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Has Anyone Used the Parents Choice Formula?

My 4 month old baby is currently on Similac Advance and lately I have heard that the Walmart brand is just as good. I know it is a lot cheaper in price but I am scared to try it because I dont know of any other babys who have used it. I guess I am just looking for opinions on if it works. It would be nice to save the money but not if my little guy doesnt like it.

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Well we tried it and it only took 12 hours untl he was screaming and constipated. I know if I gave him a few days his system might adjust but I cant let my little man be in pain... so back to Similac... thank you everyone for your advise.

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Hi C.,
When my baby was born we went through all the different types to find one that worked for him. He choose parent choice and loves it. We have had no problems at all with it. He is now a year old.
Hope it helps,

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Hi C.,
When my baby was born we went through all the different types to find one that worked for him. He choose parent choice and loves it. We have had no problems at all with it. He is now a year old.
Hope it helps,

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Hi! I had the same issue with Parents choice. The Dr. told me that I needed to put about a half ounce of prune juice in it the first 5 or so bottles to allow his digestive system to adjust to the different proteins. The prune juice made the switch seamless. After that I saved a TON of money on parents choice. After I switched, I was able to use any type of formula. Kirklands or Target brand..it made life much easier, cheaper and convient! ;-)

Maybe this will help. You may not have to give it up yet!! ;-)

Hi! Congratulations on your little boy! I did not use Parent's Choice, however, I did use Kirkland brand from Costco. On the back there are comparisons shown between Kirkland, Enfamil and Similac. I found there wasn't enough difference to make me doubt it's quality. You get 2 1lb 9oz tubs for just under $20. My daughter did wonderfully on it! Good luck!

Hi C.,

I did use it, and my son did fine on it and liked it just as well. If you look at the back and compare there really isnt much difference, or there wasnt when I checked, that was 2yrs ago. I would check again just to make sure they arent really scimping on anything. But I think it would be fine, you have to save money where you can, right? Kids are expensive. I hope it works out for you.

NO studies have ever shown "brand name" formulas to be superior to store brands. They're nutritionally equivalent--you just pay more for the name brand to advertise itself to you (and others).

hello C.,

I have a friend who used it and she said it worked just fine. My son used the Costco brand and had no problems with that one either!

L. C.

I've used the brand reluctantly at first, but a friend of mine did research and used it as well. The same company that makes the major brands makes this brand as well. I used the soy for quite sometime until my dtr. used milk. No problems at all.

I used that and the Target brand when my son was an infant (he's now almost 6). His pediatrician confirmed there is really no difference in the formulas and if you compare ingredients that is essentially true!


I have had friends who tried generic formulas (I don't about that one specifically) and their children have had "potty" issues. Not so fum. So from a personal choice, I would just pay a little more, but you can try it. Esp. if you baby does not get too upset or gassy.
Good luck,

i use parents choice, my daughter was on similac but i would run out of wht wic gave me and could afford to spen 20 bucks every few days for 1 can. with parents choice i can get 2 cans for around 20 dollars give or take. i have not had any problems with it. all 3 of my kids have used it.

My daughter is also on Similac Advance. I have also tried the Kmart brand and Target brand but the only one that seem to work great with my daugher was the Walmart brand Parents Choice formula. Being a single mom when I ran out of the similac advance I would buy the Parents choice formula. My sister who also has a little girl who is 3 months older than my daugher also uses the walmat brand. It has worked great for both of our babies.

All formula is regulated by the FDA and has to meet certain requirement in order to be labeled formula. Just compare the ingredients on the Similac to that of Parent's Choice. Many times I've found the generic brand has either the same or higher levels of nutrients.

I have used the parents choice for gassy babies.. it is the off brand for enfamil gentleease and I had no difference with my daughter. I bought that stuff whenever i was near a walmart since it was $10 a can cheaper! go for it! my daughter just turned 1 and she has been on it for atleast 6 months.

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