep eating a normal healthy diet, keep exercising and your body will tell you where you need to be (listen to it). There are soooo many ways to loose weight after the baby's born - especially after the first, that, while I wouldn't recommend doing what alot of first time pregnant women do (at everything and anything in sight), embrace every loving pound that is nourishing and keeping you baby safe. I wore a bikini till the day I gave birth. I always felt sexy when pregnant! Gaining weight is nothing if you keep up your exercise regime! Good luck mommy-to-be!!

Please don't stress about your weight. Enjoy every minute of being pregnant, it is a wonderful time. I gained 65 pounds with my daughter and my Dr. was never concerned. As long as you don't start having high blood pressure or abnormal swelling in your legs and face, you will be OK. I lost all but 8 pounds within 3 months of giving birth, and I am NOT an athlete:) so you will be just fine...eat healthy and stay active and most important...enjoy this time, it goes by so fast.

I am a certified nurse midwife and an athlete. I am also 5'7" and started my pregnancy out at about 132-135 pounds. I gained about 38-40 pounds during my pregnancy, about 1 pound per week. I didn't worry about my weight, nor did my midwife or her back up. I stayed active, ate balanced meals, and enjoyed the way my body looked. No worries unless you start suddenly gaining weight (more than 5 pounds in a week) develop swelling of the face feet or hands, start seeing stars and have intractable headaches (all signs of preeclampsia - high blood pressure).

Have a great pregancy and don't worry about your athletic body, you'll get it back.


I am a runner and I just had my second. I gained a total of 33 pounds. I was freaking out in the beginning too. Dont worry it is just because you are so lean that your body needs more fat to keep your baby well taken care of. You will loose it all I promise. It took me 5 months and I am now 3 pounds under my prepreg weight. Dont stress about it and just enjoy the one time of your life you can have a bit of weight on you.
Good luck.

Hey B.... just relax. Honestly 30lbs is the average weight gain that doctors say is a healthy weight gain..but I have not know many women who actually gain that little. I cant tell you much from my experiance personally because I was overweight before both of my pregnancies, so I had a strict diet to follow with exercise in order to avoid gestational diabetes and such sicne being over weight brings with it many problems during pregnnacy. With my first I gained only 6lbs and this one (I am 39 weeks now), thanks to the holidays I gained a total of 17. I was told not to gain anything but that is because I am very overweight. Every woman I know who is generally in good shape and around your pre-pregtnancy size gains upwards of 40-60lbs...so your doing GREAT. If it concerns you, always ask your doctor. I'd say keep up with a good nutrition plan as well as exercise and as long as you are doing that, what ever weight you gain, you are meant to gain. Now is not the time to get worried about it..after baby is here you will have all the time in the world to get back in shape and back to normal for you. Good luck and dont let it bother you toomuch. you ARE pregnant...enjoy it!

Hi Bri,
No you haven't gained to much weight. First of all if you only weigh 146, that is nothing. If you are able to excercise, keep excercising. I played volleyball on the beach until 2 days before she was born. I gained alot of weight in the beginning then I plateaued and only gained afew lbs in the end. Don't drive yourself crazy.

W. P California

I have been pregnant four times and each one was very differant from the other. With my first I only gained 16 pounds durring the entire pregnancy. I am 5'8" and 130 and I walked about 35 miles a week. My second pregnancy was such a huge difference though. I ended up wieghing 200 pounds! Soon after my daughter was born The weight came off very quickly. My third was different again as he sat very low and made walking very painful, so I ended up gaining close to 150 pounds. The doctors were very worried and it freaked me out. But in the end I had given birth to a 7pound 5ounce baby boy who loves the ourdoors, so that weight also come flying off. My last pregnancy was a little over a year ago and I only gained 17 pounds (no matter how much I ate) during the whole nine months. I still have a few of those left but I am convinced that as soon as I stop nursing those pounds will drop as well.
Don't worry, just enjoy this time and stay active.
H. Stanley

Hello B.,

I understand your concern as I am an athlete as well. When I first found out that I was pregnant I weighted 111lbs (my height is 5ft. 2in.), by the end of my 1st tri I was roughly 86lbs, horrible horrible morning no all day sickness. But, once the docs gave me a pill to stop the sickness (Kaiser they waiting 4 1/2 mns before giving it to me!) I gained 10lbs in 1mn! By the time I delivered my son I weighted in at 165lbs.

I know the docs say they don't want us gaining over x amount of weight, well I did. It was healthy gain, I didn't eat everything and anything an use the excuse "I'm eatting for two and I am craving it," like alot of pregnant women do.

I feel as long as you eat healthy, with the occasional Reese's Peanut Butter cups like 20 in one day, you will be just fine. I did walk a lot during my pregnancy, we just got a 5mn Boxer 4 weeks before I found out I was pregnant so he helped me stay walking throughout the pregnancy and I believe that helped me lose all the weight.

My son was 9lbs 2oz and was 21 1/2 inches at birth. I lose my weight very quickly. I had my 10 high school reunion about 2 mns. after my son's birth and I was wearing I size 3 again by then. My son is 2 1/2 yrs old and I weight 113lbs.

My main advice to you would be just don't worry about it, walk everyday and eat health. Just be an athlete!

Hope this helps,
Mom of Dean

Hey B.,

I'm a professional athlete and also gained 15 lbs in my first trimester. It was crazy! But, then my weight gain slowed down to a very even pace and I gained 35 lbs total. I agree with an earlier post. I think our bodies need to "pack it on" at the beginning to support the baby - especially in the all important first trimester. If this helps at all, being pregnant really gave me a new appreciation for my body and what it could do...a miracle far beyond any athletic accomplishment!

Have you had an ultra sound yet to make sure there is just one baby? I gained 10 lbs my 1st 10 weeks and my friends were telling me I was drama--- it turned out I was having twins.

Assuming you're just having 1 baby--- my doctor said to make sure to stay away from the 3 S's-- sugar, starch & salt. Make sure you do a LITTLE walking so you are not sedentary. Just watch your diet--- calorie wise should be like no more than 300 calories (double check that # with your doctor) extra per day--- assuming you're at the same activity level.

Most importantly though--- just eat healthy & focus on having a healthy baby. You can always lose the weight once he/she is here.

Take care!

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